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Rivers Of Nihil Review

Track 1: Heirless

This is one of those ominous gloomy, atmospheric tracks. I really don’t care much for songs that don’t have a sense of purpose. I am sure that with a title like Heirless it is supposed to have that sort of feel to it. But as a listener, it could have been a 30 second sound clip instead of a 2:24 long track. I feel like I am at a show and the band is going through a sound check, just jamming riffs that flow but without any actual song that is on the set list. Not the way I would start an album. End an album with it maybe but I would not want to set the bar low to begin an album. This will go down in history as the skip song. That song on some albums you just always skip.

Track 2: Perpetual Growth Machine

The track starts out with a mid tempo chugging and a solid beat double bass for a few bars then into blast beat intro with a guitar riff in the background. Panning the guitars, drum fill in the first verse. Few bars of mid tempo into blast beats. It is definitely a groove you can move to but so far it doesn’t have that “wow” factor. The vocals are not bad but a bit one dimensional. A nice little guitar solo which has that old school feel to the solo. Now the vocals have gained a bit more dimension but not mind blowing. The range is still in the same vicinity as the first verse. I will say there is a hearty amount of changes.  I will say that they do have a good song structure to this track. Then twenty seconds of looming bass line.

Track 3: Reign of Dreams

Blast beats and ominous guitar riffing. When the vocals kick in they feel like they are behind the instruments. The song really maintains the same feel throughout the majority of the song. Same groove and riffs with minor noticeable changes. I let out a big sigh and let the song finish with hopes track 4 has more to offer.

Track 4: Sand Baptism

Guitars fade in with nice little cymbal pattern on the drums to a melodic guitar riff. Then right into some distortion. Drum beats rolling off the toms into a double bass rollout then back into a drum beat, setting things up and into the verse. I still feel as though the vocals are behind the instruments. This is until right before the 1:30 mark that’s when the vocals seem to be in front of the instruments. Maybe that’s what they are going for to add dimension the vocals. I am not sure. Just to be on the safe side I will be listening to this album through other forms of audio delivery such as ear buds, headphones, speakers, car speakers, etc. I do enjoy the lyrics to this song. I just don’t know if they are trying to merge death metal with prog metal, technical metal and a dash of atmospheric ambiance. I feel like they just didn’t know what to do, so let’s do it all.

Track 5: Ancestral I

This starts right out with growls and blast beats. This song really maintains the same groove feel for 4:33 minutes. This is an average song, not above average by any means. This track is really teetering on the fine line of below average and average. Just when I thought the song couldn’t have been any more of a let down, the song ends. This song ended about the same way the HBO series the Sopranos ended. It left me scratching my head only with this I didn’t enjoy it until its final moment.

Track 6: Dehydrate

Nice guitar riff for starters. Wait! It’s over. Blast beats, I will say this, Alan does have talent for being a drummer. The guitars also seem to be talented. I can hear the bass through and Adam sounds pretty decent on drums. I just feel like this album so far was not their best work. I won’t waste your time for a breakdown of this song. It is just average, just like the last one.

Track 7: Monarchy

Ahh! Here we have an interesting beat. A nice guitar riff with a cool groove and a guitar solo to accompany. Then the one dimensional vocals kick in. I really enjoy the atmospheric groove to the song when it is present. The problem is that it diminishes to a death metal feel without any indication.  You have a pleasant groove, everything sounds good and boom! Death metal just kicked the door down and forced its way into the song. I get it they are a metal band but you need to set up these changes so that they are actually enjoyable by people with a lot of background in music.

Track 8: Terrestria II : Thrive

We have a hi-hat pattern and a atmospheric loom bass line with guitars swelling in. Now a cool groove, this has a nice groove to it so far. They set this up better than previous tracks; with how it changes into the distortion and heaviness of the song. Blast beats, a brutal yet atmospheric riff to it. I don’t want to speak to soon but I think we made it to the best track on the album. Guitar solo that fits well, double bass rolling out and a good bass presence. I am enjoying this song very much so far. More than half way through and this song is great with every change no matter how atmospheric, or heavy.  It maintains that great song structure. It does come with a catch though… there are no vocals on this song. No matter how many times we get blast beats and heavy riffing it has a cool feel to it that you can thoroughly enjoy. This is the one song I wish it didn’t end when it did. This is the top track hands down. They should have kept the whole album like this. This song is what makes this album get a better grade.

