Battlecross Rise to Power album review

Kyle “Gumby” Gunther – vocals
Tony Asta – guitars
Hiran Deraniyagala – guitars
Don Slater – bass guitar
Alex Bent – drums, percussion

1: Scars

This song dives right into a fun and catchy thrash feel, with fun guitar riffs, and drums. The vocals are tight with the high range vocals and the complementary lows. This song is incredibly catchy, I am really enjoying it so far. Everything about this song is enjoyable; from the bell of the ride to the killer guitar solo. This song is a great song to start the album with.

2: Not your slave

This song begins with a brutal mid paced heavy attack to the senses. I am fully enjoying these heavy drums and guitar riffs to introduce us to the first verse. When the tempo picks up I find myself enjoying the song even more. The low vocals are a bit over used and are no longer complementary in my opinion. However not a big deal, I am really digging the guitar riffs to pay attention to the vocals. The pre chorus has a nice mid tempo and double bass roll for a bar repeating until the next verse.  This guitar solo is killer, adding in melodic and harmonizing with each other. Coming out of the guitar solo it has a nice driving riff. The song has a cool and heavy thrash feel all the way to the final moments.

3: Absence

I absolutely love the intro to this song, very catchy for a few bars full of head banging excitement.  It dives right into a very catchy rhythm at breakneck speed. The verse is a fast paced and catchy section filled with appropriate high and low vocals. The drums are badass with a blistering speed. The song is almost not long enough, everything this song offered was worthy of a 5- 6 minute song. The guitar solo is a power packed punch of driving rhythm. This song is easily an album favorite but my only wish is that it was longer.

4: Spoiled

This song starts out with an intensity level much less than the previous tracks. It does have a cool rock feel to it when the verse kicks in, and the pre chorus is catchy. The chorus is a solid thrash delivery, however I am noticing so many low vocals that I just don’t feel are necessary. The song is already bad ass, so don’t muddy it up with over used low vocals. I really did enjoy this song for the most part, until the low vocals were being used in places I deemed less than ideal.

5: The Climb

This song starts out with a nice little introduction to build this song up for a few bars. When the verse kicks in we witness breakneck speed on the instruments with rapid fire drums. This song transitions into a slow yet brutal breakdown around the halfway point of the song. This is definitely going to be a fan favorite that will be played at live shows. At 3:37 minutes long it not a very long song, nonetheless still a good listen.

6: Blood & Lies

The song starts with an acoustic guitar melody, strumming a few bars until the distorted guitars join in.  The verse is not spectacular, and the pre chorus seems to have the right idea, but it’s missing something. It has that heavy feel to it, but is almost missing an ingredient to take it to its full capacity.  I think this song has so much potential but the song sounds like average work. The song takes a cliché turn by slowing down and making the vocals sound lower as it gets slower.

7: Bound By Fear

This has a cool introduction with the guitars and drums, I find myself enjoying those drum fills. The first verse has that hyper active feel of thrash mixed with modern metal.  The verse is cool but the pre chorus is a little lack luster. The breakdown brings the song back into a brutal status as it pummels you at a lower speed. The song does have a certain amount of catchiness to it, however does not exceed my expectations.

8: Despised

The song fades in with a cool harmonic guitar riff, transitioning into a short but effective solo. The verse is solid, and set up with an even more impressive pre chorus. The following guitar solo is not bad but I feel like the song has a template that was pre-determined for it. It is a catchy song I will say that much, but not my favorite by any means.

9: Shackles

This has a cool driving riff and drum introduction to begin this song, with a fast paced verse following right after.  I do like the guitar riffs for this song with all of their driving force and harmonic characteristics the chorus is catchy with a slower pace to it that rolls right into a cool guitar solo. The last minute of the song is not very impressive unfortunately.

10: The Path

This song begins with a very melodic guitar rhythm being played while another guitar does volume swells building the song from the ground up to a mid-paced harmonic guitar solo.  When that finishes they hit us with that driving forceful guitar riff that seems to be one of their strengths. The verses are solid without a doubt a catchy solid fast paced riff. The pre chorus is very catchy with some flashy guitar riffing adding some flavor to them. Right around the 3:00 minute mark the song takes on a riff I did not see coming really. It has a rock and roll feel to it that I feel is not needed for this type of song. The formula for the song was tainted by that riff.  To make the song less enjoyable it ends pretty abruptly without anything to redeem it.

