The Devil’s Due- Dec 3rd- Minachrist- “In Absence” album review- 7/10\m/


In Absence

released May 27, 2016

Connor McNamee- Lead/rhythm guitar, clean vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Nick Shaw (Black Crown Initiate) – Bass guitar, engineering
Jerry Martin (Alustrium) – Harsh vocals


Back in May, Minachrist dropped this album and it slipped right under so many radars, that we found it to be very justifiable in adding it to this months Devil’s due segment. Think of 12 days of Christmas, only its 31 days of metal you should be checking out.

Well if you are looking for some progressive blackened death metal that absolutely crushes.  I have always been a fan of blackened death when its done right. Well Minachrist have formulated a way to make the black and the death blend so well that when the progressive metal element is introduced as a listener you have embraced every note that has flowed out of your speakers.  Yea this album kicks a lot of ass, a whole lot. “Our Rose Garden” is one of our top played tracks, it is a downright killer track that has so many infectious elements that pull at you. With every change and transition you are wanting more. but then there are the softer tracks that are just as compelling as the fast and heavy bringing out that progressive feel.  They do rock clean vocals on this album, whether you like them or hate them. our opinion is that if you are going to do them, make sure they really fit the music. Well Minachrist walks that balanced delivery and you will be reminded of bands like Opeth that switch from really clean guitars and vocals to heavy as fuck guitars and vocals. The production of this album is on point and  after listening to this a good handful of times  its very deserving of the 7/10 \m/ rating we give it.  Have a listen for yourself and tell us what you think.



Also featuring:
Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate) – guest guitar solo on “Our Rose Garden”
Ethan McKenna- guest guitar solo on “The Ecstasy of Dreams”
Ceia Schweitzer- lyrics for “Our Rose Garden” inspired by poem of the same name


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-Badger \m/

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