Track 9: Circles in the Sky

Ominous atmospheric riff, bass line comes in and fades into a distorted guitar solo, no drums yet, but this has a cool feel. A quick drum fill into a heavy drum beat double bass with a bar of a punchy quick double bass set up and the vocals kick in. Not bad though back to having an average sound.   Right around the half-way point it takes on its original cool groove.  The vocals kick back in and they are almost trying to maintain that cool groove while adding in the vocals. The more I listen to this song it does grow on you but I think it is because they are keeping that progressive atmospheric groove to it. This seems to be a much better track than the tracks earlier on.

Track 10: Suntold

This song also starts out with a nice groove, atmospheric and enjoyable to listen to. The vocals kick in around the :45 second mark. Keeping the groove while still keeping it heavy I feel like they found the right formula unfortunately not soon enough. This song is not as great as the previous two tracks but still a solid track to listen to.

After listening to this album I listened to it again and again and again, each time with a different set of headphones and speakers. I understand the concept behind the album, they are continuing with the concept/ storyline with their albums. Cool concept but not exactly original either.

 An album written about a futuristic time where the earth is a barren wasteland. I think I have heard that idea before

I feel as though this album was more of a disappointment, maybe they wanted the vocals to be over shadowed most of the time. If that is the case then they succeeded. However I did not enjoy that aspect of the album.  All in all the majority of the album is average at best, with three songs that were enjoyable. The talent is definitely there, but not their best work in my opinion.

-Badger \m/

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Hate Eternal : Infernus album review

This is a little album review I have done for the folks over at The Metal Syndicate

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1: Locust Swarm

This track starts out with a solid death metal riff and blast beats. Great verse that has a good tempo, something you can move to.  A short guitar solo back in to the verse with lots of blast beats during the majority of the song. Vocals are on point, precise and clear. I am enjoying this track up to the chorus, a great track to listen to. Now the break down begins, it slows down; and has a punchy feel with some drum rollouts. The song continuously slows down in tempo giving it a brutal effect.  The song ends with a note ringing out from the guitar.

2: The Stygian Deep

As the song fades in it has a slower feel to it but only for about 30 seconds. That’s when things pick up, with the verse and the blast beats kick in hard. I do enjoy when the bass of a metal band can be heard and not drowned out. When we reach the chorus the vocal pattern mixes with the guitar riffs. Think of it here as a complimenting symbiosis if you will as they are not trying to experiment with anything. They seem to want to make death metal the way they want to do it with no outside influences. Straight up death metal…no chaser.

3: Pathogenic Apathy

This one has a nice little drum intro to start the song off, no fading in, no guitar riff; just a one bar drum intro. As the guitars come in, the song takes on a mid tempo feel.  Even when the verse begins, vocals come in and blast beats begin. Same feel to it and it maintains that same tempo; the few changes they make don’t seem to change the tempo so far. This is another song you can move to, be it head-banging or moshing. Pretty much whatever turns your crank… or wrecks it. The chorus has a loving feel to it as it has a menacing experience to it, I love that guitar riff. Three songs in and this album has yet to lose my interest. They don’t seem to be stepping out of their comfort zone by focusing on keeping the pace and the brutal feel to it.  This is a solid track, I like it.

4: La Tempestad

Instant blast beats with mean riffing to start off. When the vocals come in they are relentless. This is a song that will be cool to hear live. This is a driving, no holds barred death metal song that willing to cut down everything in its path. I like it; no frills, nothing flashy. This is just a killer track that cuts to the bone. This is one of those songs containing 100% intensity till the very end.

5: Infernus

The title track starts out with a guitar riff as well as some spoken dialogue. It actually reminds me of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. However the beginning is a bit drawn out for my liking. When the metal vocals do come in; they are joined by a heavier riff from the guitar and a slower paced vibe that somehow still remains brutal.  Right around the half-way point we witness a change of direction. We have nice little section of guitar riffing paired with drumming adding fills on every other bar.  As if this song wasn’t already a decent tune it then reaches a whole other level during the second half. This song is so bad-ass I find myself being violated by the repeat button. I wish the whole song was like this… brutal and more brutal.

6: The Chosen One

The addition of Chason on drums was a great choice. The way this song starts out has so much intensity, energetic and yet it is precise with no hint of any sloppiness. This may be the only track I don’t care for the vocals as much. This song really brings back that old school Florida death metal feel. But I just don’t care for the vocals on this track.