   This album took me through several different emotions while listening to it. At first listen I was excited, it had that wow factor that made me want to listen to more of it.  However the more I listened to it, the more I felt like I had the songs on a loop. It felt like they had a template to use, and stuck to it. “Cool guitar intro, fun verse, catchy chorus, unnecessary low vocals, quick guitar solo, and the end.  The album was not terrible but it was not mind blowing either. It really left me scratching my head wondering “did I like it” or “didn’t I hear this song already?”

-Badger \m/

Nile What Should Not Be Unearthed album Review

Karl Sanders: Guitars, Vocals, Instrumentals
Dallas Toler-Wade: Guitars, Vocals
George Kollias: Drums
Brad Parris: Bass, Vocals

1: Call to Destruction

This song starts out with a small block of blast beats and a long drawn out vocalization.  The beginning riff is a killer fast paced assault on the senses. The words “Call to Destruction” growling on the vocals, set up the first verse.  This has a great death metal feel so far.  The deep low guttural vocals bring that classic Nile tone that we all know. This song is pretty impressive in how it is brutal while keeping the fast pace. The few moments when the song does slow down it has a punchy and heavy feeling to it maintaining that brutal feel. George Kollias is a very impressive drummer and this song broadcasts that well.

2: Negating The Abominable Coils of Apep

This one starts out with a featureless yet heavy and low death metal guitar riff. It has a decent mid paced groove to it that picks up in tempo after a few bars.  It does slow down a bit and go into an unfortunate sludgy feel at times. This song does not keep my energy level where I would want it to be.

3: Liber Stellae Rubeae

This has a good solid groove to make up the introduction of this track.  The verse has a preaching feel to it that leaves me feeling divided on how I feel about this track. On one hand it has a solid groove. On the other hand, the vocals are pretty bland for the verses. For the most part I have been just enjoying the drums. If there is one thing I can say, it’s that George Kollias is the reason I enjoyed this song.

4: In the Name Of Amun

This song starts out with Egyptian wind chimes. A melodic and eerie sound to start the song off, that goes on for almost a minute until George hits us with a drum roll out to kick things off into high gear.  With some solid blast beats and drum fills the song is not too shabby. Right around the half-way point of the song we get a fast shredding guitar solo. However after that solo the song seems to drag out a little bit too long for my liking.

5: What should not be unearthed?

This starts out with a wailing guitar riff and a mean drum intro. The song begins with a slow and sludgy feel to it. The song has a few bars or fast paced blast beats and guitar riffing but goes right back into that slow feel. I am not a fan of the slow sludgy feel to death metal songs. After listening to the entire song I must admit, I was very disappointed in this song.

6: Evil to Cast out Evil

This starts out with a malevolent and threatening guitar riff that is absolutely bad ass. When the verse comes in we see the song pick up slightly in tempo and give us a solid beat we can move to. The second verse is also a nice solid feel, and then goes into a blast beat up-tempo section. I am enjoying this as it reminds me of older Nile. The chorus is solid, “evil to cast out evil” and rolls out nicely back into the intro riff I enjoy. This song may be my favorite off this album. It has more to offer with the complexity of the guitar solo, the catchy riffs, and the solid chorus. Let’s not forget the drums either, as on this track they are very appropriate.

7:  Age of Famine

This song has a slow and sludgy feel to it for almost the entirety of the song and to be honest, I just plain and simple did not enjoy it. The highlight of this song is listening to George on the drums for me.

8: Ushtabi Reanimator

I have always been a fan of Nile when it comes to the Egyptian ambiance, it does add a little flavor to the style metal.  This turns out to be a mellow instrumental that was not too long. In fact the length was spot on as it was pretty straight to the point.

9: Rape Of The Black Earth

The song has a hearty beginning; it has blast beats and a chugging riff to introduce us to the verse. This may not be a very eventful track but there is something about it that I like. Half way in to the song and this song upholds its mission of a direct and persistent attack of blast beats and relentless guitar riffs.  This song is one of the better ones on the album without a doubt.

