Streaming “Katharsis Through Decapitation” yet another brutal track from God Enslavement’s upcoming album “Consuming The Divine”

I know I have been talking about God Enslavement  a lot lately, but for good reason. You cant see a band with a line up like this and not get blown away. But to actually hear the music from this album is what seals the deal. I haven’t been this impressed in a very long time. When we premiered “Belial Within” I was eager to see the response from the listeners, and I must say. I was expecting the response I did get.  Belial within, to me is the mellow track on the album. The song is like the opening credits of a movie, or the curtain being lifted at a show. I love Belial, but for me it is like a song to test the waters with.  The general response I got was that the song was; “brutal, killer, bad ass” and so many more phrases that basically translate for every metal head as ” holy shit this is fucking awesome \m/.

Today we just got some great news that we cant wait to share with you. Well we already knew that the album will be released on May 20th. But the big news is that they are welcoming listeners, fans and metalheads to listen to another (a personal favorite of mine) track from the album ” Katharsis Through Decapitation” and they are going to launch the pre-order options for the album today!!!! Check out the T-shirt bundle with the album artwork. I am glad to see that because album artwork like “Consuming the Divine” should be on a shirt.Pre-sale-promo

So allow us to introduce to you the world premier of “Katharsis Through Decapitation”


now that you have heard this killer track head on over to their bandcamp page and pre order the album that is sure to make heads explode.



God Enslavement on Facebook

-Badger \m/


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