7: Zealot, Crusader of War

   The song starts out with some double bass rolling and a guitar riff; mid-tempo but not too fast or slow and chuggy. By the time the vocals come in the blast beats begin. The song is not bad, it just doesn’t really keep my attention. The chorus is rather enjoyable with mid section guitar riff at the half way mark is a nice classic solo. The change at the 2:50 minute mark takes on a different feel that I do not really care for. From that point on the song goes downhill.

8: Order of The Arcane Scripture

   This has a riff I can get into right away. The drums I can get in to also. The vocals are better on this track (so far). This album really brings back that Florida death metal feel, in many ways this album is enjoyable because of that. Hate Eternal was not conforming to the industry standards for this albums sound and style. They seem to be just doing what they know how to do. Make relentless metal for sport.

 9: Chaos Theory

  A quite unexpected start to this track as it doesn’t have that typical death metal feel, the groove is different. One minute into the song and no vocals; quick tempo for this song keeps it interesting. This seems to be an instrumental track and an impressive one at that. This is not a melodic “let’s mellow out for a moment” track. What we call a solid fast paced metal instrumental bliss. I am still tremendously enjoying this song as it ends well. The last hit on the bell of a cymbal was the icing on the cake if you will.

 10: O’Majestic Being, Hear My Call

  This song starts out with a cool effect. A talk box for the guitars or a pedal effect, either way they start this song off oddly for the first thirty seconds… that is until the drums come in with a short fill to hit us with a blast beats. The guitar riff that is playing is nothing intricate as it just flows well to a not so mind blowing capacity. When the guitar solo happens I feel as though the song changes for the better. It seems like it will finish up strong. Maybe not as strong as I expected but the second half of the song is still pretty solid and makes up for it.

   After listening to the cd, I can honestly say I have never been a huge fan of theirs nor have owned anything by them. I never thought they were that bad, just Hate Eternal is not my style of preference. I expected to listen to this and feel un-moved. From the day they released a track to stream, I wasn’t blown away. But, I must admit this album grew on me a little and for the better now that I’ve had the chance to get in a few more listens.
Mind blowing? No, but a solid no frills death metal album yes.

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New Kataklysm album Of Ghosts and Gods @kataklysmband

Today we see Kataklysm’s latest release ” Of Ghosts and Gods” their twelfth album. Just one of the great examples of what Canada has to offer for killer metal.


To get the most out of this album they released 10 videos, one video for each song, lets start off in the track order.

1) Breaching The Asylum

Digging this tune, the vocals actually remind me of At The Gates from Slaughter of the Soul. Not as deep and previous Kataklysm tracks like Shadows and dust.

2) The Black Sheep

starts out with a solid mid tempo feel, picks up with that classic Maurizio Iacono style, definitely a solid song for the album.

3) Marching Through Graveyards

Blast beats right out of the gate, now this song has promise, more of that Kataklysm feel I am sensing. The first two tracks were good, but I am really enjoying this track more. When I think of Kataklysm it’s songs like this one I think of.

4) Thy Serpents Tongue

This song starts off with a slow riff but when the drums kick in in has that looming death metal feel. The beginning is great really dig that section. When the vocals kick in its a slower feel to it but the pre chorus  picks back up with Oli  playing a fast beat on his drums. The chorus is solid, all in all a great tune.

5) Vindication

Really like this intro, I could probably listen to that on repeat, a solid marching tempo beat quarter notes on the crash feel, then fast riffing Oli delivering the blast beats with ease. This song starts out ready to rip you apart, when the vocals kick in it has a slower feel,  with a pre chorus that keeps the same pace but transitions into blast beats. This song is a killer track a little short for my liking, but it is one of those tracks you will listen through and hit the back button again.

6) Soul Destroyer

Nice little PSA about the extinction rate of the worlds animal population in the beginning, the sound of animals in the jungle and then right into a nice guitar riff and drums. Takes a half time feel, but with a groove that you can move to. This is a song that when played live I envision pits just opening up and masses of bodies moving and colliding into each other.  Not rapid blast beats like the previous tracks, just a solid death metal feel to this song. Nice double bass rolling for the chorus, nothing over the top they are basically keeping it pretty simple for this one.