10: To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed

This song has a cool feel to it, and Georges drumming is top notch. This song hits us with killer guitar riffs, they just have this evil feel to them. While this song may not be a rapid fire blast beat filled, high energy song. It has about the right tempo to get some bodies moving, with sections that are straight up low and slow with a punch.  The guitar solo is just mean, melodic, and menacing. I’m absolutely loving the guitar solo of this song due to the intricacies and emotion behind it.

After listening to this album a few times I must say, there is no equal to Nile. They bring more than just death metal to the table with the whole Egyptian vibe. However, I would find myself wanting to skip to the next song. If it wasn’t for George on the drums I would not rate this well at all. In fact I would go as far as to say George Kollias is the reason the guys are still putting out good music. This album was not a disappointment but I found myself wanting to skip to the next song every now and again.

-Badger \m/

This weeks metal news stories

September 14th:

Metal lost a great drummer  this week

Martin ” Kiddie” Kearns (March 7, 1977 – September 14, 2015) was a drummer playing death metal and  known for his style while playing for  the band Bolthrower

Kearns joined Bolt Thrower when Andrew Whale left in 1994

Kearns died unexpectedly at the age of 38 on September 14, 2015

September 15th:

Metal Allegiance released a video for the song  The Gift Of Pain

check it out

Cattle Decapitation kicked off a huge North American tour

CATTLE DECAPITATION – The North American Extinction Tour 2015
w/ King Parrot, Black Crown Initiate, Dark Sermon:
9/15/2015 Boardwalk – Sacramento, CA
9/16/2015 Analog – Portland, OR
9/17/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
9/18/2015 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
9/19/2015 Level – Kelowna, BC
9/20/2015 Nite Owl – Calgary, AB
9/21/2015 Starlite – Edmonton, AB
9/22/2015 Exchange – Regina, SK
9/23/2015 The Zoo – Winnipeg, MB
9/24/2015 Q & Z Center – Ringle, WI
9/25/2015 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
9/26/2015 Mac’s – Lansing, MI
9/27/2015 Hard Luck – Toronto, ON
9/28/2015 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON
9/29/2015 L’Anti – Quebec City, QC
10/01/2015 Club Metronome – Burlington, VT
10/02/2015 Basement Transmissions – Erie, PA
10/03/2015 Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
10/04/2015 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD
10/05/2015 Brighton Music Hall – Allston, MA
10/07/2015 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
End Tour
w/ Cannibal Corpse, Soreption:
10/08/2015 Underbelly – Jacksonville, FL
10/09/2015 Motorco – Durham, NC
10/10/2015 Ziggy’s – Winston-Salem, NC
10/12/2015 The Broadberry – Richmond, VA
10/13/2015 Reverb – Reading, PA
10/14/2015 The Emporium – The Emporium – Long Island, NY
10/15/2015 The Met – Pawtucket, RI
10/16/2015 The Chance Theater – Poughkeepsie, NY
10/17/2015 The Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY
10/19/2015 VClub Live – Huntington, WV
10/20/2015 The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN
10/21/2015 New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN
10/23/2015 Tricky Falls – El Paso, TX
10/24/2015 Club XS – Tucson, AZ
10/25/2015 KnotFest – San Bernardino, CA
10/27/2015 Top Deck – Farmington, NM
10/28/2015 The Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
10/29/2015 The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
10/30/2015 Durty Nellies – Palatine, IL
10/31/2015 Big Shots – Valparaiso, IN
11/01/2015 The Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI
11/02/2015 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH *
11/03/2015 Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA
11/04/2015 Expo Five – Louisville, KY
11/05/2015 Zydeco – Birmingham, AL
11/06/2015 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
11/07/2015 Venue 578 – Orlando, FL
End Tour
11/08/2015 Orpheum – Tampa, FL *
w/ Abiotic:
11/09/2015 The Atlantic – Gainesville, FL
11/10/2015 Side Bar – Tallahassee, FL
11/11/2015 The Levee – Longview, TX
11/12/2015 Dirty Dog – Austin, TX
11/13/2015 Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX
11/14/2015 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
11/15/2015 Club Red – Tempe, AZ * CATTLE headlining date with Hate Eternal
* CATTLE DECAPITATION headlining date

Epica cancelled all remaining North American tour dates due to a family emergency.

