Skald In Veum- 1260 Days album Reviews

Skald In Veum

1260 Days

Mund – Vocals
Resh – Guitars, drums
Zhajiin – Guitars, bass guitars
Heth – Spiritual leader and ideologist
  1. Ravens Over Lübenholz

This is merely an introductory track with the sound of ravens cawing for dramatic effect. It is short and to the point to give the listener an idea of what the rest of the album will be handing them. Some straight up blackened Scandinavian metal.

  1. Drunk with Tainted Blood

This song kicks things off right away with rapid blast beats and a black metal feel, buzz saw guitars and the classic black metal vocal styles. We are talking the darkest of blackened metal, you either walk away from this really enjoying what you just listened to, or you go to lock your doors and peer out the windows in fear. They deliver a violently tight song with zero fluff or theatrics.

  1. Inferno

This song has a cool feel to it the way it begins, you have the double bass rolling and the guitars playing some threateningly nightmarish riffs, only to have the vocals enter with what could be called a cult ritual entrance. This is a high energy blackened to the core song, which to any true black metal fan will speak volumes to them. When the song slows to its ominous doom section it leaves the listener enjoying the transition for fast paced to the low and slow section, only to be brought back up to a fast paced final segment of blackened orchestration.

  1. Eden Raped

This song rolls right into a heavy dark rock feel for a few bars, and then the song transitions to a slower feel for the first verse. The song then transitions into blackened blast beats with the terror inducing vocals and buzz saw sounding guitar riffs. That fuzzy and poisonous guitar riff that you can follow along to, and although it is very simple it has so much of an effect to the music. This is a solid blackened incantation with instruments painting a dark and terrifying scene, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  1. Until My Head Rolls

This song allows you on a brief moment to get yourself acclimated to the situation that is rapid blasting, sinister guitar riffs and fiendish vocals. This song actually reminds me of a Satyricon song with the rhythm. It has a solid groove around the 1:10 minute mark, and maintains that groove for half a minute and then transitions into a blast beat laden section with a lot going on to set the listener up for another ride through that groove again. I really like this song, it builds up and has that groove that you can really enjoy, move to and throw up the horns while you head bang.

  1. Siaren

This song begins with a hauntingly cool guitar riff with the buzz saw distortion and the vocals, they are a blend of fear inducing fiendish vocals that work great for the verses and then the gang vocals for the chorus section reminds me of Old Man’s Child. This is a great song, the blast beats, the guitars and the way this song is being delivered to you sonically it is 6:15 minutes of enjoyable blackened metal.

After listening to this album I must admit I really enjoyed it a lot, and here is the game changer they are an unblack band. For those of you who are not familiar, that means they are not the typical black metal, satanic sacrificing goat butchering bands you come to expect by the sound. These guys are bringing their game faces to the metal scene with this game changer of an album for all the fans of black metal, true black metal. Not the theatrical melodic black metal with keyboards, three guitars a bassist, a drummer, two vocalists one male one female and all the make-up and show effects. This is that dirty grimy witching hour black metal sound but without all the human sacrifices involved. I really enjoyed my time listening to this album, and appreciate the fact that they want to play some solid blackened metal in the Unblack genre.

Album rating 7/10 \m/

1260 Days out 10/30/2015

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-Badger \m/

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