7) Carrying Crosses

This song has that mid tempo feel again, its almost like they are trying to broaden their musical range on this album. Again there are fewer blast beats. There are only a few short sections  mainly the pre chorus’s have the blast beats going. Pretty steady chugging riffs throughout the whole song.

8) Shattered

This song starts out with guitars holding a note,  then Oli comes in with a drum beat on the rack toms and floor tom for a few bars. Then a drum fill into a nice solid heavy drum beat for about two bars,  into a rolling tom pattern with  crash on the quarter notes.  Slow it down as vocals join in, the verse is simple yet sounds great, pre chorus guitar riff is nothing over the top but fits the song rather well. Not a bad tune, maybe not my favorite on the album though.

9) Hate Spirit

Blast beats right away, this song sounds like it is made to pump you up and get you moving. As soon as the beginning transitions into double bass rolling death metal beat it keeps that feel for a few bars until the vocals enter the mix.  Slower punchy feel.  The chorus keeps that slower feel.  This song so far is not bad, not every song on every album a band puts out will be great. The song does have its message, and the video is well done.

10) The World Is   A Dying Insect

The song starts out with what sounds like stringed instruments just playing random chords and then the guitars come in with a slight acoustic sound for a bar or two then distortion, tribal drum beat. this is a heavy track, at times the tempo changes from fast to slow, but it is a solid heavy track and definitely a great song to end the album with. This track is on my list for the top songs of the album, I really do like this song. In my opinion I like a fast Kataklysm song. When I heard Katakylsm for the first time it was a fast paced brutally heavy song, and so for me it set the bar high. The world is a dying insect is the best song they could have picked to end the album with hands down.

All in all not a bad album, if you are a fan of Kataklysm then its worth the buy, if you are looking to try Kataklysm’s sound out to see if you like it, I actually hold other older albums above this one. but they did release a video for every song leading up to today so I do applaud them for doing something different that other bands have not done yet. Kataklysm may have just started a trend with this and we may be seeing more videos for metal bands before the albums come out. This is a trend that I would love to see because metal bands deserve to have music videos just as much as all the pop and hip hop artists out there.

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VII: Sturm Und Drang album review @Lambofgod @Epic_Records

Many if not all of you know that Lamb Of Gods latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang dropped this past Friday. This is a huge release for the band with everything that Randy and company has endured through the past few years.

Lets just get into this  album

Still echoes:

Starts out classic Lamb of God style,  nice guitar riff into drums and Randy s vocals. More blast beats used by Chris these past few albums. They are a band that doesn’t need the blast beats but Chris does a great job with them. Never goes over the top with the quantity of blasts. By the time the chorus comes around, i gotta say i do like the chorus, and then the guitars between will and Mark. They seem to be more connected as a team for this album. Starting the album off with a solid track like this one is a great way to get the show started.

Erase This:

Guitars, drums, i really am digging this song, so far one of my favorites on the album, the classic Chris drum sound/ style his double bass fills are his signature attack. Randy belts out a line, they go into a slower feel than the fast beginning but. Then go into a transition of fast riffs and drums. Break it down ” For  what it’s worth ” great head banging pace of Lamb of God grooves.  This album has a similar feel for me to Ashes of the Wake with the guitars. the fast pace of the song right before the chorus is great, it really builds you up to get into that chorus and groove.  the song  goes right back into the way it started with the riff, and drums, but the bridge has the guitars using a pedal I haven’t heard the guys use in other albums. Damn it sounds good, they are going back to a rock, bluesy feel to the metal. Its like they are adding spices to this album that work very well. The song ends with the chorus and the guitars and drums riff for a few bars then end.


Starts out with the guitars playing and Randy comes in with his spoken word style vocals. The guy really has one of the best voices for metal because to utilize the spoken, and then his heavy lower mid range brutal vocals yet he can still get those high screams. This song is definitely a slower mid paced song, but you will be moving to the beat. It is a solid tune with a great beat, the chorus ” my hands are painted red” has great lines. then into a great guitar solo. The next verse starts and midway through Randy speaks again, going right into the chorus. You can almost feel how the songs and lyrics have such a strong emotional impact on Randy. You can feel it through the music


Starts out with an echo like guitar riffs, and you can hear the drums sound like a nice double bass feel with the snare on the quarter notes. Just a solid set up and it fades in clear with a drum fill to enter the clear sound. One hell of a great song beginning in my opinion. When Randy does come in we here Chris switch from hi hats to his crash cymbal then into his splash which is a classic musical move. It just works perfectly for him I mean it is effortless for Chris to play killer metal drums. The song goes into a chorus back into a verse, again into the chorus, and then a bridge that features Chin Moreno’s vocal talents. Randy growls leading up to Chinos classic vocal sound. This section of the song is worth the buy right here. As a Lamb of God fan and a Deftones fan this is a killer track that really works with both Randy and Chino. I would love to see some more collaboration between the two in the future.


