Burden- Nothing In Return E.P. review 7/10


Nothing in Return



Steve Powers – Guitar

Ian Timpany – Guitar |

Joe Guillfoy – Bass

Pat Azzola – Drums |

Cameron Newton – Vocals



  1. Marcus Aurelius

The song fades in slowly with a doom metal/ hardcore sound. For the first minute this is basically just the introduction to what’s about to become a rage fueled attack that gets set up with a sound clip. And then you experience the closed fist punching power that is Burden. At 1:40 the song kicks into the slower heavier blend of hardcore. To say this song has a nostalgic effect is an understatement. A song like this is what northeast hardcore and metal fans yearn for. The drums lay down a rock solid beat, while the guitars   have that classic buzz distortion and the lead guitar is playing a riff that grabs your attention and forces you to follow this thing through. The vocals, don’t get me started on the vocals, the pure concentrated aggression from the lyrics is projected perfectly from the voice of Cameron. The guy was meant to make music like this, that much is certain.


  1. Nothing In Return

I am really digging how this song starts out, 5 seconds you have a partially muted section of guitars and drums that   kicks back into a clear sound with a rolling guitar riff with the drums fueling the fire. I have listened to this song at least a dozen times back to back and there is something about it. Something that entices you to let all your demons out, from the rage fueled vocals, to the chugging guitar riffs.


  1. Let it be Known

This song starts out in a fashion that many head bangers will enjoy, the simple set up of a guitar riff and the drums hitting only the cymbals and bass drum. The song kicks into gear for the first verse around the twelve second mark. The rhythm is just a steady and strong beat form the drums, and a constant chugging guitar riff. Right around the: 52 second mark the magic happens, they slow it down slightly and add catchy lines on the vocals. I picture many people getting laid out at shows when this song gets played.


  1. Dead Center

The song starts out with a sound clip from the movie interstellar that really makes an impression on the listener. The band kicks in around the: 35 second mark. This song is awesome, the vocals are unmatched with this song. Everything about this song is catchy, from the opening sound clip, the guitars, and the vocals. My only gripe about this song is that it is not long enough for my liking. If I have to pick a favorite track off this E.P. this is my pick. Now to see if the last track lives up to this one.


  1. I Want To Believe

This song is sounding like it’s going to do some damage just from the very beginning. So many classic songs have started out in similar fashion, and then to follow up to the beginning. The heavy bass line right before the vocals with the guitars ringing in, how can you not get pumped up from hearing that? The drums are not fast, nor are they technical, they are rock solid hardcore beat machine that keeps the party bus rolling. Right around the halfway point the song slows down hard and sounds more like a doom song than the hardcore beginning.


All in all this is an E.P. worth getting your hands on, I am hoping they put some more tunes out soon. This E.P. is a solid 7/10 from me, there was nothing I did not enjoy. Every song has its hooks that latch right on to you and dig deep.


If you would like to listen to the E.P. and buy it, head on over to their  Bandcamp page

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