Gear Gods post Drum playthrough video of Chris Burrows playing Mind Cemeteries

Some of you are familiar with  one of the most thought provoking albums of the year Mindless Cemeteries by Coma Cluster Void.  all you need to know about Coma Cluster Void is this,  Its dark dissonant metal, with a few composers and  international talent making up their lineup.  Former Cryptopsy vocalist Mike Disalvo  is one of the two main vocalists, but  squares off on a track with  the original Cryptopsy vocalist.  If that is not getting you interested enough, well then  let me drop this on you. Poly-rhythms, lots and lots of poly-rhythms being played by almost every instrument. and holding it all together at the throne is Mr. Chris Burrows.

Well Gear Gods posted up a video of Chris playing through the title track of this incredible album. Check it out below




So there you have it,  if you like what Chris is playing check out Coma Cluster Void on FACEBOOK

Chris also has a page of his own that can be found here.

Chris  also has some other musical projects that we will be featuring later on so stick around for some new music that will be coming out soon.


-Badger \m/

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