Double bass roll and tom roll out, into with blast beats to fill the gap between the bars. This continues until Randy joins in. This is a mid paced heavy tune, with a verse that reminds me of the earlier albums, and then a chorus that brings back the blast beats and into the next verse. Gotta love Randy’s vocals, I hold this album higher than the previous four albums. Nothing but great songs so far.  The lead up into a bridge is brings the listener into a faster paced groove hi hats classic Chris double bass fill.  with Randy screaming and into another verse that has an enhanced sound. That’s the sound of Chris wailing on the bell of his ride cymbal. The song transitions into the beginning sequence for a few bars and then transitions into the chorus with Chris hitting the crash cymbal on the quarter notes to emphasize that this is the conclusional chorus which we bring on the ending sequence. a killer guitar riff, and Randy giving the microphone everything he has left in his lungs.


Now here is the song a lot of people have had a hard time with. It is a slow paced song, with Randy doing semi clean vocals. IT has a very Alice in Chains feel to me. Bluesy rock fuelled Layne Staley-like vocals. This song is the song that so many people will get hung up on. Mark likes a blues guitar sound, this is most likely the most soulful song on the album as far as he is concerned.  The guitar solo after the second chorus is almost too short as far as I am concerned. Maybe they wanted it to be short and sweet, but i would have liked to have heard a little more out of it.  for the listeners who stayed the whole song it picks up speed to a fast paced bridge with Randy doing his usual vocals. The song remains fast paced until t it fades out with the same guitar riff they used in the beginning with a little feedback and some drums. One more chorus to round the song out, slowing to half time emphasis on the crash cymbal, and fade out feedback.


Does not hold back Randy is growling some heavy vocals the moment the song starts. a nice up tempo tune, with the first verse  sounding like classic Lamb of God, pre chorus Chris raises the intensity bar with his splash cymbal and then Randy with some higher vocals, the chorus ” WE ARE”  ” WE ARE” the crowd chanting metal anthem of the album. the next verse starts off nice and heavy with half the bars and into the pre chorus.Chris on the splash  into the chorus ” We are the faces of the end,We are the architects of ruin,fathers of rebellion, disciples of the reaper,We are the apex predator”  This song is heavy Lamb of God bringing it back to the “as the Palaces burn” feel to the verse. “Yet still has a Omerta feel to it. The songs kicks ass no matter what way you look at it.

Engage The Fear Machine:

Now Randy has gone on about this song, basically its about the media. It fuels our fears, what happened with Ebola? there was a global panic, and then it vanished.  The song is about the powers keeping the fear machine ( media) well oiled and running smoothly to get reaction from the population. It starts out with a march drum roll feel, with bass drum on the first note of the bars. it progresses into Randy screaming and a mid paced tempo with a really bad ass guitar riff. The verse is a mid tempo line transitions into a killer guitar riff and Chris wailing on the bell of his ride.  The chorus is solid, ” Paranoia writes the checks” its not the fastest Lamb of God  song, it may not be the heaviest either. But it is solid, well written song.

Delusion Pandemic:

Killer fast riff to start out the song. Fast paced, man the guitars are killer on this Chris hitting the bell.  then half time, crash cymbal but still that guitar riff is bad ass. I could honestly have listened to that for 5 minutes alone. Randy comes in with his vocals great verse solid straight to the point. Pre chorus builds the song up with two changes. The chorus ” this is the rise of our demise!  Randy has some seriously powerful lyrics on this album. I did like Resolution, but really this album is the best I have heard from these guys since ashes of the wake. An unexpected transition into a slower pace with Randy doing his preaching style vocals. the intensity level builds its going to get sick in 3..2…1.. slow bad ass breakdown, the pit will go nuts right about now.


