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#TBT Metal Edition @archenemymetal @vehemenceaz @coalesceox @AtthegatesGBG @Lambofgod @neurosisoakland @InternalBLDNG @officialopeth @MounierFlo

So I figured why the hell not? If you listen to metal than surely you have those albums that you will go back and listen to and really bring you back. I know I do, and hearing about Vehemence putting out a new album, Neurosis doing a tour, and Agoraphobic Nosebleed playing at Maryland Deathfest. It really put me in the mood to listen to some good stuff I remember buying when it came out, and going to shows.

SO to start things off will be a video by Vehemence. This is called by your bedside off of the “ Helping the World to See” album;

Soundcloud for some more Vehemence songs;


Next will be a video by Coalesce, from the album “ 0:12 revolution in just listening” I couldn’t find any actual video footage of this song, but it’s a good listen.

Here’s a soundcloud link for a few other Coalesce songs;


Now bringing it back to 1995 we have At the gates, Blinded by Fear off of the “ Slaughter of the Soul album” This album was one of those monumental albums. I remember picking up an Earache records Compilation that had this song on it.


Now this is only going back to 2003 but “ As the Palaces Burn” came out while I was in college. And this album was one of the albums that I would listen to , while getting pumped up before my band would play a show. After my sound check I would play a song form this album or “ New American Gospel” theres something about how Chris Adler plays the drums I dig his style. At the time he didn’t do any blast beats or anything, it was just drums with great fills and solid timing.   So here is the song “ Ruin”


And here is a live performance of O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E

Now it brings me to Neurosis, this song “ Under the Surface” is what got me into these guys. There was something dark yet powerful about this song.

Here it is off of the “ Times of Grace” album


Next is a band from the earlier days of metalcore, these guys were one of those bands you listen to this song “ Bitter” and you can see how far the Metalcore genre has come. Whether some of the newer bands ever listened to them or not, I would say these guys had a big influence one way or another.

Here it is Bitter off the “ Fifty ninth session” album


Now bringing metal back to the year 1999 where Internal Bleeding put out “ Driven to Conquer” So its not an official video, but it still allows you to take in the song “ Falling Down” with pretty good audio, and getting to see the album cover.


Lets go back to 1998 with Arch Enemy’s “ Stigmata” Album, the opening track “ Beast Of Man” when I first heard this song I just loved the guitars in this song. I was in the 8th hgrade and rocking out to this song off a Century Media Records compilation CD I bought at a Newbury comics. This compilation was the first of many that really got me into new bands. I think I paid $3.00 for 20 songs and this song was on there. I wish this video was an official video, however there is an “ Official” video from a few years ago. Obviously its with Angela Gossow on vocals, and from a different album. To me this may be an “ Official” video, but its not original.


At any rate here is the original song off of “ Stigmata”

And then off of “ Root of all evil” with Angela;

Another Band i got into early on was Opeth, i first heard them back in middle school and bought their album titled “Morningrise”  i really got into their epic metal sound, just heavy haunting menacing vocals at times and soft sincere vocals at others. this is an art form. i have never heard another band that has the bipolar, yet progressive metal song structure as Opeth.

Here is the track ” Advent” of the Morningrise album;


Now last but not least I bring you Cryptopsy with the album “ Whisper Supremecy” the track titled “ Emaciate” which happens to be the first song I ever heard, and was absolutely blown away by Flo’s drumming skills. Still listening to this song I am in awe of the talent Flo has. Now this is with a different vocalist at the time. I will not take away from current vocalist Matt’s talent. I personally really dig his vocals the best, I think all the other guys were great and added to the albums respectively. Since Matt McGachy has taken over vocal duties I think he really adds the missing element for vocals. He has great sound, great range, and can pull off the older songs great.

SO with that said here is “ Emaciate”


And don’t forget to check out Cryptopsy’s indiegogo page as they are trying to put out a new E.P. they are crowdfunding currently. Here is that link ;

So that wraps up this weeks  #TBT Throwback Thursday metal edition. Feel free to comment, offer some details about a metal song or album that brings you back to a time period every time you listen to it.

-Badger \m/


HUGE VEHEMENCE NEWS!!!! @vehemenceaz

Well not yet, but tomorrow Vehemence has news to be delivered to us fans. I personally can’t wait. These guys are brutal, nope, brutal is an understatement.  The band Vehemence, is the soundtrack for the feeling you get when you watch a movie that is a psychological thriller, get cut off in traffic, and a bar fight all at the same time.  These guys put out two epic albums ” God was Created” in 2002, and ” Helping the World to see” in 2004.  I Will honestly say I bought both albums multiple times because my cd players would kill the cd’s from over use. I have bought God was created 4 times. The whole album is insane, from start to finish every song just epic brutal metal.  My top 10 albums of all time includes this album. The song ” I didn’t kill her” is killer.

I played that song for a guy who was big into metal, the guy was so pumped by the song and then around the 8:15 minute mark for the song. You have a sound clip that adds to the sound. I can’t tell you what it is or what it says. But what I can say is the guy I played it for, thought he would have nightmares for a week. It gives you a visual like no other. I literally want to play the song for you but I can only find a video on youtube with average sound quality.

