Olivier Pinard the masterful bassist for the one and only Cryptopsy

As some of you have seen I was able to interview Chris and Flo from Cryptopsy, now for my third interview I was able to ask Oli a few questions. and to talk about their current indiegogo campaign ( http://igg.me/at/Cryptopsy/x/10796470  )


When I saw these guys in Syracuse, I got a chance to really talk to all of them, and also get some impressions from all of them. To watch these guys on stage is just a great show. For all the people in the crowd just thrashing and head banging, a pit only broke out a few times, but for the most part there was a group of people myself included just really taking in the whole experience. These guys give it their all, and part of that is because they are an independent band. They do not have a label backing them up and supporting them. They have the fans as their support. When they get the support they need,  they want to give back, and that’s what helps with their energy  to put on a great show. Oli was in the zone, what I mean is that he was like a different person on stage. After their show when I talked to him, he was just the most down to earth guy. I asked him what one of the first things he would do when he got back home after the tour ended, showered unpacked etc. and he said go to his favorite pub with good friends. After they got back home I ended up reaching out to all of the guys from Cryptopsy, and this is how it went with Oli.

Badger- Did you have fun while you were on the Back to the U.S. tour? Also you had a birthday so what was that like while being on the road touring and promoting the new E.P. and crowd funding campaign.?

Olivier-Lot of fun , old and new friends! The crowd were amazing, I think on that tour we got a bunch of new fans ….And for the birthday , it was an awesome night ,We played Amytiville that night and the guys from Suffocation, Internal Bleeding and Dehumanized show up, good times!!

Badger-I have been both a Cryptopsy fan, and a Neuraxis fan for some time. The technical metal coming from Canada has been just brutal (which is why I like it so much) For you how did it feel going from one killer metal band like Neuraxis, to then playing the bass for the legendary Cryptopsy? And how did you get involved with Cryptopsy?

Olivier- Neuraxis recorded the album ”ASYLON” during the summer of 2010 at Garage Studio with Chris Donaldson . I love to think that he liked working with me , otherwise I don’t think that he would have called me for Cryptopsy haha!

But yeah , the trasition was huge , It was a big challenge for me to play with those guys. I spent a lot of days at Jon Levasseur place’s to learn the old stuff and write the bass line for the Self-Titled as well ….So I didn’t have time to waste!!

Badger- Have you always been a fan of metal? Who are your influences for metal, as well as playing the bass?

Olivier- HUGE Metal fan! Since forever.

I started with alot of classic like :

Iron Maiden (Steve Harris …duh!) , RUSH , Motorhead , Metallica , Megadeth,  Testament , Dissection , Martyr , Gorguts ,Augury ,Neurosis , Pantera , Sepultura , Opeth , Emperor , Suffocation, Voivod and 10000 more…

Now , I’m still interested in the underground scene , bands like Ulcerate , Dead Congregation , Gigan are constantly in my CD player!

Badger- After the E.P. is released will we be seeing any play through videos from you in the near future?

Olivier-Maybe , maybe not haha. I’m actually not a big fan of play through video . I understand why people like that …but for me, magic happen on stage in front of people , not behind a camera in my basement.

Badger- If you could describe The Book Of Suffering E.P. in five words. What would those five words be? Again I want to thank you for your time to answer my questions, I wish you guys the best, I hope you guys make it to your goal, and wish you safe travels for your next trip of touring to promote the new music.

Olivier- Extreme , Dark , Groovy , Fresh , Brutal

Thanks , see ya on the road!

So there you go, words from the bassist extraordinaire himself, Olivier Pinard, The guy is just killer on the bass, and a really cool cat. I personally cannot wait until the E.P. comes out, I have been a Cryptopsy fan for a long time. When other bands were playing typical “death metal ” styles, Cryptopsy was playing a much more technical style of metal.

Make sure to click on this link http://igg.me/at/Cryptopsy/x/10796470

Check out some videos of Oli

Bass and Guitars for this one, hey Oli and Chris tearing it up!!!

So go on and click here http://igg.me/at/Cryptopsy/x/10796470  

The pricing is pretty fair, you have to figure the cost of things these days, everything is going up. And these guys are trying to keep the prices competitive as well. The cost of Gasoline, and all other goods out there, everything is expensive these days. However the way I look at it.  I am a sucker for a physical CD. for $20.00 I will get my E.P. shipped to me with a digital download, and while some may argue its too expensive. I believe in spending a little more to get a better quality. These guys offer a better quality, and raise the bar every time. Even if you don’t have 20 dollars for the CD. Do some research, a lot of bands are doing digital E.P.’s for $5.00   So Cryptopsy is on point with that, I have never been disappointed by these guys, and i will always be a fan. So whether all you have is $5.00, or not even that, they have a perk for $1.00 contributions. That way you can at least be a part of something cool, and help out one of the pioneering bands of technical death metal.

