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This Album is one of those great album to start a Monday morning with after the weekend.

This is the one day everyone dreads because it means you are going back to work or school. I like to listen to something to keep my energy levels high,  laser focus, and get through the day as quickly as possible.  Take a listen for yourself \m/




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We personally love this album, what do you think about it?


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The List of our favorite metal albums of 2015

Every year new music comes out, sometimes you get excited and anticipate the release.  Other times you discover a band new to you because of their newly released full length or E.P.  2015 was a great year for metal, we had plenty of albums, E.P.’s singles and tours that happened.

Why make a list of the “best” or the “worst” albums of the year?  This is a list of our favorite albums of 2015, here you will find E.P.’s, full lengths, deathcore, black metal, death metal  grind and everything in between that graced our playlist.


In no particular order these are the top albums, our favorites, and the albums we simply cant get enough of.


  1. Cattle Decapitation- The Anthropocene Extinction
  2. Vehemence- Forward Without Motion
  3. Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering Tome 1
  4. The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal
  5. Pronostic – An Atomic Decision
  6. WRVTH – Self Titled
  7. Iron Maiden- The Book Of Souls
  8. Napalm Death- Apex Predator
  9. Skinless- Only The Ruthless Remain
  10. High on Fire- Luminiferous
  11. Baroness- Purple
  12. Antlion-The Prescient
  13. Alterius- Voyager
  14. Fulgora- Stratagem
  15. Hate Eternal- Infernus
  16. Jungle Rot- Order Shall Prevail
  17. Lamb Of God-  VII Sturm Und Drang
  18. Fit For An Autopsy- Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell
  19. Born of Osiris- Soul Sphere
  20. Vattnet Viskar- Settler
  21. Horrendous- Anareta
  22. Solium Fatalis- The Undying Season
  23. Unleashed- Dawn of the Nine
  24. Parius- Saturnine
  25. Punching Moses- Humanity Pandemic


While 2015 has given us so many more albums, we like to keep it short and to the point. If we went beyond and tackled the 100+  releases many of you would not stick around for the other notable releases on the list.


Feel free to comment with other albums you feel deserve to have made the list, and also it looks as though 2016 will have plenty of great metal coming also.  Big releases coming from  bands like Pig Destroyer, Alterius, Sevenday Curse, Solium Fatalis and many others. \m/

Thank you for following us on Facebook, Twitter and by subscribing to our emails. 2015 was a great year for us, and we couldn’t have done it without, the metal heads out there, the fans, the bands, the P.R. agencies and all the people who helped the bands release their music, and play local shows as well as tour.


Here’s to 2015 and all of its greatness, on to 2016,  NOW LETS SEE THOSE HORNS \m/


-Badger \m/


Pronostic-An Atomic Decision Album Review 10/10


An Atomic Decision

Alexandre Lauzon – Guitars and High Vocals
Charles Pilotte – Guitars and Low Vocals
Mathieu “La Vie” Laurence – 6-String bass
Nicholas “Le Fou” Wells – Drums & Percussion


  1. Intro

This is a pretty badass intro track, this is something you would get from a movie’s opening credits. Very operatic, and orchestral, really  keeping things mysterious at first, you have an orchestra playing, a chorus singing, and the strings. All this builds up and really kicks the album off in the right direction


  1. An Atomic Decision

That intro track and then playing right into this song, is epic. They lock down a groove early, with some technical metal style brutality. The first thirty seconds of this song really set the bar high, the drums are surgically precise, and the guitars are shredding some tight riffs. Much like the title tracks name within the first sixty seconds you will be blown away. The guitar solo just after the two minute mark is great, these guys are bringing some deliberate talent and creativity to the table here. If this track doesn’t make you an instant fan I don’t know what will, this is track number one, out of ten and they are preparing to decimate the masses with their killer sound.


  1. Useless Wait

Yet another kick ass introduction coming from the guitars and drums, it has some old school flavor in the opening rhythm, and then it’s blasting drums and whirlwind guitars together really setting up a concrete groove. This song is very extraordinary, and I am now looking forward to seeing these guys on the road at some point. They hit us with a cool guitar solo halfway through the song, and bring it down melodically for a moment. Setting the drums up to showcase his talents of not just a drummer shackled to double bass and blast beats, the guy clearly knows a thing or two about skilled percussion delivery.