What the hell, why not. I am so pumped its time for some VEHEMENCE!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow, because a new album will be LEGENDARY!!!!


Check out their facebook page,

check out their twitter page

Make no mistakes I will be ready to report as soon as I find out what the news is!



Cattle Decapitation @cattledecap

A little while ago Cattle Decapitation posted on their facebook page that they will be on the “Summer Slaughter tour” This is great news, not only is their album coming out this summer August 7th, but they will be in Worcester Mass right after the album drops. That is going to be a killer show, Arch Enemy (w/ Jeff Loomis), Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, and Obscura. This is a killer tour.

Here are the dates;

“The Summer Slaughter Tour”
7/28 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
7/30 – Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom
7/31 – Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theater
8/01 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
8/02 – Cleveland, OH @ The Agora Theatre
8/03 – Columbus, OH @ The Northland Performing Arts Center
8/05 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
8/07 – Montreal, QC @ Heavy MTL*
8/08 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
8/09 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
8/12 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall w/ The All Stars Tour
8/13 – Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live
8/15 – Knoxville, TN @ The International
8/17 – Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live!
8/18 – Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room & Garage
8/20 – Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
8/21 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
8/22 – Anaheim, CA @ City National Grove Of Anaheim
8/23 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom

This is going to be a killer tour to go to, so check out the dates and check out the bands.

-Badger \m/

Revocation drop a new Lyric video for ” Madness opus” @revocation

I am always in the mood for checking out new videos, and i love how some bands are putting out lyric videos. Its not the fact that they are adding the lyrics to the video. Its how they do it. They aren’t doing simple captions in blocks with white letters and keeping it bland. I have seen bands doing it in all different ways, just the creativity and imagination to put out a video and incorporate the lyrics with the video. Bands are constantly trying to get their message across to the listeners.

Well Revocation did that today, from their Facebook and twitter pages they put out a link to check out their lyric video for ” Madness Opus”  off of their ” Deathless” album that was released this past October ( October, 14th 2014 to be exact)


so here’s the video ;

check out their facebook page;

Or their Twitter page;

or just go to their website;

-Badger \m/

Archspire on tour with Aborted @archspireband @Abortedmetal @Seasonofmist

I love discovering bands, and hearing their songs for the first time. You never know what you are getting into, sometimes its a great first impression. Other times it may not be to your liking but along the way you discover another band who is more your taste in music. So you know me i am just checking out summer tours, and current tours and the bands playing the said tours. So I check out Aborted because i know they are on tour right now. I see the Name Archspire and i have never heard of them. Naturally I start a search for their music, I rock Spotify, I will check out youtube, I will check out anything I can just to hear new music. I type in Archspire and click on the second track I see. ” Lucid Collective Somnambulation”  and HOLY SHIT! this song starts out with a menacing technical intro and right around :45 seconds in the vocals kick in and the tempo is just rapid fire ready to lay waste to anything in its path.  This song is badass, and this is why i like giving any metal band the benefit of the doubt to blow me away and surprise me. These guys did just that

. Seriously check this out:

The rest of their tour dates are as follows;

22 May 15 Ramona, CA (US) Ramona Mainstage
23 May 15 Las Vegas, NV (US) Adrenaline
24 May 15 San Francisco, CA (US) DNA Lounge
25 May 15 S. Lake Tahoe, CA (US) Whisky Dick’s
26 May 15 Portland, OR (US) Tonic Lounge
27 May 15 Seattle, WA (US) tbc
28 May 15 Vancouver, BC (CA) Rickshaw Theatre
29 May 15 Kamloops, BC (CA) Inlander Pub
30 May 15 Calgary, AB (CA) Nite Owl
01 Jun 15 Winnipeg, MB (CA) The Zoo
02 Jun 15 Eau Claire, WI (US) House of Rock
03 Jun 15 Chicago, IL (US) Reggie’s
04 Jun 15 Lakewood, OH (US) The Foundry
05 Jun 15 Montreal, QC (CA) Foufounes Electriques
07 Jun 15 Rochester, NY (US) Montage Music Hall

I’m going to be honest i wish they had come up to the north east because I am betting they put on a sick live show.

At any rate do yourselves  a favor check these guys out, you will not regret it!

Heres their bandcamp page get their  Lucid Collective album for $10.00 as a digital download or buy their CD here;

and always check out their Facebook page and twitter for news and updates

-Badger \m/

Skinless has some killer tracks heading our way soon @Skinlessband @relapserecords

This year is not even half over, and we are getting blown away by insane new album announcements, killer summer tours, and other cool stuff going on. So it turns out Skinless is also releasing new music out this June. June 2nd  their album ” Only the Ruthless Remain”   They have a video For the song ” Skinless”   thats pretty badass, and they have their classic 90’s line up that built up the fan base they have.

so here’s the video for ” Skinless” ;

And heck why not check out their bandcamp page to hear a few of the songs that will be on the album and  order yourself up a digital copy while your at it. Clicking here is a wise choice;

-Badger \m/