-Badger \m/


Chris Donaldson the man behind the killer guitar riffs for Cryptopsy

I recently got a chance to reach out to Chris Donaldson, the skilled guitar shredder for Cryptopsy.  With the band being an independent band, they are always busy, this is there 9-5 only its more of a 24-7 job. So they are busy trying to make a living, and have a life. They are back from the most recent tour and i wanted to get a quick interview in while the members had some free time.


This is my interview with Chris,

Alright Chris so I did get a brief chance to talk to you at your last U.S. show but I wanted to ask you a few questions to help the fans get more connected.

Badger- So how has 2015 been for you so far?

Chris- 2015, mmmm it must have been amazing probably, I can’t even figure out what month we are(in), (I should put windows in my studio! Hehe)

Badger- After the Book Of Suffering E.P. is released will we be seeing any more youtube play through videos of you?

Chris – we don’t have any plans for that now, but if the demand is there, I will shred that axe for you!!

Badger-Was the Back to the U.S tour special in the sense that we haven’t seen Cryptopsy in a few years. Was it as special for you, and the rest of the band?

Chris- It was special is a sense that it was a bill that we choose in majority. It was awesome to tour with all our friends. The vibe was just fantastic! He hope all the fans felt that too!

Badger- When the Back to the U.S. tour ended, you guys drove home, unpacked, showered etc. Is there any one thing you like to do first? For example go to your favorite restaurant, listen to a local radio station, catch up on your favorite tv shows, spend time with family etc?

Chris- It really depends on where was that tour, and what time who are back home. Majority of the time, we are dead tired (for example you spent 2 hung-over days in an airport to go back to your house plus the jetlag!) so I would say, sleep! But other than that, me and Oli like to go drink at our favorite pub in Montreal “le saint-elisabeth”!!

Badger-And my last question  If you can describe The Book Of Suffering E.P. in five words. What would those five words be?

Chris-  brutal, fast, dark, melodic, experimental

Thank you very much you guys are some really stand up down to earth cool individuals, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you guys in Syracuse. And I look forward to hearing the new music when it comes out. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

Chris – Peace man !!!

So there you have it, make sure you check out their indiegogo campaign, and make a contribution. They even have an option for $1.00 which they will send you a thank you video for.  here’s the link http://igg.me/at/Cryptopsy/x/10796470

but seriously if you look at the pricing, for the digital E.P. or even the physical, its a pretty damn good price. Only you can feel better that you are helping the band out.

-Badger \m/


Cryptopsy, becoming independant, new music. Great musicians, great guys! Lets get them to their goal!


I want you to think about this for a second,

You grow up knowing that you will work a certain profession some day.  You need to pick a career and try to work your hardest at it to succeed. Now lets say you land a good job. You go to work, put in your time, earn a paycheck. You look at that pay check and you have all of your standard deductions and tax deductions etc. now lets say your employer also takes a portion of your paycheck.  Many of you are probably wondering well why would they do that? Some of you are probably saying “ hell no I don’t like the sound of that”. Some of you are probably wondering where I am going with this so I will explain.

For bands they have a few paths to take, they start out fresh and they do the typical journey of playing shows at dive bars basically anywhere that will allow an original artist to play. Now coming from experience you don’t really make squat when you are doing this, if you get paid, its peanuts. Your goal is to get on a label, because a label is where life gets a little easier. You don’t have to do your own promotions, you aren’t the ones making the calls, booking the shows, the label handles that for you. However if your livelihood is based on this type of career you are missing out on a lot. You are on the road constantly, you are trying to navigate the digital age we live in today, and at some point you want to actually earn enough to make a living doing this. Now what if you had started out made a big name for yourselves, got onto huge labels, but you were not really pulling in enough? Meaning you grossed a lot over a year, but the net you actually saw was a very small fraction of your gross earnings? What do you do then? There is one option, and that is go independent, but you have to work hard, and I mean work real hard for it. you are taking all the calls, trying to manage everything yourselves.

Cryptopsy did just that, they created a big name for themselves, and a fan base to go with it. This path is like starting your own company/ business. Anybody who has ever tried to start their own business knows it is not easy. You are your own boss and you don’t have a staff working the financials, the phone calls, the business planning, merchandise, product, etc. You are doing all the work to go the distance needed for success. Cryptopsy is doing that, they are handling all the business they can.