  1. Pay To See The Day

This song does not hold back any level of intensity, they come in fast and hard with this song. The song is a perfect example of a reason to headbang, I am pretty sure if you were involved in a conversation, and this song came on. You would stop what you were doing and head bang. The rhythm is solid, and the groove is contagious, the melodic guitar riffs add another element to this brilliant contribution to the album. Right at the 1:50 minute mark, they set things up for a solo, and the driving force increases. The 3:03 minute mark we get some volume swells from the guitars similar to older Opeth, executed  nothing less than perfect.  This is a solid song, you will want to hit the repeat button on this one for certain.


  1. Tormented Soul

This song has a solid setup in the beginning with a great high energy tempo right around the 150 BPM area, with plenty of blasts and driving guitar riffs to give it that rapid metal assault feel that you will be experiencing. This is a great track, I am loving every little transition they go through, shit I have listened to this song three times just now. These guys are killing it with their brand of metal. Elements of progressive metal, technical metal melodic metal and death metal blended together to create a stellar listening experience.


  1. Derived Conscience

I like this introduction with the simple drum beat, then a guitar riff, another simple beat followed by sick drum fill and this continues for just about twenty seconds before the song shows us its true form.   These guitarists are great, they know when to keep it simple, and they know when to deliver an impressive shred fest. They take it you to a point of slowed down aggression for a moment only to bring you right back up to the previous tempo with guitar solos and sick drums. The thirty seconds of this song will blow you away, this album is worth the buy based on just the songs I have heard so far. The next five could be a raccoon digging through metal trash cans and the album will still be worth the money hands down.


  1. Menstrumental

This is a cool melodic instrumental with heavy bass presence, and slick guitar lines. No drums for the first half but builds right up to give it some more flavor. This is an awesome instrumental as far as I am concerned.


  1. Bécik

!!!!!!!   This has a cool guitar and drum introduction and then the vocals kick in and this is probably going to be my favorite track off the album. Holy shit, the transition is seamless at the 1:02 minute mark. This song will melt faces, and cause pits to erupt with extreme results. This song, is fresh, its explosive, and it’s going to blow your speakers because you will have this song cranked as loud as it can go.


  1. What Plagues Us

The vocals on this track are great, they have that certain shadow effect to them, they are harsh, but hold back a little giving them some dimension. The guitars are killer in this song, and the transition that takes place at the 2:05 mark has some flavor to them. This song will having you feverishly waiting for the last second to clock out so you can hit the back button and hear the whole song again.


  1. Reality

I like the groove that they lock in right as the song begins, and those guitar squeals at the end of a riff. This song like every previous track is setting the bar high at the beginning and like a machine it is just powering through the process, and just plowing through anything and everything that will oppose it. The guitars have several sections of some old school riffs that you could hear coming from progressive and power metal bands. They just set up a driving rhythm and continue to maintain a groove that you will be locked into and lose your mind to the infectious sounds coming from the band.


  1. Passing Towards The Afterlife

All I am going to do is leave this blank, because you know, that based on what I have said of all the other tracks, that Pronostic is not going to fail to deliver a great melodic, technical metal song. The track is up to you as a listener to decide, you already know that ten tracks are amazing and worth the buy. I actually recommend to buy the album, because this may be the first you hear of this band, but won’t be the last.


This album was so impressive, I was blown away. There wasn’t a single minute aspect of any song I did not like. This album gets a 10/10 from me, because the sound quality is great. The changes are seamless and at times mind blowing, the band members all have some great talent, and showcase their talents well at the right times with their respective instruments. I am an instant fan, and will be looking forward to more of what Pronostic has to offer. For fans of Necrophagist, Neuraxis, Allegeon, Beyond The Creation, Obscura, and At the Gates just to name a few.

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All music and lyrics written and recorded by Pronostic 
 Produced by Pronostic and Chris Donaldson 
 Engineered by Chris Donaldson and Marco Frechette 
 Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Grid Studio 
 Intro produced by Ludovik Daoust 
 Artwork by Colin Marks at Rain Song Desing

-Badger \m/