Antlion- The Prescient album review 8/10


The Prescient


Adam Pell (Vocals/Bass) –
Shane Williams (Guitar) –
Joe Kruger (Guitar) –
Arend Nijhuis (Drums)

  1. Incubation

This song begins with a psychedelic type of groove, and then the guitars go into distortion with a repeating rhythm, for a few bars, then the vocals kick in with lower growls, and a guitar riff where you can sense the metal just seeping its way into the song. The song has progressed from a jazzy groove, to a solid mid paced metal song that maintains a decent groove keeping you moving. Then the song hits the half way point and we get a little bridge of some jazz fusion sound with a guitar solo. The song picks right back up into the metal aspect, and gives us another round of heaviness before the song ends.

  1. Hubris

This song goes right into a drum roll out and into the first verse, the blast beats and the guitar riffs are great, I am really enjoying this song. It has so many personalities to it, and they all fit together well, they aren’t doing too much metal, too much jazz/experimental they walk the fine line of equality between the two styles. This song is 5:55 minutes of interesting metal and unique changes between all the other elements of the song. The way the song progresses from one style to the next is seamless, whether it is immediate or a few bars of one style to the next it works.

  1. Cycle Of Failure

This song begins with a cool jazzy feel to it, it has a groove you can tap your foot to and it lasts for just over sixty seconds. The metal persona begins right after with the growling vocals and distortion, yet still provides a groove. This is what I am enjoying about this album, no matter what personality the song is active they give you a solid beat that you can tap your foot to, move your head to. This is a fun song to listen to, and the lyrics fit the song very well. The guitar solo around the 3:39 minute mark is a very relaxing and cool solo. Songs like this are so unique in the way that you don’t dare skip, even if you don’t seem to like it, because you don’t know what will be happening next. I happen to really enjoy this song, and am eager to hear the next song.

  1. Hive

Love the vocals right out of the gate and the rhythm for the first fifteen seconds, and then the rhythm right after is mercilessly driving, the blast beats and the guitar riff. Just when you think you couldn’t be any more impressed, they spring a song like this on you. As I look at the total time of the song, I am curious as to how much talent and charisma they have filled this song with because it is already bursting at the seams with great infectious melodies and a beat that hooks you. The solo is great, they give you a skillful guitar solo that you can’t help but want to listen to again and again. The way the song fades out is absolutely perfect for the structure of the song.

  1. A Seer’s Elegy

Yes, yes, yes, the guitar riff that kicks things off is fucking great, I have honestly listened to the first 20 seconds of the song a few times because it is so badass. The rest of the song follows the same formula, cool guitar riffs, solid percussion, and the vocals are exactly what you would expect. This is a solid track, may be a fan favorite, still a bit early to make that denomination. Half way through the song they lighten things up with a smooth jazzy feel and a solid breakdown. This song is nothing less than magnificent. I really, thoroughly dig this song. \m/

  1. Spire

The song begins with a slower tempo and a perpetual riff wrapped around a solid beat. This song has some odd timing to make things interesting but only during certain sections. The band really locks in that groove, you can tap your foot to it, and you can still follow through the odd timing. This song is a great listen, it progresses exquisitely and is filled with great guitar riffs and impressive percussion skills.

  1. The Prescient (Part I)

This is song is a warm, progressive jazzy metal hybrid that leaves you feeling good about where you are in that exact moment. I love the guitar riffs, and rhythm. This song is great it has just the right changes being made and keeps the listener interested.

  1. The Prescient (Part II)

This song is just as good as Part 1 if not better, I really dig the way it begins and all of the changes we see throughout this song. The tempo changes, the metal progression, the jazz feel, the blast beats. I mean this song is awesome and the way it ends is really appropriate for the entire album.

I give this album an 8/10, it was a solid album, not for everyone, but nevertheless a great album. This is one of those bands that if for me I had never heard before. When listening to a band for the first time you really begin to filter what you heard into two categories; impressive, and not impressive. This album   is very impressive. I loved it, they have every change, every riff, and every beat calculated to the right degree and time. If you are looking for something new that you have not hear before, and want something that has a variety of different styles and can pull of some cool solos, has a great metal sound, some stellar progression, and a great jazzy feel. Then you should not waste any more time, just go and check these guys out now and pick up or download the album from their bandcamp site Here!

Check them out on FACEBOOK

And make sure to order the album at BANDCAMP \m/

released October 23, 2015

Produced by Antlion
Music & Lyrics by Antlion
Mixed & Mastered by Zack Ohren
Recorded by Arend Nijhuis
Album art by Chris Volion

-Badger \m/

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