Broken Hope released some live concert footage to promote their upcoming DVD

September 16th:

A promotional video flooded the internet about a great Horror/ Metal style documentary. while it was officially published on youtube September 6th, it went viral  on the 16th and could be seen on every major metal new outlet.

here’s the promo video

September 17th:

Children Of Bodom premier a lyric video for the song ” I Hurt”

Killswitch Engages’ s Jesse Leach  posts on instagram  the ills of being a vocalist on the road with this post;

“Well now that is over with and I am sighing for relief, here is one of the issues. This is my throat (top) and vocal folds (bottom…yes it looks like something else, we all see it). I have had a bit of blood come out of my mouth on the last tour, that freaked me out. Also as of yesterday I felt physically off and my throat was feeling irritated. I looked in the mirror with a light and saw the white splotches and kind of freaked. Mind you I am aware white splotches usually mean an infection, but I can not help thinking the worse when it comes to my voice (as it is super important to my life)! So it contributed to an already mentally and physically off day yesterday! Turns out is is strep throat with some swollen folds. Im on the appropriate medications and will only have a one day set back for recording! Very thankful for my doctor who is the man! #DrScottKessler this guy has been my doctor for over a decade and has saved me many times from potential damage and sickness! Feeling a great deal better knowing what’s going on! I’m not sorry for sharing these gross photos ha ha! Peace everyone, keep on the grind! #kserecordingsessions #VocalFolds #Throat #Gross #VocalVagina #ISaidIt #SickMan #IKeepsItReal”

September 18th:

New Black Dahlia Murder ” Abysmal” album is released today and the band premiers the video for ” Receipt”

Some of the metal that is released today:

Atreyu – Long Live (Spinefarm)

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade)

Blessthefall – To Those Left Behind (Fearless)
Broken Hope – Live Disease at Brutal Assault DVD (Century Media)

Christian Mistress – To Your Death (Relapse)

Deep Purple – From the Setting Sun…(In Wacken) (earMusic)
Deep Purple – …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) (earMusic)

Harlott – Proliferation (Metal Blade)

Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance (Nuclear Blast)

Operation Mindcrime – The Key (Frontiers

Scale The Summit – V (Prosthetic)

Serial Butcher – Brute Force Lobotomy (Unique Leader)

Tesseract – Polaris (eOne)

Windhand – Grief’s Infernal Flower (Relapse)

-Badger \m/

Haunted Cellar – Infernal Delusions Review


Haunted Cellar is:

Khodor Nashar – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals.
Rodi Mestrih- Drums & Percussion.
Walid Sandakly – Lead Vocals.
Aboud Kabbas – Bass Guitar.

1: The Divinity of Loneliness

The song starts out with a wholesome and melodic, guitar rhythm being played for about 18 seconds until the distorted guitars and drums jump in. This has a mid tempo feel to it, for a few bars, and then as the drums stop playing, the guitars give us a riff that builds up to the first verse. The vocals for the verse are a low almost guttural sound to them. The recording quality is not the greatest. I am really enjoying this tempo and when the chorus approaches, I am noticing that it is catchy as hell. I could easily find myself humming, whistling, or singing along. After the chorus the song slows down, to give it a more punchy attack. The guitar solo is a simple yet tasteful addition to the song. When the other guitar comes in the harmonics of this section are cool. This song is a good tune, I have enjoyed it during my time listening.

2:The Way of the Swarm

This song starts out with a 1-2 cymbal splash and then a cymbal crash beginning the slow and stringent rhythm. The song goes through a few changes in the drum patterns before the verse begins. This song has a slower feel for the most part until the first verse lets loose. Going into the next verse, it has the same structure, until right out of the second verse. The song slows down to give you a slower punchy feel, more than how the song began. Right around the half-way point, the song takes on a change that is actually the highlight of the song in my opinion. I like the double bass and driving beat it has to it. The vocals are a little higher and tighter. At 3:28 seconds the song transitions back in to the feel and pattern that made up the first verse. It then picks up into a death metal rhythm with a blast beat laden breakdown. This carries on for a solid minute until it slows and abruptly stops.

3 Path to Oblivion

This song has what sounds like a really gritty distortion on the guitars. A riff that sounds like it is going to fade out for only a brief moment until it comes right back in and plays a fluid, mid tempo riff. The vocals join in and it takes on an old school death metal feel. We get hit by a bar of blast beats then winds down to the guitar solo. Not a bad song by any means, but this is the one song that started to lose me.

