Currently Streaming ” Let It Be Known” off the upcoming E.P. “Nothing In Return” by the Brockton hardcore/doom crew Burden

Brockton band Burden put out a single off their upcoming E.P. “Nothing in Return” just in time to let you guys have a listen before the E.P. is released tomorrow Friday April 29th.

Not sure what Hardcore/ Doom will sound like, well if you were to take one part old  school Boston Hardcore, one part Crowbar, and  one part Pelican. Much like a steamroller  these guys aren’t playing blazing fast  music,  its a steady roll the fuck right over you and pulverize you into the ground music. Take a listen for yourself and then go check out their Facebook page and Bandcamp page 



don’t forget the E.P. comes out tomorrow, so GET ON IT


Burden on Facebook

Burden on Bandcamp


-Badger \m/

Visit our FACEBOOK page \m/_(><)_\m/


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