512 official video @lambofgod

I couldnt get the video on here before but i wanted to make sure to throw the new video and not just a link up today. So for all you Lamb of God fans out there who havent had a chance to watch the video. Here it is ” 512″ in its entirety.

Make sure to show your support for everything these guys have gone through in the past few years, and pre order the album Sturm Und Drang to be released July 24th 2015. GET IT

-Badger \m/


Lamb of god!

the countdown just ended while I was watching it. the site refreshed and a play button just popped up. i cant hit it fast enough because the site isnt finished loading. im so excited … YEs a new song. and its badass so far.  holy shit is it good right out of the gate. gotta love chris adler drums!  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  This song is killer. i dont even know if this is a sign of an album release because i am typing and listening to the song at the same time. too much going on METAL OVERLOAD!   I am betting this is going to be a killer album with all thats happened in the passed three years. i am really digging the sound so far. So glad D. Randal Blythge is back doing what he does best.  Listen for yourself at www.lambofgodvii.com

i cant type anymore  i am too busy listening to this new song.  it ended its a premier for their new album VII : sturm und Drang out in July 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Badger