Thy Art is Murder new video @thyartismurder

So my experience with Thy Art is Murder is slim, I wouldn’t say non existant, its just that I have only heard them on liquid metal. So naturally when I find out that they put out a video. I’m in, the one thing I love about metal bands is they will actually do a video. Go figure MTV does reality shows, metal bands do music videos. And they aren’t some stupid cheesy video either, they actually want their videos to say something about them. So they aren’t going to make a stupid video. They want to make every bit count. So here is a perfect example of a song and video done right. Here is a great song, really heavy not trying to tip toe around any styles, dabble in everything to make everyone happy. These guys are here to PLAY HEAVY BRUTAL METAL! So now that I have seen this video I am hooked and want to check out their album “ Holy War” due out on June 30th.


SO here is “ Light Bearer”


-Badger \m/

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