Grizzly knows No Remorse

Grizzly knows No Remorse have just premiered their new album  not sure if its a physical print or what. Their bandcamp page says it was released in April for digital download.. Maybe its just getting heard now,  the album is titled  ” Fat Glasses and the Leather Mustache”. they have a rock/punk/hardcore style sound.  For fans of the Helldozers, Shotgun Rebellion,  Jesus Mullet and He is legend.  Their album is already on Spotify  you can also check it out on this link for their bandcamp page

– Badger

Misery Index newest video ” The Harrowing”

They unleashed this video about two weeks ago, just getting to it now.  after Seeing these guys down in Worcester Mass and hanging out with them i got the chance to find out they are going to eventually release a video for “Conjuring the cull”. The way this album starts out the first five tracks in sequence are ” Urfaust, The Calling, The Oath, Conjuring the cull, and The Harrowing”. seeing them play these songs live is killer becuase they play the instrumental songs like Urfaust and The Oath to set you up for the next track. My favorite song on the album is ” The Harrowing” which is why I love this video. Not a Misery Index fan? no worries not every one is perfect, but you know what is perfect? This video, when listening to the song, you need something viually striking like a gritty cringy worthy video to go along with it.  Check it out for yourself,

Lamb of god

So Lamb of God have had an interesting past three years. First having D.Randal Blythe locked up over seas in Prague. Then had to face charges for the death of a fan in the crowd.  He was able to appeal the charges, and came back home. He had made statements that he would be taking a break, also that he would be putting out his book. Well popped up mid-late April, and came online in the past week with countdown clocks. Each clock counted down (currently two clocks still counting down) to reveal a country.  Once you click on that country it starts a video. The first three countries revealed have been India, Israel, and united states. Each video a short story to tell. It is rumored that the “vii” refers to their seventh album, however if counting “Burn the priest” (the name for the band with a different lineup) it would be eight. So for Lamb of God this could be counting down to a release date. Or since a lot of their funds had gone to take care of Randy ‘ s legal fees. We could be watching the countdown to possibly another crowd funding campaign. It’s only speculation at this point, but as seen on their DVD “As the palaces burn” the band was selling gear and anything they could to get money for Randy. They have had time to write a new album but may need some money to get it recorded and printed. My guess is their website once all the clocks have counted down will be news for the next album. May be crowd funded may not. But one things for sure, crowd funded or not I’ll be picking it up when it gets released.


Big cryptopsy news!!!

so the cryptic facebook post we have all been waiting to find out  what it actually means revealed  big news for Cryptopsy fans. they will be doing a crowdfunding campaign for a new album “ The Book of Suffering” will be a crowd funded album through indiegogo. They do have a song up to entice listeners, and fans alike to join the funding and get another great Cryptopsy album on its way. More and more we are seeing this type of crowd funding to get albums going. The song that they do have ( via their youtube channel) sounds like classic Cryptopsy. A very heavy Canadian grind sound that so many including myself love.  check it out  for your self at  or check out their facebook page for more information.