Site Announcement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there metal heads,

it gives us great pleasure to announce a new member to the mix. Many have read his reviews in various Facebook groups, and some of you have also heard him if you are a fan of Progressive Death Metal. As he is also a member of the Cambridge, Ontario  based band Æpoch, that’s right Brett Macintosh the 5 string bass wielding madman who also handles vocals will be bringing the brutality with his reviews.


So not only is he living the metal scene through  his music,  he is also a huge supporter of the metal scene. Not only helping promote shows, but also writing up some of his very detailed reviews.  We have always dedicated our reviews to the support of the metal scene, and to help try and spread the word for bands  signed or unsigned.  When there is good music out there, it should be heard, and that’s what we are all about, so that’s why Brett is the perfect fit. His reviews will continue to be in his normal format and he will be contributing regularly between his other musical endeavors.


So while you are letting that soak in, it is worth mentioning that he already has been working some reviews and has been listening to a lot of metal lately, so stay tuned this week as we will be dropping his first review in the coming days. but in the mean time have yourself a listen to Aepochalypse. \m/


Stay brutal

-Badger \m/


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