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1: Manufactured extinct

This song starts out with waves crashing on a beach, giving you the refreshing feeling. Then the absolutely sinister guitar riffs kick in. David is delivering a slow creeping pace on the drums. A bloodthirsty growl is dispatched by Travis as the tempo picks it up a notch. “In the beginning, of this!”  The verse is a solid vocal track as the guitar riff is utterly faultless.  David administers a barrage of blast beats that will melt your face. David McGraw may not be the world’s best drummer, but man he can grind the hell out of those blasts. He can make a song like this sound brutal, bad ass, and remarkable. This song has that filthy yet satisfactory feel. The chorus is first class and catchy, which is why I love it.  This song is badass, with a groove you can move to.

2: Prophets of loss

Without delay Travis hits us with a banshee-like scream, while blast beats pummel at our senses. All this is going on and the guitar gives us a great driving riff.  This is a solid quick tempo song without a single blemish. Even during the spoken dialogue the guitars and drums are strategically bad-ass. David McGraw is incredible on the drums, absolutely impressive. This song is brutal and fast all the while maintaining a groove regardless of changes. At 1:30 in, this song has gone from a grim, brutal song to an even more impressive gut wrenching brutal metal track. The chorus is great as Travis is using his unorthodox high pitch guttural vocals to enhance the feel. This song is awesome, I love it.

3: Plagueborne

This song starts out with a sound clip; just a trashy sounding, fuzzy drum beat. With a on the floor tom and the snare to bring the song into its brutal beginning. A quick drum roll transitions into the first verse. The first verse is a supersonic gravity blast filled section that is pleasing to the listener. The second verse is the same as the first.  The song has a pre chorus that has a rapid fire double bass roll and drum beat. This section exposes a brutal grinding blasting assault. Just when you think the song didn’t get any more brutal, the chorus begins. Travis is rocking those high pitched vocals that could not work for anyone.  For cattle Decapitation, nothing is off limits.  The breakdown has a killer punchy feel to it. Thus begins the double bass rolling and gravity blasting to pick the tempo up. As the song peaks it drops back into the chorus, a slower feel to the song but man those vocals just make it.  After the chorus, Travis is just letting out a low guttural and high pitched vocal mixture. That blends like you wouldn’t expect it to. The conclusion of the song has those high pitched vocals. This is a great song I have found myself listening to over and over again.

4: Clandestine ways (Krokodil Rot)

The song starts out with David blasting away for a few bars with a fill, and then more blasting. A very brief pause sets up the first verse. The verse has a nice up tempo feel, with mid-range vocals. The verse doesn’t seem to last long before it goes into a pre chorus for a few bars. It sets up for a high pitched banshee scream that rings out, while high pitched vocals are laying down some thought provoking lines. There is a short lived setup here and the song slows down to a punchy feel with low guttural vocals. This song has quite a few changes but they are not going overboard with the amount of changes. This song has a cool feel to it. Like a relentless gravity blast serenade of guttural vocals and filth.  This is a cool song, it might not be everyone’s favorite but it has all the characteristics of a great tune.

5: Circo Inhumanitas.

David gives us a quick drum fill which is then followed by blast beats. Immediately after, Travis hits us with the cut-throat mid-range vocals. Every track has a brutal and menacing driving guitar riff.  Those punchy guitar riffs for those moments when bodies are going to be moving hard and heavy are also present. The chorus to this song has those unyielding high pitched vocals that cut deep. With rapid fire double bass and blast beats I’d say David takes home a trophy for his work on this album. At 2:10 this song takes on a change that is just absolutely brutal, a slower feel for a few bars. At the same time Travis is giving us low and mid-range vocals for a few bars and then the high pitched for a bar or two. This is a great song. This album so far has 5 out of 5 songs that are very impressive.

6: The Burden Of Seven Billion

This is a very gloomy, sinister and chilling instrumental track. It has the feel of a murder scene in a horror movie giving you time to contemplate the song title. This is one of those instrumental tracks that is just the right length. Not too short, not too long or drawn out. Without a doubt a great addition to the album.

7: Mammals In Babylon

The way this song starts it has that driving forceful rhythm for a few bars. The verse is a solid tempo that you can move and the second verse is the same as the first in the way that it is solid and on point. By the time the pre chorus hits, it is set up well to the beginnings of a banshee scream, and some blast beats. Following that, Travis hits us with high pitches… guttural high. They are different sounding then the usual high pitched vocals. The chorus is very enjoyable as it is a solid catchy chorus. This song possesses that groove you can really rock out to.  This song is great; an unwavering brutal metal masterpiece.

