Escarnium- Godless Shrine Of Decay Album Review 8/10


Godless Shrine of Decay

VICTOR ELIAN – Vocals Guitars


  1. Radioactive Doom

This song goes into blast beats and death metal right away with a growl from the vocals. This is some heavy hitting stuff right here, I like it, they really capture the brutally heavy death metal with a section of some low and slow rhythm with a guitar solo coming out of it. The song goes right back to the blast beats and heavy hitting brutal beat for the last few bars of the song.


  1. Genocide Ritual

This song is heavy from the very moment it begins, with a cool guitar riff that sets up a groove. You can really get into this song, it has some old school flavor to it and crushes with its heavy hitting rhythm. At about three minutes long the song is pretty straight to the point without any filler. Its heavy, has a groove, and keeps it going until the very end.


  1. Human Waste

This song has a little drum beat to start the song off, and then a few bars of double bass and guitars they set things up for the vocals. The song picks up in tempo for the first verse, really giving an old school death metal feel. I dig it, it has a groove and isn’t trying to be over technical or fancy. Just old school heavy death metal from start to finish.


  1. Excruciating Existence

This song starts with a quick little drum roll out and goes right into a low growl and heavy buzz saw guitar distortion with a cool groove. The old school death metal sound is great, they aren’t trying to do the popular thing of the week here. They seem to want to play old school death metal.


  1. Salvation Through Zyklon B

This song starts out with some noise/ static and then guitars fade in, the drums roll out right into blast beats and the vocals start growling away. This has a great tempo, and groove about it, making this song very easy to head bang into. I am enjoying the drum and bass solo around the 1:22 mark. This is another solid old school death metal song for fans of Suffocation, and Incantation.


  1. Nuclear Burial

This song fades into a guitar riff that has that classic distortion sound, and the drums playing exactly how you would be expecting. The song really grooves, and they take it to another level right around the 2:09 minute mark with a bass solo and then a pit destroying section that lasts just shy of sixty seconds and then goes into a guitar solo. This is a rock solid track and may be a fan favorite.

  1. Self Proclaimed Messiah

This song starts out with a on the drums and then the rest of the band joins in with a thick chugging style rhythm. This is a low and slow chugging train of death metal. That is up until the 1:30 mark when they pick up the pace and play some power chords and blast beats during the verses. Around the 3:20 minute mark the guitars kill it with a guitar solo that is simply stated classic. It has a classic death metal sound, and further adds to the enjoyment of this song and its old school sound. The last minute of this song is absolutely decimating, and filled with a groove you can get into before it ends.



  1. 731

A sound clip of someone speaking at a podium for about eight seconds opens this song up for the band in which they come in full throttle without wasting anytime getting into some brutal death grooves. This song is awesome, they hit this one out of the park. It has a solid beat, a quick tempo, and a groove from the moment they begin to play.


  1. Death Metal Terror

I like how this song starts out, it builds up for a few bars and goes into a blast beat filled section to kick off the first verse. The verse is solid mid-tempo and lasts only a few bars before going into a chorus section riddled with blasts. Around the 2:00 minute mark the song takes things to the next level with the chugging riff really locking down a groove and is absolutely perfect to head bang and move to. I know I am not through the album yet, but this may be my personal favorite track. If you haven’t heard Escarnium and you want to sample them with one song, I would pick this. You know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and it is a great listen.


  1. Covered in Decadence

This starts out with some vocals and a quick set up of blasts and the guitar playing some chords for a few bars, but take it down in tempo to give it that punching heavy death roll and sets up the first verse. I like the backing vocals on this track as they seem to shadow the main vocals, giving the song some depth vocally. The band really delivers great sound from the guitars, not many are playing the old school death metal like this these days, and Escarnium are doing it right.

  1. Rex Verminorum

This song has a slower start with a nice introduction from the band just jamming out some death metal for just shy of one minute and then rolls right into a quicker tempo and some blasting metal. This song is just a solid rolling death metal song that is to the point and rocks a solid groove.