4: Haunted Cellar

This song has a darker approach to it, with a cool guitar riff in the background then vacates to open up for a solid driving guitar riff, mid tempo drums, and a nice feel to it. The vocals are low and grim sounding. This song maintains the sludgy death metal feel and mid tempo pace for the entire song. Not bad, maybe not the best track they have in my opinion.

These guys have some serious potential and it sounds like they recorded this themselves. One thing I do want to point out is that this band is from Syria. This is not a band on U.S soil where there are tons of places and studios to do recording mixing and mastering. In fact I was only able to find one studio. So take that into consideration when you listen to these guys. Metal may not be the most accepted art form over there, and the resources are not easy to come by either. Especially when it comes to metal band recording studios. If these guys had a chance with more of a variety of studios these songs may sound different. I think they sound pretty damn good considering. They are fresh and have plenty to offer, if this is just a debut of their sound. We could definitely see some serious metal coming from these guys in the future. I personally cant wait to hear more from these guys and see what they have up their sleeves.

you can check them out on facebook

on soundcloud/Haunted-Cellar


-Badger \m/

Hate Eternal : Infernus album review

This is a little album review I have done for the folks over at The Metal Syndicate

check it out

1: Locust Swarm

This track starts out with a solid death metal riff and blast beats. Great verse that has a good tempo, something you can move to.  A short guitar solo back in to the verse with lots of blast beats during the majority of the song. Vocals are on point, precise and clear. I am enjoying this track up to the chorus, a great track to listen to. Now the break down begins, it slows down; and has a punchy feel with some drum rollouts. The song continuously slows down in tempo giving it a brutal effect.  The song ends with a note ringing out from the guitar.

2: The Stygian Deep

As the song fades in it has a slower feel to it but only for about 30 seconds. That’s when things pick up, with the verse and the blast beats kick in hard. I do enjoy when the bass of a metal band can be heard and not drowned out. When we reach the chorus the vocal pattern mixes with the guitar riffs. Think of it here as a complimenting symbiosis if you will as they are not trying to experiment with anything. They seem to want to make death metal the way they want to do it with no outside influences. Straight up death metal…no chaser.

3: Pathogenic Apathy

This one has a nice little drum intro to start the song off, no fading in, no guitar riff; just a one bar drum intro. As the guitars come in, the song takes on a mid tempo feel.  Even when the verse begins, vocals come in and blast beats begin. Same feel to it and it maintains that same tempo; the few changes they make don’t seem to change the tempo so far. This is another song you can move to, be it head-banging or moshing. Pretty much whatever turns your crank… or wrecks it. The chorus has a loving feel to it as it has a menacing experience to it, I love that guitar riff. Three songs in and this album has yet to lose my interest. They don’t seem to be stepping out of their comfort zone by focusing on keeping the pace and the brutal feel to it.  This is a solid track, I like it.

4: La Tempestad

Instant blast beats with mean riffing to start off. When the vocals come in they are relentless. This is a song that will be cool to hear live. This is a driving, no holds barred death metal song that willing to cut down everything in its path. I like it; no frills, nothing flashy. This is just a killer track that cuts to the bone. This is one of those songs containing 100% intensity till the very end.

5: Infernus

The title track starts out with a guitar riff as well as some spoken dialogue. It actually reminds me of Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. However the beginning is a bit drawn out for my liking. When the metal vocals do come in; they are joined by a heavier riff from the guitar and a slower paced vibe that somehow still remains brutal.  Right around the half-way point we witness a change of direction. We have nice little section of guitar riffing paired with drumming adding fills on every other bar.  As if this song wasn’t already a decent tune it then reaches a whole other level during the second half. This song is so bad-ass I find myself being violated by the repeat button. I wish the whole song was like this… brutal and more brutal.

6: The Chosen One

The addition of Chason on drums was a great choice. The way this song starts out has so much intensity, energetic and yet it is precise with no hint of any sloppiness. This may be the only track I don’t care for the vocals as much. This song really brings back that old school Florida death metal feel. But I just don’t care for the vocals on this track.

