The Devil’s Due December 19th- Gorguts- Pleiades’ Dust 8/10 \m/


Pleiades’ Dust


Released May 13, 2016

Luc Lemay – Guitars / Vocals
Kevin Hufnagel – Guitars
Colin Marston – Bass
Patrice Hamelin – Drums



Today the Devil has brought us pure gold in the form of a truly unique, dark, experimental dissonant, and technical death E.P. Extreme Death  pioneers  Gorguts dropped one hell of an E.P. titled Pleiades’ Dust back in the spring. This E.P. is straight fire,  its a one track, thirty three minute song that makes up the entire E.P. Gorguts did it again and made something that has people talking about them. they continue to put out incredible music that raises the bar on their own creativity and sound. Pleiades’  is the musical release that has taken Gorguts to a higher level than they had been on previously. The song explores  so many different sounds and styles all mashed up into this song, but the beauty of it is the song is spread out for thirty three minutes which makes every transition flow so much smoother. This E.P. is one of the greatest E.P. releases of 2016 we have gotten so much play from this one song. you genuinely need to listen to the entire track to understand. 8/10 \m/



If you want to pick up this one of a kind E.P. Click Here to go to their BANDCAMP page



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-Badger \m/

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