Maruta album details! @marutagrindcore @relapse records

So I just happened to check out these guys on their  bandcamp page ;   these guys are sick. From the track ” Stand in defeat” these guys are not holding back.  I mean holy shit these guys are boom right out of the gate full throttle  melt your face grinding metal. I dig it, i dont know how i havent heard these guys before but the track has been on repeat for a few cycles. These guys mean Business.And the album due out June 2nd ” Remain Dystopia” is meant to destroy you.   If this is how only one track off the album is going to be i can only imagine what the other 16 tracks will be like.

The track list is;

  1. Genocide Interval
  2. Hope Smasher ( great song)
  3. The void within
  4. Minimal Progress
  5. Protocol For Self Immolation
  6. Absolutist
  7. Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
  8. Submergence AKA BArren Oceans Of Infinity
  9. Erode ( also featuring J.R. Hayes from Pig Destroyer)
  10. Stand in Defeat (killer track)
  11. Remnants of Failed Utopia
  12. I, Usurper
  13. Durandal
  14. Psalm For The Withered
  15. Return to Zero
  16. Slaying Jehova
  17. Immune

here’s the video for ” Hope Smasher”

Check out their facebook page;

-Badger \m/

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