7: Zealot, Crusader of War

   The song starts out with some double bass rolling and a guitar riff; mid-tempo but not too fast or slow and chuggy. By the time the vocals come in the blast beats begin. The song is not bad, it just doesn’t really keep my attention. The chorus is rather enjoyable with mid section guitar riff at the half way mark is a nice classic solo. The change at the 2:50 minute mark takes on a different feel that I do not really care for. From that point on the song goes downhill.

8: Order of The Arcane Scripture

   This has a riff I can get into right away. The drums I can get in to also. The vocals are better on this track (so far). This album really brings back that Florida death metal feel, in many ways this album is enjoyable because of that. Hate Eternal was not conforming to the industry standards for this albums sound and style. They seem to be just doing what they know how to do. Make relentless metal for sport.

 9: Chaos Theory

  A quite unexpected start to this track as it doesn’t have that typical death metal feel, the groove is different. One minute into the song and no vocals; quick tempo for this song keeps it interesting. This seems to be an instrumental track and an impressive one at that. This is not a melodic “let’s mellow out for a moment” track. What we call a solid fast paced metal instrumental bliss. I am still tremendously enjoying this song as it ends well. The last hit on the bell of a cymbal was the icing on the cake if you will.

 10: O’Majestic Being, Hear My Call

  This song starts out with a cool effect. A talk box for the guitars or a pedal effect, either way they start this song off oddly for the first thirty seconds… that is until the drums come in with a short fill to hit us with a blast beats. The guitar riff that is playing is nothing intricate as it just flows well to a not so mind blowing capacity. When the guitar solo happens I feel as though the song changes for the better. It seems like it will finish up strong. Maybe not as strong as I expected but the second half of the song is still pretty solid and makes up for it.

   After listening to the cd, I can honestly say I have never been a huge fan of theirs nor have owned anything by them. I never thought they were that bad, just Hate Eternal is not my style of preference. I expected to listen to this and feel un-moved. From the day they released a track to stream, I wasn’t blown away. But, I must admit this album grew on me a little and for the better now that I’ve had the chance to get in a few more listens.
Mind blowing? No, but a solid no frills death metal album yes.

If you like what you see check out The Metal Syndicate online radio show, interviews, news and reviews \m/

also check out their Facebook page

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stay brutal friends

-Badger \m/

reviewing the Eric Pellegrini projects latest E.P.

One band member makes up the Eric Pellegrini project, Eric reached out and asked that I give the songs a listen.

Power Games: Starts out with an ominous organ, for a few bars, until the distorted guitars and drums kick in. drums are programmed. So while I am not a fan of this style let it be known that bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed were doing this also. So while I like that natural drum feel, programming the drums is not an easy task by any means. Vocals come in with that low raspy guttural sound. Right around the 4:18 minute mark the drums take on a different groove to the beat. Right here is where I would say the highlight of the song is, Eric adding a guitar solo into the mix, with a driving rhythm. Really sounds like Eric is experimenting with a doom, symphonic death metal genre. While also limited to just himself doing all instruments and vocals.

War of Kings : Now this organ sound I like better than the one used for power games. Drums and guitars kick in. he programmed the drum fills. Not bad at all the guitar solo that comes in is a nice fit for the pace the song is taking. Double bass rollout every other bar. Snare on the down beat. Nothing over the top in terms of going overboard. But the guitar solo is nice. Vocals kick in and the rhythm changes. Blast beats picking up the pace. I think I would have to hold this song above power games. I am enjoying this song more. Really sounds like he spent more time on this song. Now don’t get me wrong. This is one guy, doing everything. As a drummer I would be laying down different types of fills, but get me on a guitar. Game over. So to be doing everything really is a challenge all on its own. At the 4:52 minute mark it takes on a good change. Then a perfect guitar solo right after, you have death metal blast beats and a guitar solo. The harmonizing guitar solo adds another dimension to the song. The way the song plays out for the last 2 minutes of the song is great. I think this track has a lot of potential if the rest of the song writing is similar in style to this one.

Keep them separated: Starts out just the way it should but only a heavier version. This reminds me of Six Feet Under’s graveyard classics. While I am a fan of metal covers of non metal songs. Sometimes the vocals just don’t match the song even as a metal version. I am a fan of this song in general, this takes on a different doom sounding style, but with the pace of the song being a more energetic song. Its not bad, its certainly hard to make a cover sound great in the first place. Not bad,

I think on this three song E.P. we have the different sounding songs. One of which is a cover song. the other two do not sound like each other really. All in all, not bad. Nothing to really write home about, however it does have a lot of potential. If a few dedicated members joined it could take on a powerful form. I am interested in seeing what will become of this project in the future. Lets not forget,  Arsis started out as two guys. Anything with potential can become something big.

