Vehemence- Forward Without Motion Album Review 8/10


Forward Without Motion


Nathan Gearhart- Vocals
Bjorn Dannov- Guitar
Mark Kozuback- Bass
Andy Schroeder- Drums
Kyle Moeller- Guitar


  1. I Don’t Want To Look Inside

This long awaited album kicks things off with this song, and the beginning has a nice harmonized guitar riff for a few bars, and then sets up a nice driving rhythm with the guitars and drums for a few bars. They play a few more bars with the same riff and drums kicks it up a notch with the use of blasts. When the first verse begins we get to hear Nathan’s vocals, they have matured into a blend of lows and highs that give you a more refined style of delivery. The song has a great groove to it, which you can move to, very enjoyable really, not to mention the guitar solo around the 2:54 minute position giving you another taste of the harmonizing effects of having quality guitarists. The riff that they play coming out of the solo section is an example of that classic Vehemence guitar style. Right around the 5:08 minute mark, they give us a little bridge to breakdown section where the guitars deliver a menacing guitar riff and the drums roll into some rapid blasting to give you an energetic head banging moment that will surely get bodies moving.

  1. Imagining The Loss

This song has a nice feel to it, a medium tempo and a solid rhythm for the verses, Andy’s drums have a crisp sound to them, and he goes from double bass to blasts seamlessly. This song sounds like they are picking right up from “Helping The World To See” as if there was no time in between these two albums. The song has a solid groove and we get to see that melodic almost lamenting style that we have heard from Vehemence’s previous albums. They hit us with a cool little guitar solo around the 3:00 minute mark. At 3:45 the song goes through a transition with a riff that builds up to open up the last verse of the song. The song ends with a perpetuating guitar riff that fits perfectly and ends by abruptly stopping.

  1. Murdered By The Earth

Love the beginning guitar riff, this song has a solid mid-tempo feel to it, and a groove you can really get into and the vocals really lock that groove in. The highs for the first section and the lows for another bar. Then we hear a little melodic transition going into the next verse. Out of that verse we get some blast beats that set up another few bars of vocal delivery by Nathan. When he hits us with the low growling vocals the song goes through a change with a slightly different feel. However it ultimately leads right back to that solid rhythm with the two guitars playing harmonically. A guitar solo is generously gifted to the listeners and you can’t help but feel the soul put into the guitar solos, it makes you feel like this song comes from down deep inside. At 8:24 minutes long they really give you everything they have for this one. The way the guitars switch to the acoustic and continue to play and fade out makes this song one that must be amazing to see live.

  1. Jim The Prophet

An interesting and dark guitar introduction by the guitars and drums start this track off, then the vocals come in and the song just sticks with that, gloom filled evil sound. This is not your typical fast paced death metal song. There are moments at times that do have the speed picking and blast beats for example the 2:05 minute mark we get some mixed vocals, speed picking guitar riffs, and blast beats getting you into the head banging mood. Then at the 2:40 minute mark the song changes into something else with a solid groove. It seems like every 45-60 seconds the song gets heavier, and heavier to the point you may want to reevaluate your physical status if you think you are going to be in a pit during this song. At the 4:45 minute mark we get a short little rollout into a steady punishing rhythm and sounds clips from what seems to be audio from Jonestown to finish the song off.

  1. In The Shadows WE Dwell

This song tears into you right out of the gate with Nathans growl, and the guitar riffs layered over the drums. The first verse is cool with Nathan giving some highs, and then we get a lonely guitar riff that sets up the next section that has a ripping groove you can’t deny the movement you will undoubtedly be succumbing to. That is until you get to the 1:30 minute mark where Andy is delivering the blast beats like a champion. The next verse is a little more high energy and has a good tempo for a few bars that changes dramatically to a slower pace and low guttural vocals. This particular section builds up to a great segment of fast picking harmonizing guitars and a driving rhythm. It slowly egresses to a single guitar playing a riff that eventually fades out.

  1. A Dark Figure In The Distance

This song begins with a riff you wouldn’t normally expect from a metal band, it is a light melodic guitar riff with Andy following on the hi hat with a complimenting beat. We continue to hear that guitar riff through the first verse. Rollin gout of the first verse we get a unique rhythm playing out with some vocal effects for a few bars. At 4:04 we get hit with the guitar solo section at this moment I really feel like Bjorn and Kyle have better chemistry than former member Chavez. It just honestly feels like these two build off of each other and are on the same wave length or page.

  1. It’s All My Fault

This song begins with a little drum solo intro and “boom” hits you with Nathans vocals right away. Delivering highs and lows with ease going from one bar of highs to another bar of lows. This song has a good tempo and a beat you can head bang to. The song hits us with these little sections like the one at the 1:25 minute mark that has a sinister feel and builds up to the blast beat riddled verse, and then out to double bass rolling guitar shredding chorus. This song has such a solid groove to it you will not stop head banging moving moshing tapping your foot, you will be entranced by this song with good reason.

