The Devil’s Due- Dec 7th- Throne Of Botis ” Hymns Of Homicide” Review 7/10 \m/

Throne Of Botis

Hymns Of Homicide

 released August 30, 2016


Tim Crabb – Vox
Michael Tepper – Guitar / Additional Vox
Kevin Ansell – Drums
Alex Trotter – Guitar
Adam Dietzel – Bass



Today the Devil has brought us some Virgina Beach brutal death, by the name of Throne Of Botis. Throne of Botis  is some grimey brutal Virgina Beach Death Metal with a little bit of slam.  The debut E.P. from the Virginia Beach Brutal Death Metallers, contains 5 tracks of unmerciful death metal that  crushes all your expectations. From the first track you can tell that they are walking the line of death metal and slamming brutal death. “Malfeasance Of Mankind” will get you hooked early on in the song and I must say the production is solid. Sometimes you see “ Debut E.P.” from a band you haven’t heard of before and it turns out to be a demo recording in someone’s basement or a live setting and I am happy to say that this is not one of those situations.  With songs like “ This Sordid Abattoir” I’d be willing to bet they were influenced by bands such as Death, Suffocation,and Vader.  I have been spinning this E.P. for a few weeks now and I have to say, the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it.  From the heavily armed drums, to the chugging guitar riffs, then you have those grizzly vocals.  What Throne Of Botis has done with “Hymns” is launch an assault on the listener with a barrage of blasts, and  guttural vocals with some catchy riffs.  This E.P. released in September of 2016 on Lost Apparitions Records has a few guest appearances on it, and absolutely crushes. Tracks that we really enjoy are Dismantled and Dissolved which is just brutal, honestly this is our most played track. It’s a filthy fucking track that has everything that appeals to a death metal fan like myself. The vocals are straight up post apocalyptic grizzly sounding, and the drums are tight.  From the rapid blasting to the clear ping of the cymbals when hit the sound is awesome. There is nothing we don’t like about this E.P. its heavy as fuck and when listening will trigger your mean face.  Solid E.P. and I cant wait to hear more from these VA death metallers. 7/10 \m/

Have a Listen for yourself and see what Virginia Beach brutal death sounds like




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Released through Lost Apparitions Records
 Artwork by Uglies Art
 Recorded by Steven Miller Recording



-Badger \m/


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