8: Mutual Assured Destruction

A quick drum introduces us to the feel of the song. Cattle Decapitation does not ease the listener into the blast filled assault they are about to fall victim to. Travis is giving it all with his mid-range vocals all the while as a driving guitar riff engineers to keep the bodies moving. While the pre chorus feels like it is holding something back, the chorus delivers unforgiving brutality.

9: Not Suitable For Life

Travis explodes with growls while vicious drums and a heavy guitar riff hit hard. That seems to be the pattern so far with this album. They get right into the brutality without any fluff. The verse is solid with an even more evil sounding chorus. The lyrical content of the chorus has a villainous feel. The second time the chorus hits we experience a few more bars of this slow, and brutal onslaught. This is definitely a solid and brutal track that I am enjoying.

10: Apex Blasphemy

This song punches its way in with mind numbing guitar riffs and blast beats. The vocals that you hear first are the consistent mid-range vocals.  With the first change I am really enjoying the guitar riff, and then Travis gives us one of those vomitus vocal bursts. The uncompromised high vocals hit us hard and fast. I am personally really enjoying the drums on this song. With how rapid fire this song is, you can still move to it. I am trying to refrain from head banging right now. This song is appropriately titled as it is the apex of blasphemous reverberation.

11: Axe Exitium

The sound of waves are crashing again however this has a depressing feel to it. The dismal and somber melody on the guitar lulls you into feelings of hopelessness. Everything about this song is cool except the vocals. I just don’t care for them. I understand the reasoning behind them but I just feel that this song could have been a cool instrumental album ender. It’s definitely not one of those songs you skip past though.

12: Pacific Grim

Just like most of the other tracks it kicks into high gear right out of the gate. By no means do they attempt to hold back. This song has a very solid verse, and the pre chorus is equally as satisfactory.  This song has an unsurpassable groove, which matches the guttural brutality of it. David McGraw handles the drums with surgical precision and grace.

    After all is said and done, this album is a masterpiece. This is one of those few albums that you can listen from start to finish without skipping.  The vocal range that Travis possesses is incredible. He nails the highs, the lows, the guttural deep lows, and the banshee like screeches. David is relentless on the drums, a well executing drum machine. This is one of my top albums of 2015 hands down. This album has all the right qualities that blend perfectly.  This album is damn near perfect. If you haven’t gotten this album yet and are looking for a great album to buy, make this be the one.

-Badger \m/

Rivers Of Nihil Review

Track 1: Heirless

This is one of those ominous gloomy, atmospheric tracks. I really don’t care much for songs that don’t have a sense of purpose. I am sure that with a title like Heirless it is supposed to have that sort of feel to it. But as a listener, it could have been a 30 second sound clip instead of a 2:24 long track. I feel like I am at a show and the band is going through a sound check, just jamming riffs that flow but without any actual song that is on the set list. Not the way I would start an album. End an album with it maybe but I would not want to set the bar low to begin an album. This will go down in history as the skip song. That song on some albums you just always skip.

Track 2: Perpetual Growth Machine

The track starts out with a mid tempo chugging and a solid beat double bass for a few bars then into blast beat intro with a guitar riff in the background. Panning the guitars, drum fill in the first verse. Few bars of mid tempo into blast beats. It is definitely a groove you can move to but so far it doesn’t have that “wow” factor. The vocals are not bad but a bit one dimensional. A nice little guitar solo which has that old school feel to the solo. Now the vocals have gained a bit more dimension but not mind blowing. The range is still in the same vicinity as the first verse. I will say there is a hearty amount of changes.  I will say that they do have a good song structure to this track. Then twenty seconds of looming bass line.

Track 3: Reign of Dreams

Blast beats and ominous guitar riffing. When the vocals kick in they feel like they are behind the instruments. The song really maintains the same feel throughout the majority of the song. Same groove and riffs with minor noticeable changes. I let out a big sigh and let the song finish with hopes track 4 has more to offer.

Track 4: Sand Baptism

Guitars fade in with nice little cymbal pattern on the drums to a melodic guitar riff. Then right into some distortion. Drum beats rolling off the toms into a double bass rollout then back into a drum beat, setting things up and into the verse. I still feel as though the vocals are behind the instruments. This is until right before the 1:30 mark that’s when the vocals seem to be in front of the instruments. Maybe that’s what they are going for to add dimension the vocals. I am not sure. Just to be on the safe side I will be listening to this album through other forms of audio delivery such as ear buds, headphones, speakers, car speakers, etc. I do enjoy the lyrics to this song. I just don’t know if they are trying to merge death metal with prog metal, technical metal and a dash of atmospheric ambiance. I feel like they just didn’t know what to do, so let’s do it all.