  1. She Fucks Like She’s Alive

This song begins with a great rhythm coming from the guitars and Andy does a great job adding dimension to the song. He is exploring the use of playing patterns on his hi hat, and doing little drums fills here and there. His style of using blast beats and double bass filled death metal drumming really makes this song one that you can get into. The dual guitars harmonizing often and really complimenting each other while keeping the song interesting with a solid rhythm. Around the 4:30 minute mark the song slows down and gives us a slow melodic lamenting guitar melody that plays out for the rest of the song and fades out on a cymbal roll from Andy.

  1. There’s So Many Reasons To Give Up On Religion

Blast beats and a mean guitar riff start this particular song for the first fifteen seconds and then Nathan joins in with his vocals for what seems like a pre verse section to get things warmed up. The verse we hear Nathan giving his classic style of vocals that are reminiscent of both of their previous albums. Around the 2:55 minute section the song takes a darker approach for a few bars and then gifts us generously with a guitar solo and then some speed picking going into a faster tempo section. This half of the song will get you moving and head banging if you weren’t already. The guys seem to be building up from one section to the next maintaining a good groove and hitting us with heavy sections and blast beats high energy sections that eventually ends the song.

This album is great, it’s a good mix where you can hear elements from the previous two albums but also the way they have matured is very evident. That have matured in their sound and have a more focused attack with their delivery. Musically their brand of metal seems like it is picking right up from their last album. For fans like myself we have been waiting what seems like forever for this album, but if you didn’t know it would seem like they only had a few years between helping the world to see and this album. They didn’t miss a beat, they didn’t lose anything. They are making great music and delivering their blend of melodic death metal unlike anyone else out on the game. This album is a solid 8/10 and I certainly hope they keep this line up and make more music in the near future, I know I am not the only one to say this but I am glad Vehemence is back at it.

To give you a taste here is a video for Murdered By The Earth

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Interviewing Vehemence from Arizona. Pre order their new album! @vehemenceAZ

Back when I was in college I went to a metal festival near where I live. Bands , promoters, labels they were handing out cd samplers left and right. I came across a 25 song sampler CD with a song by a band that would blow my mind. The Band was Vehemence and the song was ” I Must Not Live”. After listening to that song, I immediately bought their album ” God Was Created”, and it forever will be in my top ten best metal albums of all time. After that album they put out another titled “Helping The World To See” which was also a solid album. Then the unexpected happened, they split up. That was devastating news, one of my favorite metal bands breaking up.

Flash forward ten years later and they have gotten back together. They recently announced they are putting out a new album. With incredible news like that I made it a priority to get in touch with them and set up this interview.

Welcome back guys I first heard God was Created in college and it absolutely blew me away. That is one hell of a brutal metal album. And will always be in my top ten best metal albums. Every element about it, Andy on drums , the guitars were sick. I mean just the song writing for the guitars was incredible.  I would say textbook in the sense that wish other bands had taken notes. Mark doing backing vocals while playing bass. And of course Nathan’s sinister brutal vocals.  So, I am just pumped for the band to be back making new music.

  1. Since you guys split, years back it looks like now that you are back together you have a newer member to the group. Does he bring an element to the mix that was not there before?

Bjorn – Definitely! Kyle originally joined the band when we first regrouped, back in 2007. He left in 2009 but came back in 2012. He adds a new dimension for sure with his lead playing. He also wrote a track on the album called “It’s All My Fault”. He brings a more technical lead style to the fold. He is really a great player. Also was a major contributor the the recording process of this album.

  1.     What brought you guys back together in the first place?

Bjorn – Well, basically we are all really good friends. We all live in the same city, and enjoy just hanging out and jammin songs. Why not you know? It was difficult carrying on when Nathan originally quit to focus on family. We tried to continue on, but just weren’t feeling it. For a while, we started focusing our energy on different projects, but eventually we got that itch again to continue.

  1.   God was created always felt like (for lack of better words) a concept album, and it was just amazing. Is the new album going to have that same vibe/feel to it?

Bjorn – The new album is not a concept album, however it definitely has the Vehemence “vibe”, but I feel it just comes across as more refined this time. It has elements of all our albums I believe, with some new things brought to the table as well. It does not sound out of place in our catalog. Most of the material was written between 2007 and 2011, with the exception of 1 song, which was written during the Helping The World To See touring cycle.

  1.   Mark had been doing backing vocals before I mean  you can see that in the video for “ By your bedside”  will Mark still be doing backing vocals?

Bjorn – Mark doesn’t do vocals on this album. His voice has changed over the years, and it was decided that Nathan would handle all the vocal duties on this album.

  1.     I have to say his delivery and sound is just a perfect contrast between Nathans vocals, and his. It really adds another layer to the songs in my opinion.

Bjorn – I agree! But it wasn’t going to sound the same this time around. Age happens, and hitting those high screams aren’t easy!

  1.     You guys were on Metal blade records before, now you guys are on Battleground Records. In the ten years that has passed, do you feel that Battleground has really gotten you guys where you want to be as a band coming back?

