Of Tryants Premier a new track from their recently released E.P. and a review 8/10

Of Tyrants come in fast and hard with a hardcore approach blended with elements of deathcore tones and a groove that metalheads and hardcore kids look forward to. A perfect blend of death metal and hardcore style vocals, high energy, pounding drums, heavy breakdowns, break-neck blasts and heartfelt grooves, the band  refers to their blended style as “Dudecore.” 

I have heard the new E.P. and it is great to give you an idea I will give you the breakdown on it .


Of Tyrants

These Days Are Deadly

Steve Lally

Rob Taylor

Greg Hughes

Chris Lindsay

Kevin Clark

  1. Blindfolds for a Blindman

This song begins with the sounds of wind blowing and crickets chirping, the band comes in hard at the: 23 mark. The lay down a groove instantly with the drums and the tempo is a slower mid paced feel until they come in with that fast hardcore beat. They give us a few bars here and there of some low and slow rhythm followed by a bar of blasts, and then back into that hardcore feel. At 1:51 we hear R2 make an appearance with a high pitched scream. They go back into that slower mid paced feel but give us that solid groove, however around the 3:20 mark they take things to a heavier level with death metal vocals for a section. This is an awesome track to kick the E.P. off with.


  1. Project Mayhem

Wind and crickets again with the band fading in on guitars and then drums on the snare for a few bars, until the drums hit us with snare and bass drum simultaneously for a bar and then the whole band joins in hard. I like this song, the guitar riff at the 1:18 minute mark is a great driving riff, and is the perfect blend for this hardcore metal hybrid. One of the highlights however is at the 1:57 mark when listeners should be warned that if they are in or around a pit, they will get swallowed up. This breakdown is bad ass, and there is no other way to put it, that breakdown just made the entire song for me.


  1. Sick Tribal Tattz Bruh

Lone bass riff for a bar sets things up with the rhythm of this song, I love the energy these guys have, and the vocals bring back that sound like Bury your Dead had. That tough guy hardcore style, but they seamlessly transition into the death metal sounding vocals. For people like me, who are a fan of hardcore and metal I would go to a metal festival and you can watch the metal band play and the hardcore fans would go outside or to the merch area, and then the metal band would end and it would be a hardcore band and the crowd shifted again. These guys give a sound that can keep the crowd from shifting, going from a hardcore style to a deathcore style, blast beats and growls will keep everyone listening.

  1. Sleepwalkers

The band plays one bar of intro riff and then the skank blast fast paced rhythm sets in and you can’t help but start to move. This song basically grabs you by the shirt and whips you in to the mosh pit. The low and slow beat downs, and then going right into a fast paced head banging blissful moment. This song is awesome, this may be my favorite of the E.P.

  1. War Never Changes

And now the last track of the album starts with a powerful two word message. These guys are playing a song that you can tell the reason why they end with this one is because it could be a show stopper. The heavy artillery style breakdowns and then the fast paced blasting, the hardcore gang vocals. This song is the prescription to get everyone moving and experiencing the adrenaline rush of being hit in the pit.


I love this E.P. I am looking forward to seeing these guys live and hearing more of what they have in the future, as an E.P. I would say this is a solid 8/10 from me, they knock you out, and they have some fun, and blend their sound very well.


Now without any further words we would like to premier “Blindfolds for a Blindman” for you to stream!!!\m/







Check them out on FACEBOOK

-Badger \m/

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