Has a slower feel to it, Randy talking ” the soul of the nation” tranquil guitar riffs, with very minimal percussion until Randy crescendos bringing the intensity of the verse up for a few bars, then it drops back down to the slower pace feel. the song transitions by progressing with a snare drum pattern and double bass roll leading into a heavy mid paced pre chorus. This song features Greg Puciato as backing vocals. The song continues to build on itself, until “I am the inferno, I am legion” where the song fades out. Definitely a song to end the album with.  Unless like me you got the



Wine & Piss:

Southern rock sounding slower to mid paced song with a solid riff, the verse starts in with slow pace and after the first bar picks up double time for a few bars, back into the verse. it maintains its pace the whole time not many changes in this song. its just a consistent tune. It really has that flip the middle finger attitude throughout the entire song. Not a bad tune, maybe not my favorite, but its still a solid tune.

Nightmare seeker: (the little red house)

More of a fast paced song, emphasis on Chris splash and the guitar riff. Few bars like that until it gains a little more dimension  When Randy comes in the song transitions into the slower but heavy paced feel, with his vocals that growl from low to the higher dragged out banshee style.This is a fun song to be listening to, I mean when the pre chorus comes in the guitars are great, solid chorus. You really have to give it to Willy and Mark they write riffs that are just great. Think of all the songs with pretty bad ass riffs, Laid to Waste, The Subtle arts of Murder and Persuasion, In Defense of our Good Name, Vigil,Ashes of The Wake to name a few. This is a great song right here, everything about it. The bridge  Chris playing on his splash, and then going to the ride, but using his other hand to hit the bell of another cymbal. Then a short solo, into the chorus. “I CAN NEVER FORGET  War is coming, (never forget) War is coming to take us again. War is coming ( never forget) war is coming to take us again!” This repeats a few bars and fades, out with a classic Randy growl,

All in all this is a killer album, best Lamb of God work in a while. Every song has it’s place, every song has it’s own fingerprint making it unique. The album is a must have. Do yourselves a favor and get the Deluxe edition.

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WRVTH new album review @wrvthofficial


The release of WRVTH today is one that will have a monumental impact for the rest of 2015. These guys bring so much to the table with this album its not even close to anything, or  anyone else has offered to us so far. To get right down to it, I have been listening to this album on repeat for at least the past 4 hours or so.  Without any further to do, here it is.

1) Harrowing winds, the first track on the album. It starts out with a very mellow, melodic trance like guitar melody, and light ride cymbal rhythms. Then boom right into distortion, and a great beat. Vocals kick in and its just a banshee of  a wail. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, setting you up for some quick blast beats and fast riffs.  This is only 2:32 into the song and already I am smiling and moving to the pace. This is like a metal kid in a record store type of excitement right here, The riffs are perfect, not over the top technical, but the intensity of the technicality is right there. They progress, in a way that much like a an explosion under water. The force over comes the water and pushes outward, then the water pushes back shrinking the gas expulsion, to which forces back out. The song takes you a step back into a comfort zone like no other, then tries to seduce you with a funk like feel. Showcasing the talent of the bass and drums, Right into a solo, that is not trying to take give you an epileptic episode, its just trying to persistently tickle your senses. This is a great track to start an album out with. If you had to listen to one track to make up your mind, these guys nailed it. With the short attention span of the world. We collectively need to be blown away or the album will collect dust. Not the case for this one, I see this being in top ten lists for the remainder of 2015.

2) Malaise rolls right into it with a gloomy trance like guitar riff and a drum beat that’s subtle, yet you know will branch out into something heavy momentarily. Aaaaand it sets that theory up perfectly. Holy hell Batman this is bad ass on a professional level. Blast beat into a riff like something you heard off of BTBAM’s Silent Circus album. Brings you right back down, so far these guys really want to bring you up slowly, and then launch you like a roller-coaster meeting the apex of the highest point in the track and letting you go for the ride. The slow melodic section hits you, giving you that moment of bliss, and then bam! Back into the heavy blender effect of just head banging and hearing the guitars and drums swirling around you in sync. The thought behind this track, what inspired this song? However they came about writing this song, they were definitely thinking about cause and effect.

3) Looming Sigils is a track that is an ominous rolling beat then picks up its pace 3/4 the way through. Accenting the bass and drums with finesse.

4) Ongoing Dissension starts with a drum fill into  heavy vocals and guitar riffs. Picking up that double time feel in seconds, then changing direction again. Blast beat and high guitar tones fast picking, intricate riffs, the song is progressing at a rate that once you get acclimated to the sound it changes. Yet the basic rhythm is the same, until about 2:05 when it takes on a different stop motion feel for almost 15 seconds and into a refreshing riff. This track has so much to offer!