Not enough tracks to give this a rating, but it has plenty of potential.

Check it out for your self  at ericpellegrini.bandcamp

-Badger \m/

Interviewing Vehemence from Arizona. Pre order their new album! @vehemenceAZ

Back when I was in college I went to a metal festival near where I live. Bands , promoters, labels they were handing out cd samplers left and right. I came across a 25 song sampler CD with a song by a band that would blow my mind. The Band was Vehemence and the song was ” I Must Not Live”. After listening to that song, I immediately bought their album ” God Was Created”, and it forever will be in my top ten best metal albums of all time. After that album they put out another titled “Helping The World To See” which was also a solid album. Then the unexpected happened, they split up. That was devastating news, one of my favorite metal bands breaking up.

Flash forward ten years later and they have gotten back together. They recently announced they are putting out a new album. With incredible news like that I made it a priority to get in touch with them and set up this interview.

Welcome back guys I first heard God was Created in college and it absolutely blew me away. That is one hell of a brutal metal album. And will always be in my top ten best metal albums. Every element about it, Andy on drums , the guitars were sick. I mean just the song writing for the guitars was incredible.  I would say textbook in the sense that wish other bands had taken notes. Mark doing backing vocals while playing bass. And of course Nathan’s sinister brutal vocals.  So, I am just pumped for the band to be back making new music.

  1. Since you guys split, years back it looks like now that you are back together you have a newer member to the group. Does he bring an element to the mix that was not there before?

Bjorn – Definitely! Kyle originally joined the band when we first regrouped, back in 2007. He left in 2009 but came back in 2012. He adds a new dimension for sure with his lead playing. He also wrote a track on the album called “It’s All My Fault”. He brings a more technical lead style to the fold. He is really a great player. Also was a major contributor the the recording process of this album.

  1.     What brought you guys back together in the first place?

Bjorn – Well, basically we are all really good friends. We all live in the same city, and enjoy just hanging out and jammin songs. Why not you know? It was difficult carrying on when Nathan originally quit to focus on family. We tried to continue on, but just weren’t feeling it. For a while, we started focusing our energy on different projects, but eventually we got that itch again to continue.

  1.   God was created always felt like (for lack of better words) a concept album, and it was just amazing. Is the new album going to have that same vibe/feel to it?

Bjorn – The new album is not a concept album, however it definitely has the Vehemence “vibe”, but I feel it just comes across as more refined this time. It has elements of all our albums I believe, with some new things brought to the table as well. It does not sound out of place in our catalog. Most of the material was written between 2007 and 2011, with the exception of 1 song, which was written during the Helping The World To See touring cycle.

  1.   Mark had been doing backing vocals before I mean  you can see that in the video for “ By your bedside”  will Mark still be doing backing vocals?

Bjorn – Mark doesn’t do vocals on this album. His voice has changed over the years, and it was decided that Nathan would handle all the vocal duties on this album.

  1.     I have to say his delivery and sound is just a perfect contrast between Nathans vocals, and his. It really adds another layer to the songs in my opinion.

Bjorn – I agree! But it wasn’t going to sound the same this time around. Age happens, and hitting those high screams aren’t easy!

  1.     You guys were on Metal blade records before, now you guys are on Battleground Records. In the ten years that has passed, do you feel that Battleground has really gotten you guys where you want to be as a band coming back?

Bjorn – Absolutely! We are really happy with what Battleground has shown us so far. They really are like a 6th member of the band. This is such a simpler deal, less middle-man, if that makes sense. And we still own the rights to our music, which was very important to us in signing a new deal.

  1.     What has the general (public/ fans) reaction been regarding the return of Vehemence?

Bjorn – So far, so good! We will see what they think of the new material! But overall, its amazing that we even still have fans after this much time off hah!

  1.     Will we see Vehemence do any touring in the near future?

Bjorn – Hard to say. Lengthy touring, no. We all have families and jobs to keep. I’d like to think we can do a short run of dates, and some one-off shows for festivals and things like that. Time will tell!

