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So as I had posted yesterday, Vehemence was going to drop a bomb on us today, a bomb that many myself included have waited for since 2004’s Helping the World to See was released. This is some seriously mind blowing news! As a metal fan, and a Vehemence fan this is like one of those “ Holy Shit” moments you have a few times when something you didn’t think would happen, happens.

When I first heard Vehemence it was on a promo cd from Metal Blade Records I got at the New England Hardcore and Metal fest. That year I was in college and had gone to the 3 days of bands at the Worcester Palladium. Every record label that was there was handing out free samplers and bands were too. I had, (probably still have) stacks of free cd’s ranging from 2-25 songs each. The Metal Blade Records sampler was one that would change my life forever. It single handedly introduced me to a band that I would put into my top ten metal albums of all time. The God Was Created album just blew me away, and it still does. These guys were not trying to be experimental, pulling off any different sounds. These guys were trying to decimate, to just lay waste to anything in their path.


So in continuing with their signature style of monstrous, heavy, brutal metal they have just made the announcement that VEHEMENCE will release Forward Without Motion through Battleground Records on October 27th in various formats, including a 2xLP set on 180-gram black vinyl in gatefold packaging, a CD version, and across various digital platforms.

Nathan Gearhart had this to say about the upcoming album ; “The lyrics of Forward Without Motion each tell a unique story dealing with pain, loss, sadness, and horror. Written over the course of twelve years, each piece stands alone in subject. The consistent theme of the lyrics as a whole denote humanity’s dark side, and summarize our lives and impact on our world during our limited time. Nothing changes. Nothing gets better or worse. It’s all the same. It’s time without a number. We are all going to die leaving this world just as fucked as those before us, and future generations will continue this cycle.”

If you want to get more information I have several links here to check out ;

I am personally stoked to see this as I have been waiting a decade for sick metal from the Arizona Metallers! This is one of those announcements you get and you can’t wait that long. But hell October isn’t that far away considering 10 years has passed since their last album. For this album they also have a different guitarist Kyle Moeller. The last albums had John Chavez on the guitar and while he was a kick ass guitarist, I am psyched to hear music from Kyle, as Vehemence may have not gotten to this point without him on the axe.

So I can’t wait to hear the new album as I will be getting it when it is available you can bet on that.

-Badger \m/

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