Dark Matter Secret -Perfect World Creation album review 9.8/10 \m/

Dark Matter Secret

Perfect World Creation


Released June 2, 2017

Denis Shvarts – Guitars
Pavel Semin – Fretless Bass
Andrey Ischenko – Drums


  1. Chaos Born

This song is a minute and forty-three seconds long of noises, that are eerie sounding but also sound to me like the sounds are just the instruments being manipulated in ways other than conventional playing thus creating some cool and almost visual soundscapes. What a cool way to start this album off.  I must admit when I listened to it for the first time I was almost disappointed. I mean its dark matter secret I was killer tunes now. But I was also caught up in the daily busy work life and wanted something fast. So I gave this a few more spins and really just let myself open up to it, and it made me appreciate that introductory track that much more.

2. Ancient Gods Genesis

Damn, that first ten seconds just grabs you by the ear holes and lures you right into riff after unrelenting riff. How does one listen to this and not hit the repeat button? I just simply do not know, but I will listen to this song over and over because I just can’t pick out a section I like more. I mean every note that gets played is executed with extreme surgical precision. Each riff raises the bar and leaves the listener in awe wondering how do these guys top this? I mean there is almost no way to distinguish which section, which riff or which block of time I like the most throughout the song. I can only say that I really enjoy eight minutes and nineteen seconds out of the eight minute and twenty seconds of song play. That last second is dead to me, because the song shouldn’t have ended. I mean I guess it has to end at a point. The song is just awesome and if this is what we should be expecting to follow this track I am ready for more.


3. Emergence of Time

This song begins in a way that actually reminds me of a song from an old video game. The sound gives a slumber land like vibe.  Giving you that feeling like you are floating away, before the drums start in and the song takes on its first change.  With every change they make though, I just can’t get past the tone of the strings. I really dig their sound; they sound like they have some soul. Some emotion to them, and they pull of riffs like the one around the 4:32 mark. I just find myself going form liking this song, to loving it, and it’s not close to over yet.  They pack so much into the songs that I really just can’t describe all that they packed into this track, but let it be known that as of right now if you are reading this, and you haven’t checked out their Facebook page or Bandcamp page, maybe even something on the Artisan Era Youtube channel. Well, then you did something stupid and wasted your time and dollars on something other than this impeccable release.  Get to it people this is fucking awesome so far, and there is plenty of time left for insurmountable shredocalypse to consume you.

4. Synthesis of Matter

This begins with a nice sweeping riff that sets everything up.  One of the things i really dig about this album is the amount of changes each song goes through, and with each change they all flow into the next. The songs continue progression constantly building and building. What makes it maybe more unique or special is the fact that they are an instrumental band. the progression has nothing to do with any lyrical content, there is no need for a vocalist to add any layers. therefore the strings are the main spotlight (sorry Andrey) and have so much more freedom to unleash their creativity, and talent. This song is becoming more and more another reason just to buy this album. If you like talented musicians, tasty riffs, and a rhythm you can get right into. Well then, this song is right up your alley.

5. Constellation Glows

So this is the first track I really listened to in full off this album I mentioned earlier that I didn’t like the opener at first and wanted something fast. So, like an asshole I skipped ahead, and landed on this gem right away. This is still my favorite song off of this album and often gets the repeat play treatment especially because of sections that just continue to build off each other.  If I simply put down every party, I did like about this song it would be the block of time from :10 to 7:38 because there is no bland moment in the middle of that block of time. I am completely hooked on this song, and is ultimately what enticed me to just sit and listen from start to finish.

6. . Organic Nucleation

Now this song starts with a little simple strumming on the guitars before the drums set up the beat, and the band moves into that direction, of beginning sequence, and then build off of that.  The sound of the guitar at the: 49 mark is so badass and soulful sounding.  However, the drums really hold that base layer of the beat down well.

I am really digging the transition from blasts to keeping a solid rhythm all the while the guitars are just attacking those strings with such unwavering confidence and speed. They take the song through different visual dimensions with sections like the one at the 2:39 mark. They have this nice little softer moment that lasts only about fifteen seconds but it really adds to the song. The up and down, the flow of the song and the fact that it is impossible to be bored or disappointed in this song.  At seven and a half minutes this song is yet another reason why you ought to just buy this.


7.  Perfect World Creation

No, I will not tell you how this song goes, or sounds. You just have to trust me that they didn’t end this album with a song that lets you down. But let it be known, it is also a track that justifies buying this album. It is just too good to give away all details.



All in all, what Dark Matter Secret have done, is make something that tip toes around several metal subgenres’ while also not being able to be labeled as an instrumental band to the likes of STS. Because for what it’s worth, there should never be a suggestion remotely revolving around statements like “For fans of Scale The Summit, Animals As Leaders etc.” sure Dark Matter Secret don’t have a vocalist, they are an instrumental band. But in no way are they like those other two groups I mentioned. The only similarities between them is the lack of a vocalist and that’s about it. Dark Matter Secret take Instrumental to a different level, adding more metal and technical metal influences into the songs. The guitars are on point. And the drums are razor sharp, and fluid. Meaning they go with the flow of the guitars so well, it’s hard to believe the drums aren’t programmed. Because they just sound like they were engineered, no flaws or anything. They never sound like they don’t fit the music, or the sound in general, there is no snare ping, no unbalanced levels. Just a perfect sound and execution. If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to this, then you are missing out. Dark Matter Secret joined The Artisan Era family shortly before this dropped. If this is what their debut album sounds like with The Artisan Era, then I anticipate they are going to continue to raise the bar with their sound. As they will be surrounded by like minded artists within the Artisan Era organization and therefore gives all of us a reason to stay tuned to what Dark Matter Secret put out after this album. 9.8/10 \m/



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