  1. Dark Clouds Of Hells Fire

This song starts out with a 1234 on the kick and muted cymbal followed by a real mean guitar riff. The sound of the ride, where the quarter notes pinging on the bell of the ride. This is like going back to the early nineties death metal scene when the sound was blunt and fierce. The music had a take no prisoners attitude, and the sound was crisp with buzz saw distortion to the guitars. The rhythm was concrete and everyone listening would be head banging at the same time. This song is a perfect example of that, and they really pull it off.


  1. Slaves of an Ending Fate

A cool little drum intro kicks things off for a relentless guitar riff that plays out during the first verse and lasts just shy of a minute. They slow things down a bit at the 1:38 mark and brings it down to a slow churn with haunting sound from the guitar and vocals. They start to bring the song back up with the next section of the song, then further builds to the original tempo with a hearty amount of double bass and also blast beats, with the guitar riff we witnessed at the beginning of the track.


  1. His Final March

The song starts out with sounds clip of a man speaking in a foreign language, and then a layer of pure evil vocals speaking what would sound like ritualistic chanting from a demon. The band fires up with a driving guitar riff and drums going from a quick set up to some rapid blasting death metal. The first verse follows a guitar riff that delivers a groove along with the classic death metal distortion sound. This is yet another song really rocking the old school death metal sound and really being able to pull it off effortlessly with grace.


  1. Enfeeblement nd Iconoclasm

With this many tracks sometimes I like to leave one a mystery, this is that track and all I will tell you, is that it is fucking awesome.


  1. Bonus- Covered In Decadence DEMO

This is the demo version of the tenth track on this album, and it shows the listeners what they are bringing to the table as a demo version, you will be surprised because the sound quality is great. This really showcases the diligence of this band and how far they are going with things before it becomes a final product.


These guys come in to play death metal and that’s what they do. They aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, they want to play brutal old school death metal, locking down a groove that so many bands aren’t doing these days and really keeping things simple. From the first track to the last they deliver soul crushing brutal old school death metal like a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders and hammering out a punishment without any hang-ups. This album is rock solid and is easily 8/10, fans of old school death metal will thoroughly enjoy this album.



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Thulnar- Nightfall In Theros E.P. Review 7/10


Nightfall In Theros

Darken (Diego Vacchiano) – all musics & lyrics
Elric Blackcrow – vocals

Choir – Kostas Tokas, Jon Soti, Alexandros Papandreou, Alexandros Korovesis, Anna Capone Papas
Drums – Baron Waldemanr
Guitars – Zac Armgard
Guest Lead Vocals – Aaron Cloutier

  1. Wise Men Of Hope

This song starts out with a strong melodic power metal feel, keyboards and guitars with a simple but strong beat. Vocals are better than what I was expecting, and the chorus is quite catchy. The song is pretty damn good surprisingly enough. They are listed as “fantasy metal” and as often as I see sub genres and what people call a certain genre of metal this seems to fit. They are like a crossover between Children of Bodom, and Dragonforce, but here is the kicker it is ( as far as I have seen) only two members. They have a big sound and this is a solid song filled with great guitars, and keyboards, the drums are solid and the song has appropriate solos also.

  1. Nightfall In Theros

This song begins very calm with the sound of bells, and timpani drums, with what sounds like an orchestra playing with a powerful emotion and a triumphant crescendo before dropping down and then the vocals come in with a choir sound setting. The song has a good medium tempo and is so very easily to follow. I like the guitars and the drums how they are not trying to be flashy, they are playing a solid rhythm and melody, while the background orchestral sounds compliment the rhythm section. Vocals are great for this type of sound, and the song is over before you know it only to leave you wishing for a bit more.

  1. City Of The Golden Halls

This song also builds up in the beginning fading in to the same sound as the previous track with a faster tempo, it has the orchestra and choir type of sound while a driving guitar riff and drums keep the beat going, and this song sounds less and less of a metal song but more like a hymn with its multiple verse sections and then melodic sections that transition from one verse to the next.

