The Devil’s Due- December 20th, Riftwalker- Green And Black album review 10/10 \m/


 Green And Black


Released October 31, 2016

Miles Morrison (Guitar/Vocals)
Spencer Atkinson (Bass/Vocals)
Zan Petrovic (Drums/Percussion)


Today the Devil has brought us a really cool album titled Green & Black by the Vancouver BC progressive Death Trio- Riftwalker. From the very first track titled B.H.O. this truly mesmerizing album blends some really cool elements, of progressive metal and death metal with the likes of melodic metal and technical metal. But also appealing to a very broad audience range. Very similar to if members of Tool had a side project that was a bit heavier and the lyrical content driven more towards a stoner crowd. The music has so much to offer when it comes to imagery of the songs.  I think that the album art really does a great job representing what this album has packed into it, but not the snippet above. The full album art all the many elements and influences combined to creates.  When we get a first taste of their sound is when B.H.O. begins with an instrumentally big exhale as the cool funky yet heavy rhythm begins and the song takes on a form of simulating an energetic yet captivating body high.  That’s all within the first sixty seconds of the song.  These guys push themselves and it’s quite noticeable in this track. When you reach the two minute mark you can hear that Bass getting rowdy. The drums begin to add more, and layer more until you have blast beats and a fucking kick ass driving riff. With songs like B.H.O, Engineer Their Consent, and Harlequin Ichthyosis you get that really gritty death metal, while other tracks like Primordial Collapse offer up a more visual and thought provoking side to their music. Primordial Collapse is an instrumental track that competes with bands like Scale the Summit, because the track is a mesmerizing instrumental journey through the sense and flow of the music. Riftwalker certainly has an edge, being able to play music like Primordial and listening to the talent and the spellbinding riffs is downright impressive. After listening to this album I am really surprised, no blown away by the power and detail in the music, with only three members, they completely jam pack each song with so much talent and confidence that can be heard. This is an album that should be on everyone’s list of music to check out. If you haven’t then you are passing up on one really impressive album. This is also an album that you will want to listen to from start to finish. When it opens up with B.H.O. you really only have thirty seconds to understand what direction this music is taking you, and it’s a forward direction. A very forward thinking direction at that, because this album proves itself track after track that this album is an unorthodox yet thought provoking album by a forward thinking band. Since this album has been released I have found that I have enjoyed it more and more as I play it. Something I liked before I like more now, there are other areas of the album that I hadn’t picked up on right away and now enjoy more. This album will grow on you, if you even so much as enjoy 1 minute of one song I can pretty much guarantee you will find the album to grow on you more and more. Green & Black. An absolute mesmerizing journey as it takes you on a cool and smokey ride through captivating riffs, and infectious rhythms from the drums and bass.  Green & Black is a solid 10/10 \m/ I absolutely love it, and it continues to impress me without question just take a listen for yourself and see why.




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Vektor release new audio for “Pillars of Sand” from their upcoming album Terminal Redux

Philly, PA prog/ thrash metal band Vektor released new audio today for the song ” Pillars of Sand” ahead of their May 6th release date of Terminal Redux. Listen to 5:19 of  their unique blend of  progressive metal and  thrash space metal.

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Ascendor-Drive My Demons Away-6/10


Drive My Demons Away


Steve Muscat – Vocals,
Joe Costa – Guitars,
Andy Fava – Guitars / Backing Vocals,
Blasio Muscat – Bass,
Paul Formosa – Drums


  1. Fear of God

This song starts out with a fast guitar introduction, and then the band fades in with double bass and ad off timed snare for a few bars to build the song up. The rhythm for the first verse is solid, something you can really head bang to, and got locked into the groove. They have an old school thrash death sound, then they give a short little solo to transition to the next section. I love the simplicity of this song. The change at the 2:52 mark is great, it has that pre solo buildup, and then a shredding guitar solo following.


  1. At The Gates

This song starts out with a lone guitar tone and then some hammer on sounding guitar licks. This has a blackened feel to it, bringing a different guitar distortion than the previous track, and a really sinister feel to the song altogether.


  1. Drive My Demons Away

Starting out with a guitar riff that has that sound that can get you ready for something big, while the hi hat is getting hit on 2 and 4. Then we get a quick paced thrash style rhythm that plays out for a good forty seconds. This song had a great beginning, but really lost me when the vocals came in, I just didn’t care for the sound they were going for on the second half of this song.


  1. Where Angels Lay to Die

This song has an old school thrash sound to it right from the beginning, and sounds like something Megadeth would have done in the late 80’s. First minute of the song is good, and I dig the guitars, this song seems promising. Heavy yet spoken dialogue happens to be the first form of vocals on this track. Yet they build up to a heavier form towards the tail end of the first spoken verse. They give us a solid guitar solo starting at the 4:00 minute mark and shreds for just shy of a full minute. This song is a great track on this album.


  1. With Broken Wings

The song has a slower and darker beginning, for the first fifty seconds, and then picks up in tempo. They have a rock solid rhythm for this song, and the buildup for the chorus section is great. The guitar solo shows of the talents and influences from the guitars, this is a great song.


  1. War Inside My Head

This is a pretty simple song, the opening lines consist of the title of the track, and a heavy rhythm for just shy of a minute. The tempo is right around the 130 BPM area, and has a solid beat to it, something you can tap your foot to. Not a truly exciting song, but they keep it simple with this one and a guitar solo can be heard during the last leg of this song.



  1. In The Hangman’s Shadow

This song had a lot of build up for the first two minutes, and then the vocals join in, I can’t say I really enjoy the vocals for the first sequence of vocals. But the beginning rhythm I liked. This song could have been a really solid instrumental track.


  1. Turn water to blood

A long guitar tone can be heard, and then an orchestral melody is being played, for a few bars until the drums come in hard. This is the longest song on the album clocking in at around 11:13 minutes long. They seem to have no issues playing out for the first few minutes to get the song going. That’s when the vocals join in, and they come in with a better delivery than the previous track. They sound almost the same but it’s how they are delivered, that makes it sound better. They hit us with guitar solos and higher tempos throughout the song, while also bringing it down for a melodic section just past the half way point of the song. Only to come back out of it with high intensity.


This album was a solid effort, not all tracks were equal, however the tracks that lost my attention wasn’t because they were bad, and it was because they were a little more basic than the previous tracks. It is still a worthwhile album, and really brought in some tones that sounded like the older thrash and other metal bands like Megadeth, and Slayer at times. The guitars were awesome in their solos, they gave a classic shredding guitar solo approach and executed them nicely. I rate this album around a 6/10.

-Badger \m/



New music today from High on Fire Luminiferous CHECK IT OUT @highonfireband

High on Fire’s album Luminiferous comes out today with great tracks like The Black Plot, Carcosa, and Slave The HIve. This whole album is badass. they have been referred to as sludge, stoner metal. but this album is all around a great album to sit listen and rock out to. They are like a rock n roll Thrash stampede, and this album is a must have for any High on Fire fan. Matt Pike’s vocals are over the top, Des Kensel’s drums are great and Jeff Matz keeps the bass riffs moving. I am thoroughly enjoying this album. Also it is on Sixx Sense’s list. Go out and buy the album today!

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