Police State -Mind Collapse album review 6/10

Police State

Mind Collapse

out 11/06/2015

Vocals- Cole
Bass- KC
Guitar- Paul
Drums- Tyler

  1. Intro

This is exactly what it says, the intro, which sounds like a sound check some noise from the guitars and some fills from the drums

  1. Consumed

This song begins with the left over sounds from the intro and goes into a high energy grinding driving rhythm. The chaotic vocals, the high intensity the noise, this is grinding mayhem straight to the point without any fillers.

  1. Oath

This starts out with a slower groove to it, and the hardcore feel kicks in with the buzz saw guitars and then progresses into the grinding crust with the low vocals for a bar and then back into the expeditive delivery of desolution and relentless  lyrical transmission.

  1. Karma

A short little riff sets up the grinding blasting filthy noise that takes no prisoners. When the song does slow down it has a feeling like you just lost too much blood and now the spins are setting in. short to the point grinding crust punk.

  1. Pure filth

This is the longest song so far and has a slower feel to it that introduces the punk feel rhythm and the buzz saw guitars that fuzz sound and the chaotic vocals, bodies will be moving to this song. The last almost minute of the song is a slower gloomy deathly grind.

  1. Blinding

A perpetual riff and rhythm start this song, it progresses to a blast filled grinding mess of angry vocals and then the song goes right back to the perpetual riff and rhythm to finish the song out.

  1. Propaganda

Feedback and noise ring out for the first twenty six seconds of the song. From that we get a rhythm that plays repetitively for a few bars, and progresses slightly going back to the rhythm only to transition at the 1:13 minute mark with heavy grinding and then ending with a “Fuck You!!!”

  1. Cease to exist

The song begins with so much distortion you can’t hardly make out what’s going on until the drums kick in and the guitars all join in and you hear a driving riff with a cool groove, then all hell breaks loose the grinding blasting anarchy lets loose the demons and just hits a nerve like a panic attack. The song slows down to almost a halt and goes right back into that grinding noise for the last twenty seconds of the song, ending on a note ringing out.

  1. Resolution

The songs keep getting longer and this one begins with a menacing guitar riff and blast beats, slowing down to the verse. It slowly picks up in tempo and has a cool groove to it. With a song like this you can only imagine wat sort of shit happens at a show when these guys play. It’s all atrocities and the body count piles up quickly, it is sheer grinding chaos. The song has a beat you can follow even if you are not a fan of grind.

  1. Shallow grave

The song begins with a drum beat and guitar feedback with lone notes for the first forty five seconds and then the vocals come in and the drums give a slow and sludgy rhythm for the next fifteen to twenty seconds where it transitions into a crust punk feel. At this point the song is high energy, It will get your head banging and the blood flowing. The song seems to go through a few bipolar changes within the five minute and giving little revolutions where it goes from high energy to a slow gloom, then right back to chaos and random attacks. The song ends with about a minute of guitar noise and feedback layered over the drums.

This is basically a ten song E.P. because the song lengths are so short. This may not be for everyone but I will give this one a 6/10. The grinding and the punk rhythms are tight, the vocals are chaotic and the guitar tones are grizzly. I didn’t care for all of the moments lost with the feedback as this band can really bring the pain. I am interested in what the crowd looks like before and then after these guys play because I imagine the number of conscious fans dwindle as the people are getting knocked around and losing teeth. Good stuff and I will be looking to hear more from Police State.

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-Badger \m/


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