This one is a bit hard to give a detailed rating as it is only a three song E.P. however what they came to do is play metal, that’s melodic, heavy, and brings imagery of fantasy and wonderment to the listener. It is better than average, and therefore I have to say this gets a 7/10 because the sound was great, the music composition was great, and they are not trying to do the popular thing right now. They are playing their own style of metal and it is good.

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Xul Malignance album review 7/10



Levi Meyers – Lead Vocals
Bill Ferguson – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Marlow Deiter – Bass
Wallace Huffman – Lead Guitar
Lowell Winters – Drums

  1. Battlestorm

Sounds of rain are heard for just a moment until Xul come in hard and fast with a gripping guitar riff, the vocals join in and they give us a classic death metal sound. The song has a groove, and it becomes more palpable around the 1:15 mark where you involuntarily begin taping your foot and/or head banging. A nice breakdown with the bass delivering a solid few bars sets things up for the first guitar solo of the album.

  1. Mastication of Putrescent Empyrean Remains

This starts out slow for the introduction that is until the band really kicks things off with a cool driving guitar riff and double bass. I dig the tempo change with the blast beats, and the change in vocals from the lows we have heard, to the higher style vocals. The guitars in this song are great, I like the riffs they are playing, even bringing some old school sound to table at times.

  1. Porta Noctis

A short sound that fades in right away to some blast beats and instant vocals makes for a great beginning. The drums delivering some rapid double bass and great use of the entire drum set, while the guitars are playing out some cool melodic yet heavy guitar riffs. This is a cool song, as it goes through several changes all the while keeping the song heavy and locking the listeners’ attention down.

  1. Vengeance

A grizzly vocalization starts things off, and change to almost a black metal sound, really giving this song a blackened death metal sound. The lyrics are absolutely hostile, and the song has a classic death sound to it. The blast beats are rock solid and the song transitions into a few bars of solid drums “vengeance shall be mine” and some impressive guitar riffs.

  1. Winters Reign

Now this song has a much more melodic metal sound to it with the use of keyboards, and a slower tempo. This song goes through many changes, from tempo to the sound, and all of them are enjoyable, making this instrumental track a solid song to the album.

  1. Hordes of Black

This song starts out slow with a dark atmosphere leaving a bit of mystery about it. It has a marching style beat that plays for a few bars before transitioning out of the heavy march style drum beat to a death metal style of the same tempo. The drums to a quick roll out and the tempo picks up big time with some blast beats and the vocals joining in for the verse. This song has a solid groove, really as a result of the guitar riffs during the drums delivering an onslaught of blast beats. Just before the 4:00 minute mark we hear a shredding guitar solo for a few bars, fades out and right back into some blast beats. This is a cool song for sure, I expect this will be one of the favorite songs off this album.

  1. Incinerate the Earth

This song starts out so badass, some vocals and then a punishing guitar riff setting things up for some crystal clear fast paced double bass rolling death metal rhythms. This song has a strong blackened death metal feel, and the vocals remind me that of Arsis. The guitars are kicking up some really crafty riffs effortlessly, they are quite impressive really, even the bass is heard showcasing their talent to keep that tempo fast, and the song brutal.

  1. Tomb of Tyrants

This song has a cool vibe to the timing, it’s a dark song and picks up to a quicker paced tempo. Blast beats and the low vocals, with higher more evil sounding vocals at the end of each bar give this song a cool vibe. The guitars create the groove for this song, I am really digging the guitar riff around the 3:00 minute mark, and again at the 5:00 minute mark. Right before the song ends it takes on a melodic feel for a few bars.

  1. Venomous Inquisition

This song has solid medium tempo for the first few bars, until the tempo doesn’t change but the rhythm does. This song has more of an old school death metal feel than the previous tracks. I like that the cymbals ring out crisp and clear, you can hear every cymbal strike. The song has a great groove to it and dizzying guitar riffs at times. The vocals giving the low style for the beginning of a bar, and then the higher delivery to round out the verse gives the song some interesting character.

