Lamb of god

So Lamb of God have had an interesting past three years. First having D.Randal Blythe locked up over seas in Prague. Then had to face charges for the death of a fan in the crowd.  He was able to appeal the charges, and came back home. He had made statements that he would be taking a break, also that he would be putting out his book. Well popped up mid-late April, and came online in the past week with countdown clocks. Each clock counted down (currently two clocks still counting down) to reveal a country.  Once you click on that country it starts a video. The first three countries revealed have been India, Israel, and united states. Each video a short story to tell. It is rumored that the “vii” refers to their seventh album, however if counting “Burn the priest” (the name for the band with a different lineup) it would be eight. So for Lamb of God this could be counting down to a release date. Or since a lot of their funds had gone to take care of Randy ‘ s legal fees. We could be watching the countdown to possibly another crowd funding campaign. It’s only speculation at this point, but as seen on their DVD “As the palaces burn” the band was selling gear and anything they could to get money for Randy. They have had time to write a new album but may need some money to get it recorded and printed. My guess is their website once all the clocks have counted down will be news for the next album. May be crowd funded may not. But one things for sure, crowd funded or not I’ll be picking it up when it gets released.


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