Vehemence! I repeat VEHEMENCE sample clips for their upcoming album @vehemenceaz

Let me tell you something, I have been waiting on a Vehemence album since 2004’s ” Helping the world to see”.

Which was a great album and was the foolow up to 2002’s “God Was Created” album which was killer.  So on their facebook page back in March they had posted this  short video;  

and then in March they posted “Exciting news on the horizon” Well I for one am excited. These guys are so badass, and both albums  displayed serious bad ass metal. So to get Vehemence fans, and maybe other metal heads who never heard them pumped and ready, here is a video for ” By your bedside” off of the helping the world to see album:


Helll why not check out a remix of ” we are all dying”

and while your at it check them out onn twitter @vehemenceaz as well as their instagram @vehemenceofficial

I personally cannot wait and will be getting their album when it drops you can bet on that.

– Badger \m/

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