This album is not too shabby, really giving you a blackened death metal feel, with hints of melodic metal, and showcases the talents of every members range and ability. This album is a solid effort, I feel as though it deserves 7/10 as it is definitely above average, and the sound quality was on point.

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Punching Moses- Humanity Pandemic E.P. Review 9/10

Punching Moses

Humanity Pandemic

Out November 20th, 2015 on Seeing Red Records

Jesse Ramsey- Guitar

Shack Erman- Bass

Ben Ihde- Vocals

Jimmy Gasho- Drums

Rob Needham- Guitar


  1. Intro- venous

This song is exactly what it states in the title, an intro, however it’s a solid four plus minute long introduction. It has a stoner rock feel in the very beginning, just trudging along with some metal/blues sounds to the guitars. They also have a bit of a fuzz to them, but the drums are crisp, leading me to believe these guys want to bring back a bit of sound from the 80’s to the early 90’s style of sound. Right at the 2:00 mark a guitar solo grabs your attention, and it is that southern blues rock sound, nice and cool really getting you comfortable.

  1. In the Gutter

The song starts out like something you would have heard from bands like Integrity or Cause For Alarm, they have a heavy Punk/Hardcore and metal sound about them. I am digging this song, brings me back to when I first got into hardcore and metal, where it has the strong punk influences and that aggressive approach. This is a cool song, and I see many that grew up in a time listening to hardcore, punk and metal around early to mid 90’s may enjoy this song like I am. This song is ripping and rolling, it grabs you from the very beginning and throws you into a pit of mashing bodies. I find myself just nodding my head and saying “YES” because this is awesome.

  1. Humanity Pandemic

This song has a slower tempo than the previous track (in the beginning at least), and then throws a flaming ball of chaos at you with the fast old school blasting. I like the guitar riff during this section as it has that specific build to it that so many songs back in the day had. This has that grimy, high energy, hardcore/ metal sound, those guitars are nailing it. Right at the 1:25 minute mark the song really showcases what I am talking about little bit of a bridge and right into that punk/hardcore rhythm. If the rest of the E.P. is like this, I am going to be happy because these guys absolutely crushing it with their sound. With this one, you will get almost all the way through it, and then hit the repeat button to loop back around and take this one for another spin.

  1. Arguing With The Doctor

No tip toeing around with this song, like a shot gun blast from the hip they are not wasting any time getting things going. They are playing an upbeat tempo, and an old school hardcore rhythm, with some riffing coming from the lead guitars. This song is catchy and now I am trying to determine which one I liked better Humanity Pandemic, or Arguing With the Doctor. I dig the concise sections with the speed picking and blast beats like the one at the 1:52 mark.

  1. Self Control

I find that I am going back and hitting the back button to listen to the song again, because I am enjoying these songs so much, I forget that I am trying to break the songs down for the review. This is a high energy, hardcore punk song, with the hints of metal blended in. Definitely for fans of Integrity, Ringworm, Cast Iron Hike, Cause For Alarm, and older Turmoil It has that hardcore guitar riff that sets things up for a fast paced dental wrecking song. It goes through the first verse, and slows down for a southern rock sounding transition section, they do this for the second verse also. Then the song changes for a moment  to deliver a solo section from the guitars, and really jam out. Its fun to listen to, and sounds like they are having fun themselves. They finish the solos and the vocals come in just red faced yelling the last line of the song, followed by the riff we heard in the very beginning one last time.

