The Devil’s Due- December 22nd – Onera- “Olde” E.P. Review. 6.5/10 \m/ *Update*




Released June 30, 2016

Justin Christian

Curtis Caswell

Craig Simas

Scott Mayo


Today the devil has brought us a little New England progressive doom from NH natives Onera. Now what really piqued my interest in this band was when I saw “From the remains of MORGION, KEEN OF THE CROW, CORTEZ, DECEMBER WOLVES.”  This is a 3 track E.P.  With some cool, melodic, doom with some hearty progression included.  The E.P. was actually quite surprising as it was not at all what I was expecting. But not in a bad way by any means.  They blend doom, with progressive metal and post metal.  Each track is right around 10 minute’s long give or take a few.  I dig the melodic characteristics of their music on this E.P.  This E.P. will appeal to a large crowd as this is easily something I could hear on a local rock station as well.  While this E.P. only has 3 tracks, it’s hard to get a good idea of everything these guys are capable of, but I am curious to find out. This is going to be something that fans of Porcupine tree and Neurosis, as Onera are a little in between those bands in my opinion.    My most played track on this E.P. is “Still As Stone” that song has been blasted many times during my morning commute. I do wish they had a few more tracks on this E.P. but  the sound is good, mostly (about 95%) clean singing but still have a few growling vocals in the background. Not a bad E.P. and worth checking out.  6.5/10 \m/




Update: They are currently looking for a 2nd guitarist, so if you’re in the new england area,  dig their sound, and know your way around a guitar.  then head on over to their FACEBOOK page

If you like what you are hearing you can check out their BANDCAMP page to grab a digital copy


And don’t forget to check out their FACEBOOK page to follow their New England heaviness and hubris.


-Badger \m/

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