Parius release the single Confined ahead of the release date for the album Saturnine

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania band Parius have recently released Confined, a single off of their debut album Saturnine.

Parius is:
Louis Thierry – Vocals
Ryan Rauch – Guitar
George Fenton – Guitar
Ian Staab – Drums

Confined is a great track that starts things off with a great driving rhythm and a short disgorging growl, the first verse is great, the rhythm behind the vocals in on point.  The song transitions nicely into the chorus section that is catchy as hell, the song does another round of verse and chorus, this second chorus lasts longer than the first. The second chorus  plays out  normal speed once and then repeats but at a slower pace and brutal as it will get you moving.  right around the 1:44 mark  we get a nice guitar solo that lasts about forty five seconds and delivers  with succession from a simple solo beginning to some fast shredding to transition in the next verse. The last verse is have the bars and goes into the last chorus, then ends with the same driving rhythm from the guitars and drums.

This is the first time I am hearing Parius, and I have to say I really enjoyed this track, looking forward to hearing the rest of the album in the near future as the album is set to be released November 18th, 2015

Check them out on Facebook HERE

Check out their bandcamp page and pre order Here \m/

-Badger \m/

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