HUGE VEHEMENCE NEWS!!!! @vehemenceaz

Well not yet, but tomorrow Vehemence has news to be delivered to us fans. I personally can’t wait. These guys are brutal, nope, brutal is an understatement.  The band Vehemence, is the soundtrack for the feeling you get when you watch a movie that is a psychological thriller, get cut off in traffic, and a bar fight all at the same time.  These guys put out two epic albums ” God was Created” in 2002, and ” Helping the World to see” in 2004.  I Will honestly say I bought both albums multiple times because my cd players would kill the cd’s from over use. I have bought God was created 4 times. The whole album is insane, from start to finish every song just epic brutal metal.  My top 10 albums of all time includes this album. The song ” I didn’t kill her” is killer.

I played that song for a guy who was big into metal, the guy was so pumped by the song and then around the 8:15 minute mark for the song. You have a sound clip that adds to the sound. I can’t tell you what it is or what it says. But what I can say is the guy I played it for, thought he would have nightmares for a week. It gives you a visual like no other. I literally want to play the song for you but I can only find a video on youtube with average sound quality.

What the hell, why not. I am so pumped its time for some VEHEMENCE!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow, because a new album will be LEGENDARY!!!!


Check out their facebook page,

check out their twitter page

Make no mistakes I will be ready to report as soon as I find out what the news is!



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