Battlecross News and song streaming @battlecross

So to add to the list of metal albums coming out this summer, will be Battlecross’s Rise to Power album due out August 21st!   If you are unfamiliar with Battlecross,, then familiarize yourself with the band. These guys toured and if you were a veteran you had a free pass to the shows.   A band that gave Veterans free tickets to the shows. Now that’s a band you can respect, even if you are not into metal, a band that would do that is a bunch of pretty kick ass individuals.

They have one song streaming so far at The song is titled “ Not Your Slave” , has a nice upbeat tempo. I Dig the sound from the song and wonder what the rest of the album will be like.

Check out their pre-order options here ;

And also take a listen to their track streaming on soundcloud at ; and

-Badger \m/

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