This is the first time I am hearing Punching Moses, and I have to say, I dig it, they lock down that old school hardcore/metal sound, and really bring me back to my early teens. Skateboarding and listening to the bands like Integrity, Warzone, Cause For Alarm. This E.P. is too short for their own good, I am hoping a full length will be coming soon, because these guys nail it. From the moment you hit play, all they do is ease you with false comforts in the introduction, and then they down shift, punch the gas, and take you for a wild ride. They do exactly what they came here to do, and it sounds nothing short of awesome. It’s always hard to rate an E.P. as it doesn’t have many songs to breakdown, however this is a rock solid 9/10, the vocals are spot on antagonist fueled rebellious vocals. The drums ride the fine line between hardcore punk and metal. The guitars lock down that old school sound for their distortion and the riffs they are playing, and then the bass. The bass can be heard, it has that strong, heavy hitting approach, like the big guy in the pit. They should probably put a disclaimer on their music because the younger generations will not know what losing teeth feels like until they go to a Punching Moses show.

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Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled Preemptive Space Warfare Album Review 7/10


Preemptive Space Warfare


Manuel – Vocals
Bastian – Bass
Flo – Guitars/Vocals
Basti – Drums

  1. Preemptive Space Warfare

This song begins with a little sound clip for the first twenty seconds and then the bands starts playing a low and slow sludgy rhythm that builds up to another section of rhythm and sound sample. Some chugging riffs and double bass, for a few bars then a few bars of blast beats. This seems to be strictly and introductory track.

  1. Mother Earth Abortion

Guttural vocals blast beats, rapid guitar scaling, and pig squeals. This is some slamming squealing and rapid vocal delivery of the verse lines. It has a solid beat and you can follow along to it, it sounds like Dying Fetus may be an influence for these guys with the guitar pinch squeals.

  1. Brutal Laser Devastation

Some guttural vocals and a solid groove integrated with rapid blasting and a driving guitar riff set things up for a killer verse section with malicious guitars and brutal drums. This song has a great groove about it especially around the one minute mark. Pig squeals and guttural tunnel vocals are the main lyrical style for the next minute and then the song goes back into a sinister riff and rapid blasts. It is a solid song that has a great groove, this song is contagious, almost too short because I have hit the repeat button a few times you just cant get enough.

  1. Milkstreet Mass Collision

Blast beats and growls layered over a diabolical riff kick things off, this has a great tempo and a solid groove. IT is a high energy introduction that rocks you for just under one minute where it slows down to deliver slower heavier blows for a verse and lasts about thirty seconds and goes right back into some high energy brutal blasting and squeals. This song is a pit destroyer, from the high intensity sections to the slower heavier brutal sections, at two minutes four seconds in length, it could be a little longer but maybe they felt it was the right length for the listener’s safety.

  1. Life-Form Adoption

Growls, and blast beats, guitar riffs that pull off that death metal squeal similar to Dying Fetus. This song has a solid pace, and a great rhythm, you will find yourself head banging, and taking moments to enjoy the lead in from the guitars at the 1:22 minute mark, it has that solid death metal guitar riff lead in. and then the song takes a dismembering turn at the 1:38 minute mark, the blasts the vocals the guitars. The only thing that can be said is that it was a great surprise and brutal as hell. I am really enjoying the guitars and drums for this track, the guitars are playing some great riffs that have classic death metal sound, and the drums are executing perfect blasts.

  1. Human Resources

The song begins with a cool riff and groove you are instantly head banging to and you don’t even know what is about to happen after the first twenty seconds but you are going to dig it. Rapid verse delivery following the rhythm. When the song slows down, it does not sacrifice its groove for a moment, you can follow along head bang tap your foot throw some hay makers. This is a solid brutal death metal track that fans across the death metal scene most likely will find pleasure in listening to it. Then the breakdown detonates and things get real slow and brutal to finish the song off.

  1. Prophecy Of The Apocalypse

This song begins with a low and slow introduction that builds up into some blast beats following the same riff, it has a concrete groove about it and it is the interlude which in terms of this song is the moment when all hell breaks loose at a show the pit is blowing up and limbs are thrashing and bodies convulsing.

