Black-n-Blue bowl 2015 video of CANDIRIA!!! @candiria

Check this out, its a live video so the sound isn’t spectular but to se Candiria up on a stage again playing some sick tunes.  its great. Here’s the youtube video link.   here’s a fun fact Ken Schalk is the drummer for Candiria, back in higschool while i was playing the drums in the jazz band i had to do reports on musicians. Obviously i would pick a drummer, so I messaged Ken  unaware of if he even moderated his page. The stand up guy that he is, messaged me back with his full biography. SO take notes,  1) he’s a badass drummer 2) he is a stand up guy 3) I got a good grade on my report.

At any rate lets hope they are still going to stay doing their thing as a band and continue to make great music. Driving home from work the butcher on @SXMliquidmetal played some Candiria and now i am on a little kick  listening to their older albums as well as ” What doesn’t kill you” which was a great album. here’s a user made video for ” The Rutherford experiment” which i love, it has such a great groove to it.

Also here’s ” Remove Yourself”

and ” Work in Progress”

Ah gotta love @Candiria they played some great music, lots of talent.  I  still play the drums and break out into a Candiria hip-hop  jazz funk beat.

Let’s hope they play some more shows and make more great music.

\m/ Badger

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