Misery Index newest video ” The Harrowing”

They unleashed this video about two weeks ago, just getting to it now.  after Seeing these guys down in Worcester Mass and hanging out with them i got the chance to find out they are going to eventually release a video for “Conjuring the cull”. The way this album starts out the first five tracks in sequence are ” Urfaust, The Calling, The Oath, Conjuring the cull, and The Harrowing”. seeing them play these songs live is killer becuase they play the instrumental songs like Urfaust and The Oath to set you up for the next track. My favorite song on the album is ” The Harrowing” which is why I love this video. Not a Misery Index fan? no worries not every one is perfect, but you know what is perfect? This video, when listening to the song, you need something viually striking like a gritty cringy worthy video to go along with it.  Check it out for yourself, https://youtu.be/B09bQChhiHA

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