New Lamb Of God Video ” Overlord” released check it out @lambofgod

1000x1000Lamb of God just released another video for their upcoming album, and listening to it, reminds me of Alice in Chains. It is a slower paced song, with clean vocals for the majority of the song.  With 6:31 for the song, it has a lot to offer. Its fairly light and refreshing, however if you are looking for the typical heavy as hell metal feel you wont get it until about half way through the song, so stick around don’t just dismiss it. You may be surprised altogether, but the calm beginning, and then to transition into the signature Randy Blythe vocals is cool.

With Randy’s world being turned upside down a few years back, being put in a prison in an unfamiliar area, for the death of a fan. Then to be released, and found not guilty, Randy will most likely be giving  every emotion he felt during that time. So if you are willing to dismiss the album in an instant you aren’t really getting the point of this album. Randy has been to a dark place, and now he has risen up again. Through these songs he tells a story, and you will have to listen and pay attention. Only then will you have a fraction of understanding what not only he went through but the entire band. They are a family and did everything they could to get where they needed to be. AS a band, as a family this upcoming album will chronicle their journey, and that my friends is what’s going to make this album explode.  So check out the video

and make sure to pre-order the album while you can here;


-Badger \m/

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