  1. What’s the metal scene like out in Arizona, are you guys getting some good shows in?

Bjorn – Metal scene is great out here! Lots of great bands, and super talented musicians. Bands like Lago, Through The Earth, Sorrower all of which are playing our album release show. Its been a couple years since we have last played a show. We took time off from shows so we could focus on this record. It was hard to focus on getting this album finished when we were always playing shows and concentrating on practicing a set list. But we’re excited to get back out there, and finally have a new product to share!

  1. Will you be playing any of the new material  at shows leading up to the release, or are you saving that until the album drops?

Bjorn – Nope, our next show is the album release on Oct 24th!

  1. What are the  musical influences you guys have ( does not need to be just metal)?

Bjorn – Hmm. Well that can go from Black Sabbath, to Propagandhi, to Carcass, to Sunny Day Real Estate hah. We all love a variety of different music. Not strictly just death metal 24/7 ha.

  1. What are you listening to these days?

Bjorn – Honestly, its been a while since I’ve been totally captivated by a record. It bums me out! I need some goddamn new music! The next 2 albums I’m getting though are the new Cattle Decapitation and the new Faith No More.

  1. How did it feel to be back in the studio again as a band?

Bjorn – It was really good to be productive again. This time we approached the recording process in a completely different way. Home recording has come a long way since the last album we put out. We did the drums in a real recording studio, but everything else we did in our homes. We took our time getting it done, and spent countless hours tweaking it. Its one of the great things about home recording, however having all this unlimited time makes it hard to finally stop fucking with it and call it a day ha.

  1. In the past it seemed like Bjorn did the majority of the writing and Nathan Did the lyrics. Has the formula changed or is it still that winning combination of Bjorn’s musical talents, and Nathans brutal vocals and grizzly vocabulary?

Bjorn – For the most part, that formula hasn’t changed. There is a song on the album called, “It’s All My Fault” that Kyle wrote, but his influences are heard throughout the album. There is also a song written by our old guitarist Jake, who was in the band from 2010 – 2012 called “In The Shadows We Dwell”

  1. Going from huge label like Metalblade to a more independent label like Battleground records. DO you feel like with the small roster, that Battlegrounds is a more involved with you guys?

Bjorn – Bigtime. Metalblade obviously is a huge name, and has great distribution. But at this point in our lives, the expectations a label like that would have would not fit with our needs, or theirs. Battleground has been such a pleasure to work with, and David and Ryan (the guys who run the label) are so up front, and honest. Its very refreshing. They want the best for you. Its not about money. They have passion behind their bands. And another thing going into this, we wanted to own the rights to our music. That was very important to us. We don’t have goals of being a huge band. We just want to get this record out to the people that appreciate what we do. And we are so grateful that Battleground believes in us and this album.

  1. It looks like you guys are putting out a video later on this month, are we going to see other videos for this album in the future?

Bjorn – Not sure. Its not impossible. I’d like to do another one, but we will see!

  1. The new album is a long awaited album, would you compare it to God was Created, or Helping the world to see? Or both?

Bjorn – Definitely both. It seems like the natural progression, having elements of both albums along with something new. Some parts and some melodies will definitely stand out and sound like GWC era, or HTWTS era for sure.

  1. With the time that has passed since Helping The World To See was released. Would you say the music for the new album is a more mature in how it will sound?

Bjorn – Yes it is definitely a more mature effort. We scrutinized the fuck out of these songs ha. This is really the best that we could do. Of our entire catalog, this is the album I am most proud of. It is us firing on all cylinders, delivering the best performance and the best songs that we possibly could.

  1.   something I like to ask all the bands I interview, especially with new music coming out. In five words ( if all members contribute I will take the top 5 used) describe the new album?

Bjorn – passionate, dark, diverse, evolved, melodic.

  1. And lastly is there anything you want to tell the fans, about the band, the album the future of Vehemence?

Bjorn – I just hope its well received by people that enjoy our previous efforts! We put a lot of hard work into getting this done. And it’s still hard to believe that we actually did it, because we talked about it forever hah. Hope you dig it! Out October 24th on Battleground Records!

It was great to talk to the Bjorn, I personally will be getting on that pre ordering asap. I can’t wait to hear the new album. It will be brutal.

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