Imagine going independent, and then going on a tour. Work doesn’t stop because you are on tour, work is non stop. The world doesn’t go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. 24-7 there is business to be handled, and Cryptopsy are doing that. They just finished up a tour that started in Worcester, Massachusetts, and ended in Syracuse, NY. They played shows all across the U.S. trying to stir up some support for their upcoming E.P. If you were fortunate to see them then chances are you not only were blown away by a great performance, you may have also heard a track from the upcoming E.P. title “ The Book of Suffering Tome 1” .   I saw them in Syracuse and I have to tell you the new material sounds amazing. They played songs from all their albums, and of course the first song I ever heard from them “ Emaciate” now that song blew me away the first time I heard it. From that moment I was a Cryptopsy fan for life. I got a chance to talk to Flo this past Monday and had mentioned that songs impact on me. To my surprise he told me they would be playing it that night. I can’t even begin to tell you how badass that is. That song came off their ” Whisper Supremcy” album from 1998, and to see them play it live is still having that “ WOW” effect on me. Then he tells me they will also be playing a new fresh song that will be on the Book of Suffering E.P. and then to hear that new song live was incredible, actually incredible is a monumental understatement. It was an experience like no other.

Now why should you be concerned whether they are independent or not? Because if you found out that in order for one of the best metal acts to put out new music is by getting a head count for who will actually by the album and pre ordering it. wouldn’t you want to help them out? Its like seeing signs for shop local, or help small business. Who wants to hear new music from a super talented group aiming to just crush every boundary and set the bar at astronomical levels? Who wants to help out a really stand up great group of guys living a life like you and I ? They are working hard for it, possessing integrity, principal, and devotion they took on a challenge that is a harder road. They aren’t just doing it for themselves, they are doing it for the fans. To get new music out more often, to give the fans their absolute best effort every time.

Now if none of this is getting you to check out their indiegogo page, then let me give my personal perspective. I have talked to these guys, they are all really cool collected guys. Every member had great things to say, and were very professional. They were nice, I mean you could talk to these guys like a friend. They have great ideas ahead, and to get their they just need a little help along the way. From hearing them for the first time, Flo Mounier became a drummer I have admired for over a decade. Talking to Chris (guitars) he has great ideas for the future of Cryptopsy and the guy is a really cool guy to speak with, shoot my girlfriend came to the show with me. The first thing she said when we lef tthe show was ” They were so nice, and Chris was so sincere, he looked scary angry like on stage but  he was so nice, they were so cool. Matt (vocals) was  constantly thanking the fans for coming out, when I spoke to him he was just very precise on what they wanted to accomplish. Make great music, give the fans the best they can. Oliver (Bass) is a cool guy, also thanking people for their support. And I gotta say, you see him on stage and he just has this menacing look like he is about to fuck shit up in a hard way. Then to talk to him after he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. Seriously these guys are a couple of normal guys trying to live the dream by working hard and delivering only the best they can to their fans. Buy their merchandise, Pre order the new album or pre order a campaign shirt. Hell they have options from digital download to having them do mixing for a song for your band. They are their own business, they are their own boss, they are their own marketers, they are their own sales, and all they want is for their product ( great technical grinding metal from Canada) to be the absolute best and put on great performances.

With that said check out a few videos to try and get you to understand what you could be a part of just by pre ordering something, and everything comes with a digital download of the album. So it’s a win, win, win situation. You win by pre ordering something, you win by being a part of something, Cryptopsy wins by getting what they need to give us their best, and being able to continue to do so.

Here’s a little clip to get you amped for the new E.P.

So if that’s not enough

Here’s Flo, and why he’s one of my absolute favorite drummers:

Here’s Oliver, and Chris doing a play through for “ Two Pound Torch”

And because its not easy to find any videos of just Matt here are a few videos of live performance with Matt killing it:

SO COME ON! LETS HELP CRYPTOPSY MEET THEIR GOAL!!! Seriously right now their Facebook page has 277,000 page likes. And on their indiegogo page they have only 207 backers and $5,491 raised, with only 34 days left. That means they only have a quarter raised so far, out of 277 thousand page likes only a quarter raised. So come on anything will make a difference, maybe you know someone who would love a new Cryptopsy shirt, or the experience of a lifetime of guitar lesson via skype with Chris. The bare minimum donation is $5.00 for a digital download of the E.P. and since many people only use Mp3’s for their sound medium heck why not, $5.00 could help these guys out. It won’t buy you a pack of cigarettes but it will buy you extremely talented technical metal in the form of a digital download. So check their Indiegogo page out.

Also they have lots of great stuff on their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/CryptopsyMetal

The link to the page, http://igg.me/at/Cryptopsy/x  


– Badger \m/



So here i am checking things out and i go take a look at Cryptopsy’s facebook page to see how their tour is going and i see this


All i can say is this is a great feeling to have when i saw this. Being a Cryptopsy fan since i was a freshman in highschool  till now, i have always admired Flo’s drumming and their technical brutality.  Whisper supremecy blew me away when i first heard it, and these guys are still raising the bar.  now lets get on there crowdfunding campaign and get this album going. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-fund-cryptopsy-s-the-book-of-suffering#/story

– Badger \m/