Thoren post promo video for upcoming album and stream first track off it. CHECK IT OUT \m/

So remember yesterday’s post about the Chris Burrows “Mind Cemeteries” drum play-through video. You can see that post and video HERE .  I had mentioned that some new music would be coming out soon. Well if you are not familiar with the name already allow me to  introduce you to Thoren . They are  a  progressive dissonant death trio hailing from Michigan.

They are – Anthony Lipari on Guitar,  Joseph Paquette on Bass, and then of course  Chris Burrows on Drums.



Brennenburg Tracklist:

  1. Timorsham
  2. Unnerved
  3. Muil
  4. Shadow
  5. Alexander
  6. Depraved Dreams
  7. Brennenburg
  8. Achas ( Performed by Xelmya)


So, with out any more talk about it, here is  the promo video for Brennenburg”




So there you have it,  Brennenburg is out on October 28th which is only three weeks away. So mark your calendars check Thoren out on FACEBOOK

But wait there’s more they have one track available for streaming so check out Muil

Pre-order your copy of Brennenburg by clicking HERE

If you like this check out their previous Self Titled album on BANDCAMP


You can also check out  Anthony’s  vocals for  Vihaan on FACEBOOK

Also check out Chris’ other band Coma Cluster Void on FACEBOOK

-Badger \m/

Visit our FACEBOOK page \m/_(><)_\m/








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