  1. Orbital Corpses

Blast beats tear things up right out of the gate with a death metal guitar riff similar to that of Dying Fetus again. The verse is filled with mean and decimating percussion, that leads up to the 1:04 minute mark of lone blasting opening up for a mean guitar riff and then a sickening groove chugging along and recycles into a low and slow brutal death punishment that lasts for the rest of the song just slightly building itself up more and more while continuing that beat and groove.

  1. Infrastructure Destruction

I am digging the guitar riff that starts this song off, it has a real dark death metal tone, and the drums really hit it off for this section. It has a good pace and delivers a steady string of brutal lines where it stops to get heavier around the 1:15 minute mark where the slow and punchy groove hits you with the rapid pig squeals followed by guttural tunneling vocals. The guitar riff right around the 2:00 minute mark sets this song up for wave after wave of death and brutality.

  1. New Space Order

Mean, menacing and devastating growls, with a killer guitar riff and blast beats open this track up and the band unleashes everything they have in their arsenal for this song. The main riff is very catchy, almost infectious. The song has the death metal guitar riff squeals, and is brutal and punishing. The song isn’t even that far in and the rhythm at the 1:52 mark is awesome, coming out of it is long drawn out vocals with great percussion layered with the guitar riff. This song will have you head banging the entire time, I have to say they ended on a great note, and this is my favorite song of the album.

This album gets a 7/10 it is absolutely brutal, and the drums are perfect for what they are trying to deliver for sound. The guitar riffs are just dark and menacing, while the vocals are nothing but that soulless guttural lows and pig squeals thrown in at precise moments. This is a damn good album and I look forward to hearing more of them in the future.

For fans of Brutal Death Metal/Slam

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Police State -Mind Collapse album review 6/10

Police State

Mind Collapse

out 11/06/2015

Vocals- Cole
Bass- KC
Guitar- Paul
Drums- Tyler

  1. Intro

This is exactly what it says, the intro, which sounds like a sound check some noise from the guitars and some fills from the drums

  1. Consumed

This song begins with the left over sounds from the intro and goes into a high energy grinding driving rhythm. The chaotic vocals, the high intensity the noise, this is grinding mayhem straight to the point without any fillers.

  1. Oath

This starts out with a slower groove to it, and the hardcore feel kicks in with the buzz saw guitars and then progresses into the grinding crust with the low vocals for a bar and then back into the expeditive delivery of desolution and relentless  lyrical transmission.

  1. Karma

A short little riff sets up the grinding blasting filthy noise that takes no prisoners. When the song does slow down it has a feeling like you just lost too much blood and now the spins are setting in. short to the point grinding crust punk.

  1. Pure filth

This is the longest song so far and has a slower feel to it that introduces the punk feel rhythm and the buzz saw guitars that fuzz sound and the chaotic vocals, bodies will be moving to this song. The last almost minute of the song is a slower gloomy deathly grind.

  1. Blinding

A perpetual riff and rhythm start this song, it progresses to a blast filled grinding mess of angry vocals and then the song goes right back to the perpetual riff and rhythm to finish the song out.

  1. Propaganda

Feedback and noise ring out for the first twenty six seconds of the song. From that we get a rhythm that plays repetitively for a few bars, and progresses slightly going back to the rhythm only to transition at the 1:13 minute mark with heavy grinding and then ending with a “Fuck You!!!”

  1. Cease to exist

The song begins with so much distortion you can’t hardly make out what’s going on until the drums kick in and the guitars all join in and you hear a driving riff with a cool groove, then all hell breaks loose the grinding blasting anarchy lets loose the demons and just hits a nerve like a panic attack. The song slows down to almost a halt and goes right back into that grinding noise for the last twenty seconds of the song, ending on a note ringing out.

  1. Resolution

The songs keep getting longer and this one begins with a menacing guitar riff and blast beats, slowing down to the verse. It slowly picks up in tempo and has a cool groove to it. With a song like this you can only imagine wat sort of shit happens at a show when these guys play. It’s all atrocities and the body count piles up quickly, it is sheer grinding chaos. The song has a beat you can follow even if you are not a fan of grind.