Bjorn – Absolutely! We are really happy with what Battleground has shown us so far. They really are like a 6th member of the band. This is such a simpler deal, less middle-man, if that makes sense. And we still own the rights to our music, which was very important to us in signing a new deal.

  1.     What has the general (public/ fans) reaction been regarding the return of Vehemence?

Bjorn – So far, so good! We will see what they think of the new material! But overall, its amazing that we even still have fans after this much time off hah!

  1.     Will we see Vehemence do any touring in the near future?

Bjorn – Hard to say. Lengthy touring, no. We all have families and jobs to keep. I’d like to think we can do a short run of dates, and some one-off shows for festivals and things like that. Time will tell!

  1. What’s the metal scene like out in Arizona, are you guys getting some good shows in?

Bjorn – Metal scene is great out here! Lots of great bands, and super talented musicians. Bands like Lago, Through The Earth, Sorrower all of which are playing our album release show. Its been a couple years since we have last played a show. We took time off from shows so we could focus on this record. It was hard to focus on getting this album finished when we were always playing shows and concentrating on practicing a set list. But we’re excited to get back out there, and finally have a new product to share!

  1. Will you be playing any of the new material  at shows leading up to the release, or are you saving that until the album drops?

Bjorn – Nope, our next show is the album release on Oct 24th!

  1. What are the  musical influences you guys have ( does not need to be just metal)?

Bjorn – Hmm. Well that can go from Black Sabbath, to Propagandhi, to Carcass, to Sunny Day Real Estate hah. We all love a variety of different music. Not strictly just death metal 24/7 ha.

  1. What are you listening to these days?

Bjorn – Honestly, its been a while since I’ve been totally captivated by a record. It bums me out! I need some goddamn new music! The next 2 albums I’m getting though are the new Cattle Decapitation and the new Faith No More.

  1. How did it feel to be back in the studio again as a band?

Bjorn – It was really good to be productive again. This time we approached the recording process in a completely different way. Home recording has come a long way since the last album we put out. We did the drums in a real recording studio, but everything else we did in our homes. We took our time getting it done, and spent countless hours tweaking it. Its one of the great things about home recording, however having all this unlimited time makes it hard to finally stop fucking with it and call it a day ha.

  1. In the past it seemed like Bjorn did the majority of the writing and Nathan Did the lyrics. Has the formula changed or is it still that winning combination of Bjorn’s musical talents, and Nathans brutal vocals and grizzly vocabulary?

Bjorn – For the most part, that formula hasn’t changed. There is a song on the album called, “It’s All My Fault” that Kyle wrote, but his influences are heard throughout the album. There is also a song written by our old guitarist Jake, who was in the band from 2010 – 2012 called “In The Shadows We Dwell”

  1. Going from huge label like Metalblade to a more independent label like Battleground records. DO you feel like with the small roster, that Battlegrounds is a more involved with you guys?

Bjorn – Bigtime. Metalblade obviously is a huge name, and has great distribution. But at this point in our lives, the expectations a label like that would have would not fit with our needs, or theirs. Battleground has been such a pleasure to work with, and David and Ryan (the guys who run the label) are so up front, and honest. Its very refreshing. They want the best for you. Its not about money. They have passion behind their bands. And another thing going into this, we wanted to own the rights to our music. That was very important to us. We don’t have goals of being a huge band. We just want to get this record out to the people that appreciate what we do. And we are so grateful that Battleground believes in us and this album.

  1. It looks like you guys are putting out a video later on this month, are we going to see other videos for this album in the future?

Bjorn – Not sure. Its not impossible. I’d like to do another one, but we will see!

  1. The new album is a long awaited album, would you compare it to God was Created, or Helping the world to see? Or both?

Bjorn – Definitely both. It seems like the natural progression, having elements of both albums along with something new. Some parts and some melodies will definitely stand out and sound like GWC era, or HTWTS era for sure.

  1. With the time that has passed since Helping The World To See was released. Would you say the music for the new album is a more mature in how it will sound?

Bjorn – Yes it is definitely a more mature effort. We scrutinized the fuck out of these songs ha. This is really the best that we could do. Of our entire catalog, this is the album I am most proud of. It is us firing on all cylinders, delivering the best performance and the best songs that we possibly could.

  1.   something I like to ask all the bands I interview, especially with new music coming out. In five words ( if all members contribute I will take the top 5 used) describe the new album?

Bjorn – passionate, dark, diverse, evolved, melodic.

  1. And lastly is there anything you want to tell the fans, about the band, the album the future of Vehemence?

Bjorn – I just hope its well received by people that enjoy our previous efforts! We put a lot of hard work into getting this done. And it’s still hard to believe that we actually did it, because we talked about it forever hah. Hope you dig it! Out October 24th on Battleground Records!

It was great to talk to the Bjorn, I personally will be getting on that pre ordering asap. I can’t wait to hear the new album. It will be brutal.

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