5) Endless Haze starts out eerie sounding, makes me think of the album cover art. Like you are walking up to the house and when you get to the door, elements just start coming out at you. Unwavering just like all instruments and vocals. It’s hard to put into words how to describe this song. It could have a different effect on everybody. This track is a menacing psychological thriller of musical direction. Haunting vocals and guitars slow down to a lull.

6) Lured by Knaves is just right out of the gate intense blast beats, yet melodic rhythmic guitar riffs. Vocals are just piercing you. Slow it down now entering an unknown realm full of mystery.  Boom boom boom right into a a heavy dose of haymaker mosh pit flailing fists. This song has so much going on it could be considered a schizophrenic prodigious beautiful mind in perpetual motion. The way this song progresses, and then into some saxophone filled jazz. This a work of art right here. Metal, Jazz, Funk, saxophone, and double bass into a heavy chorus. WTF is there nothing off limits here? WRVTH is willing to take the world by storm. A metal/jazz infused storm,  and I would buy tickets to that ride without any second thoughts.

7) Forlorn is that a flute? Wind instrument? It is peaceful, cue the drums. slow but steady, picking up the beat pattern slightly but using swells with the guitars to encourage you to reach for it. The drum fills are getting a little bit more involved and it sounds great. Just perfectly balanced fills into a subtle prog rock feel. This song could appeal to so many. The bright guitar riffs flash into a heavy blackened metal sound that makes me think of Emperor meets animals As Leaders. This song is awesome, and it just keeps getting better.  Got a jazzy feel going on right now with the beat picking up to  a nice blast beat and guitar riffing bridge into a heavy head moving rhythm. Slowing down with the drums just letting you down gently until they keep you at this level with light drum fills.

8) Larkspur Breaks right into distorted guitars heavy drums lead up to a melodic guitar riff and the banshee like vocals.  Continuing the journey with blast beats into a short, but ruthlessly heavy riff.  This song builds, and builds. I challenge you to at this point in the album tell me what your favorite track is so far. Because the songs are abundantly unique and full of soul.

9) Amber Glow starts out slow, with emphasis on the ride cymbal pattern and the funk feel to the drums, and drawn out guitar tones. Jazz saxophone playing to their hearts content. Really soulfully dazzling melody blossoming into a peaceful tune. At 3:18 the song is not very long, but man they could really keep this going if they wanted to. This song captivates, serenades, and exhilarates the senses. Spine tingling impressively great tune, just showing off the skills of this band. Not only as a metal band, but very talented musicians with their goal to create very thought out music.

10) Into Bloom maintains the same guitar sound but has the vocals and drums keeping the pace up there. Slowing down for only a moment, into an orchestral black metal feel. ” Left in the gravel we walk through!”  The set up here is great, the blast beats and the guitars are really doing it for me here. Oh wait new direction with a great drum beat and a guitar riff to match. Into that blackened blast beat sound that I  encountered and  thoroughly enjoyed. The way the song flows is mesmerizing. This is like taking a blender, putting King Crimson, Emperor, Scale The summit, Abigail Williams, and a few other notable acts and getting only the finest of symphonically sonic smoothies. The song takes on another direction that has a hardcore in your face approach. back into the melodic progression that has been prevalent throughout the entire album so far. This track is amazing.

11) Cease to Exist.

I want you to go out and get this album, and with the way this album has been so far. I really think something should be left a mystery for you to unravel on your own. All I will say is this. The song appropriately wraps up the album. The way it starts out, the changes. It sums things up, and puts the album in perspective. This album is worth the buy.  This is one of those albums you can listen to while working out, sitting and thinking, trying to relax, trying to get amped up before a fight. This is like the Swiss army knife of metal albums. So the last song I will not tell you how it goes and what changes happen when. That’s up to you, to go out and listen on your own. Get blown away by the talent, get captivated by the astronomic musicianship and life breathed into this album.

WRVTH is going to be one of the best albums of 2015 mark my words. This should be in every metal fans collection. This should be played for everyone, as the diversity reaches beyond just metal. The jazz, the funk, the melodic progression is out of this world. And I for one cannot wait to see what these guys have up their sleeves for the future.

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