  1. Shallow grave

The song begins with a drum beat and guitar feedback with lone notes for the first forty five seconds and then the vocals come in and the drums give a slow and sludgy rhythm for the next fifteen to twenty seconds where it transitions into a crust punk feel. At this point the song is high energy, It will get your head banging and the blood flowing. The song seems to go through a few bipolar changes within the five minute and giving little revolutions where it goes from high energy to a slow gloom, then right back to chaos and random attacks. The song ends with about a minute of guitar noise and feedback layered over the drums.

This is basically a ten song E.P. because the song lengths are so short. This may not be for everyone but I will give this one a 6/10. The grinding and the punk rhythms are tight, the vocals are chaotic and the guitar tones are grizzly. I didn’t care for all of the moments lost with the feedback as this band can really bring the pain. I am interested in what the crowd looks like before and then after these guys play because I imagine the number of conscious fans dwindle as the people are getting knocked around and losing teeth. Good stuff and I will be looking to hear more from Police State.

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Vehemence- Forward Without Motion Album Review 8/10


Forward Without Motion


Nathan Gearhart- Vocals
Bjorn Dannov- Guitar
Mark Kozuback- Bass
Andy Schroeder- Drums
Kyle Moeller- Guitar


  1. I Don’t Want To Look Inside

This long awaited album kicks things off with this song, and the beginning has a nice harmonized guitar riff for a few bars, and then sets up a nice driving rhythm with the guitars and drums for a few bars. They play a few more bars with the same riff and drums kicks it up a notch with the use of blasts. When the first verse begins we get to hear Nathan’s vocals, they have matured into a blend of lows and highs that give you a more refined style of delivery. The song has a great groove to it, which you can move to, very enjoyable really, not to mention the guitar solo around the 2:54 minute position giving you another taste of the harmonizing effects of having quality guitarists. The riff that they play coming out of the solo section is an example of that classic Vehemence guitar style. Right around the 5:08 minute mark, they give us a little bridge to breakdown section where the guitars deliver a menacing guitar riff and the drums roll into some rapid blasting to give you an energetic head banging moment that will surely get bodies moving.

  1. Imagining The Loss

This song has a nice feel to it, a medium tempo and a solid rhythm for the verses, Andy’s drums have a crisp sound to them, and he goes from double bass to blasts seamlessly. This song sounds like they are picking right up from “Helping The World To See” as if there was no time in between these two albums. The song has a solid groove and we get to see that melodic almost lamenting style that we have heard from Vehemence’s previous albums. They hit us with a cool little guitar solo around the 3:00 minute mark. At 3:45 the song goes through a transition with a riff that builds up to open up the last verse of the song. The song ends with a perpetuating guitar riff that fits perfectly and ends by abruptly stopping.

  1. Murdered By The Earth

Love the beginning guitar riff, this song has a solid mid-tempo feel to it, and a groove you can really get into and the vocals really lock that groove in. The highs for the first section and the lows for another bar. Then we hear a little melodic transition going into the next verse. Out of that verse we get some blast beats that set up another few bars of vocal delivery by Nathan. When he hits us with the low growling vocals the song goes through a change with a slightly different feel. However it ultimately leads right back to that solid rhythm with the two guitars playing harmonically. A guitar solo is generously gifted to the listeners and you can’t help but feel the soul put into the guitar solos, it makes you feel like this song comes from down deep inside. At 8:24 minutes long they really give you everything they have for this one. The way the guitars switch to the acoustic and continue to play and fade out makes this song one that must be amazing to see live.