Track 5: Ancestral I

This starts right out with growls and blast beats. This song really maintains the same groove feel for 4:33 minutes. This is an average song, not above average by any means. This track is really teetering on the fine line of below average and average. Just when I thought the song couldn’t have been any more of a let down, the song ends. This song ended about the same way the HBO series the Sopranos ended. It left me scratching my head only with this I didn’t enjoy it until its final moment.

Track 6: Dehydrate

Nice guitar riff for starters. Wait! It’s over. Blast beats, I will say this, Alan does have talent for being a drummer. The guitars also seem to be talented. I can hear the bass through and Adam sounds pretty decent on drums. I just feel like this album so far was not their best work. I won’t waste your time for a breakdown of this song. It is just average, just like the last one.

Track 7: Monarchy

Ahh! Here we have an interesting beat. A nice guitar riff with a cool groove and a guitar solo to accompany. Then the one dimensional vocals kick in. I really enjoy the atmospheric groove to the song when it is present. The problem is that it diminishes to a death metal feel without any indication.  You have a pleasant groove, everything sounds good and boom! Death metal just kicked the door down and forced its way into the song. I get it they are a metal band but you need to set up these changes so that they are actually enjoyable by people with a lot of background in music.

Track 8: Terrestria II : Thrive

We have a hi-hat pattern and a atmospheric loom bass line with guitars swelling in. Now a cool groove, this has a nice groove to it so far. They set this up better than previous tracks; with how it changes into the distortion and heaviness of the song. Blast beats, a brutal yet atmospheric riff to it. I don’t want to speak to soon but I think we made it to the best track on the album. Guitar solo that fits well, double bass rolling out and a good bass presence. I am enjoying this song very much so far. More than half way through and this song is great with every change no matter how atmospheric, or heavy.  It maintains that great song structure. It does come with a catch though… there are no vocals on this song. No matter how many times we get blast beats and heavy riffing it has a cool feel to it that you can thoroughly enjoy. This is the one song I wish it didn’t end when it did. This is the top track hands down. They should have kept the whole album like this. This song is what makes this album get a better grade.

Track 9: Circles in the Sky

Ominous atmospheric riff, bass line comes in and fades into a distorted guitar solo, no drums yet, but this has a cool feel. A quick drum fill into a heavy drum beat double bass with a bar of a punchy quick double bass set up and the vocals kick in. Not bad though back to having an average sound.   Right around the half-way point it takes on its original cool groove.  The vocals kick back in and they are almost trying to maintain that cool groove while adding in the vocals. The more I listen to this song it does grow on you but I think it is because they are keeping that progressive atmospheric groove to it. This seems to be a much better track than the tracks earlier on.

Track 10: Suntold

This song also starts out with a nice groove, atmospheric and enjoyable to listen to. The vocals kick in around the :45 second mark. Keeping the groove while still keeping it heavy I feel like they found the right formula unfortunately not soon enough. This song is not as great as the previous two tracks but still a solid track to listen to.

After listening to this album I listened to it again and again and again, each time with a different set of headphones and speakers. I understand the concept behind the album, they are continuing with the concept/ storyline with their albums. Cool concept but not exactly original either.

 An album written about a futuristic time where the earth is a barren wasteland. I think I have heard that idea before

I feel as though this album was more of a disappointment, maybe they wanted the vocals to be over shadowed most of the time. If that is the case then they succeeded. However I did not enjoy that aspect of the album.  All in all the majority of the album is average at best, with three songs that were enjoyable. The talent is definitely there, but not their best work in my opinion.

-Badger \m/

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New Black Dahlia Murder track ” Receipt” Streaming!!!\m/!!! @bdmmetal @revolvermag

Today we get a chance to listen to a new track from Abysmal, the album due out September 18th from  The Black Dahlia Murder.  As if Vlad son of the dragon was not badass enough, they present us with the track ” Receipt”

The song starts out with an orchestral feel to it with stringed instruments, going into the classic TBDM blackened metal feel. The song doesn’t have any fluff to it, just straight up unfiltered badassery! Abysmal is sure to be a great album if the only two songs we have been able to hear so far are just brutally heavy and fast paced masterpieces.

TO listen to ” Receipt” click HERE \m/ \m/

-Badger \m/