reviewing the Eric Pellegrini projects latest E.P.

One band member makes up the Eric Pellegrini project, Eric reached out and asked that I give the songs a listen.

Power Games: Starts out with an ominous organ, for a few bars, until the distorted guitars and drums kick in. drums are programmed. So while I am not a fan of this style let it be known that bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed were doing this also. So while I like that natural drum feel, programming the drums is not an easy task by any means. Vocals come in with that low raspy guttural sound. Right around the 4:18 minute mark the drums take on a different groove to the beat. Right here is where I would say the highlight of the song is, Eric adding a guitar solo into the mix, with a driving rhythm. Really sounds like Eric is experimenting with a doom, symphonic death metal genre. While also limited to just himself doing all instruments and vocals.

War of Kings : Now this organ sound I like better than the one used for power games. Drums and guitars kick in. he programmed the drum fills. Not bad at all the guitar solo that comes in is a nice fit for the pace the song is taking. Double bass rollout every other bar. Snare on the down beat. Nothing over the top in terms of going overboard. But the guitar solo is nice. Vocals kick in and the rhythm changes. Blast beats picking up the pace. I think I would have to hold this song above power games. I am enjoying this song more. Really sounds like he spent more time on this song. Now don’t get me wrong. This is one guy, doing everything. As a drummer I would be laying down different types of fills, but get me on a guitar. Game over. So to be doing everything really is a challenge all on its own. At the 4:52 minute mark it takes on a good change. Then a perfect guitar solo right after, you have death metal blast beats and a guitar solo. The harmonizing guitar solo adds another dimension to the song. The way the song plays out for the last 2 minutes of the song is great. I think this track has a lot of potential if the rest of the song writing is similar in style to this one.

Keep them separated: Starts out just the way it should but only a heavier version. This reminds me of Six Feet Under’s graveyard classics. While I am a fan of metal covers of non metal songs. Sometimes the vocals just don’t match the song even as a metal version. I am a fan of this song in general, this takes on a different doom sounding style, but with the pace of the song being a more energetic song. Its not bad, its certainly hard to make a cover sound great in the first place. Not bad,

I think on this three song E.P. we have the different sounding songs. One of which is a cover song. the other two do not sound like each other really. All in all, not bad. Nothing to really write home about, however it does have a lot of potential. If a few dedicated members joined it could take on a powerful form. I am interested in seeing what will become of this project in the future. Lets not forget,  Arsis started out as two guys. Anything with potential can become something big.

Not enough tracks to give this a rating, but it has plenty of potential.

Check it out for your self  at ericpellegrini.bandcamp

-Badger \m/

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