Unflesh- Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity Review 7/10 \m/


Ryan Beevers-Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Hannes Grossman- Percussion




  1. Dreamless Sleep

This song is an introductory track, it is a single acoustic guitar playing for the full one minute thirty four seconds.  But what comes next is not what you would expect this song to lead into.


  1. Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity

There is very little time for the listener to be prepared for what they are about to hear. As there is really only about two seconds of guitar and drums before Hannes executes blast beats. The song has a strong mid 90’s Swedish death metal sound on vocals, and then the drums and guitar work has a modernized more technical death feel to add to it. The song goes through a change around the 1:18 mark taking the song from the fast blast beat filled beginning to a darker more melodic section. Gotta love the drums happening at the 1:45 mark as you can hear how crisp the cymbals are, from the ride to the hi hat on the offbeat.  The song goes from a fast paced tempo to a  mid-paced more melodic section and then  ¾ of the way through the song they  bring it back to the fast pace with some guitar shredding happening at the 3:18 minute mark.


  1. The Dormant Darkness

A quick drum roll out on the toms sets this song up and takes a mere two seconds before Hannes tears through the speakers with his blistering fast blast beats. This song is solid, it has a great rhythm to it, and the vocals   fit well with the music.  This song has a blackened technical death feel to it. The section at the 1:06 mark is great, just listening to the guitar riff going right along matching speed and intensity with the drums. I love everything about this song, its fast, it gets me amped up, the drums are great, and the guitar work isn’t overly flashy or trying to  be the next  guitar phenomenon, the guitar riffs fit the song perfectly and the vocals bring it all together. Very good song, I’d have to say it’s my favorite track of the E.P.


  1. The End’s Will, I Become

The song begins with a guitar fading in a short before the drums join in with a mid-paced tempo, a few fills and blast beats to get the song started. Then the song  picks up in speed and vocals join in,  I like how balanced the music is,  as technical, and modern the sound is, there are undeniable influences  ranging from Swedish death metal very similar to At The Gates.  Right around the 2:30 mark, we hear a mean guitar solo. This solo is an impressive thirty seconds of guitar solo craftsmanship, ending before you actually want it to.


  1. As One With the Shadow

I really dig the beginning of this song, the drums, and the guitar riff.  The first twenty two seconds really set the song up well.  The first verse really grabs you with the groove that’s laid down, and then the energetic attack doesn’t let you go.  I do feel as though the vocals keep getting better and better with each song, especially the backing vocals in the few sections they appear.  Now the guitar solo at the 1:53 mark is stellar, it has such an old school feel about it, that gives the song some great qualities.  I know I have used the At The Gates comparison, but that’s exactly who I think of when listening to this E.P.  The only downside to this song, is that it is only three and a half minutes long.  But it is great for the entire song start to finish.


  1. Darkness For Eternity

A quick drum intro kicks things off for this song, then about ten more seconds of drums and guitars before the vocals join in.  That beginning sequence has a good driving rhythm about it. You can really get into the song by listening to the first thirty seconds. Just like the title suggests this song is a darker song for its entire five minutes of play.  The song  stays true to its style and sound, never changing into something less energetic, less impressive, or fluff. The song is solid, there was no re-inventing the wheel on this track.  The song starts out as a dark, blackened death metal song, and end on the same note.  The guitar solo that is present in the song, isn’t a flashy shredfest of showmanship,  its subtle, it fits the song, and it follows the formula of the song, which adds to the reason why this is a great track. You know what you are getting yourself into in the first fifteen seconds, and if you like what you hear in that short period of time, you will like the rest of the song.


All in all, this is a solid E.P. as this is the first musical project I have heard from Ryan Beevers, he did a great job in my opinion.  The sound quality is on point, and while I will say I am not a huge fan of session drummers, I do understand the importance of them. This is a fine example of the importance of a session drummer.  The music is great, and if Ryan didn’t have the right drummer on this, it wouldn’t have sounded right, and also would not have gotten the attention it deserves.  This E.P. is a good 7/10 score, as the sound quality was great, the music  has a groove to it you can get into, and  the musicianship all around is on point. Great  E.P. and look forward to what Ryan puts together in the future.

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