  1. Jim The Prophet

An interesting and dark guitar introduction by the guitars and drums start this track off, then the vocals come in and the song just sticks with that, gloom filled evil sound. This is not your typical fast paced death metal song. There are moments at times that do have the speed picking and blast beats for example the 2:05 minute mark we get some mixed vocals, speed picking guitar riffs, and blast beats getting you into the head banging mood. Then at the 2:40 minute mark the song changes into something else with a solid groove. It seems like every 45-60 seconds the song gets heavier, and heavier to the point you may want to reevaluate your physical status if you think you are going to be in a pit during this song. At the 4:45 minute mark we get a short little rollout into a steady punishing rhythm and sounds clips from what seems to be audio from Jonestown to finish the song off.

  1. In The Shadows WE Dwell

This song tears into you right out of the gate with Nathans growl, and the guitar riffs layered over the drums. The first verse is cool with Nathan giving some highs, and then we get a lonely guitar riff that sets up the next section that has a ripping groove you can’t deny the movement you will undoubtedly be succumbing to. That is until you get to the 1:30 minute mark where Andy is delivering the blast beats like a champion. The next verse is a little more high energy and has a good tempo for a few bars that changes dramatically to a slower pace and low guttural vocals. This particular section builds up to a great segment of fast picking harmonizing guitars and a driving rhythm. It slowly egresses to a single guitar playing a riff that eventually fades out.

  1. A Dark Figure In The Distance

This song begins with a riff you wouldn’t normally expect from a metal band, it is a light melodic guitar riff with Andy following on the hi hat with a complimenting beat. We continue to hear that guitar riff through the first verse. Rollin gout of the first verse we get a unique rhythm playing out with some vocal effects for a few bars. At 4:04 we get hit with the guitar solo section at this moment I really feel like Bjorn and Kyle have better chemistry than former member Chavez. It just honestly feels like these two build off of each other and are on the same wave length or page.

  1. It’s All My Fault

This song begins with a little drum solo intro and “boom” hits you with Nathans vocals right away. Delivering highs and lows with ease going from one bar of highs to another bar of lows. This song has a good tempo and a beat you can head bang to. The song hits us with these little sections like the one at the 1:25 minute mark that has a sinister feel and builds up to the blast beat riddled verse, and then out to double bass rolling guitar shredding chorus. This song has such a solid groove to it you will not stop head banging moving moshing tapping your foot, you will be entranced by this song with good reason.

  1. She Fucks Like She’s Alive

This song begins with a great rhythm coming from the guitars and Andy does a great job adding dimension to the song. He is exploring the use of playing patterns on his hi hat, and doing little drums fills here and there. His style of using blast beats and double bass filled death metal drumming really makes this song one that you can get into. The dual guitars harmonizing often and really complimenting each other while keeping the song interesting with a solid rhythm. Around the 4:30 minute mark the song slows down and gives us a slow melodic lamenting guitar melody that plays out for the rest of the song and fades out on a cymbal roll from Andy.

  1. There’s So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion

Blast beats and a mean guitar riff start this particular song for the first fifteen seconds and then Nathan joins in with his vocals for what seems like a pre verse section to get things warmed up. The verse we hear Nathan giving his classic style of vocals that are reminiscent of both of their previous albums. Around the 2:55 minute section the song takes a darker approach for a few bars and then gifts us generously with a guitar solo and then some speed picking going into a faster tempo section. This half of the song will get you moving and head banging if you weren’t already. The guys seem to be building up from one section to the next maintaining a good groove and hitting us with heavy sections and blast beats high energy sections that eventually ends the song.

This album is great, it’s a good mix where you can hear elements from the previous two albums but also the way they have matured is very evident. That have matured in their sound and have a more focused attack with their delivery. Musically their brand of metal seems like it is picking right up from their last album. For fans like myself we have been waiting what seems like forever for this album, but if you didn’t know it would seem like they only had a few years between helping the world to see and this album. They didn’t miss a beat, they didn’t lose anything. They are making great music and delivering their blend of melodic death metal unlike anyone else out on the game. This album is a solid 8/10 and I certainly hope they keep this line up and make more music in the near future, I know I am not the only one to say this but I am glad Vehemence is back at it.

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