The Devil’s Due- December 22nd – Onera- “Olde” E.P. Review. 6.5/10 \m/ *Update*




Released June 30, 2016

Justin Christian

Curtis Caswell

Craig Simas

Scott Mayo


Today the devil has brought us a little New England progressive doom from NH natives Onera. Now what really piqued my interest in this band was when I saw “From the remains of MORGION, KEEN OF THE CROW, CORTEZ, DECEMBER WOLVES.”  This is a 3 track E.P.  With some cool, melodic, doom with some hearty progression included.  The E.P. was actually quite surprising as it was not at all what I was expecting. But not in a bad way by any means.  They blend doom, with progressive metal and post metal.  Each track is right around 10 minute’s long give or take a few.  I dig the melodic characteristics of their music on this E.P.  This E.P. will appeal to a large crowd as this is easily something I could hear on a local rock station as well.  While this E.P. only has 3 tracks, it’s hard to get a good idea of everything these guys are capable of, but I am curious to find out. This is going to be something that fans of Porcupine tree and Neurosis, as Onera are a little in between those bands in my opinion.    My most played track on this E.P. is “Still As Stone” that song has been blasted many times during my morning commute. I do wish they had a few more tracks on this E.P. but  the sound is good, mostly (about 95%) clean singing but still have a few growling vocals in the background. Not a bad E.P. and worth checking out.  6.5/10 \m/




Update: They are currently looking for a 2nd guitarist, so if you’re in the new england area,  dig their sound, and know your way around a guitar.  then head on over to their FACEBOOK page

If you like what you are hearing you can check out their BANDCAMP page to grab a digital copy


And don’t forget to check out their FACEBOOK page to follow their New England heaviness and hubris.


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The Devil’s Due- December 16th-The Beast Of Nod- “The Arrival” Review 7/10\m/

The Beast OF Nod

 The Arrival


released February 3, 2016

Paul Buckley (Vocals)

Görebläster Körpse-härvest Lunden (Guitar)

Nate MacMillen (Drums)

Brendan Burdick (Bass)

Norwood Pearson-Waclawik (Guitar)



Today the Devil has brought us some intergalactic Death-Groove from Boston, we are listening to The Arrival by The Beast Of Nod. Five killer truly killer tracks.


  • The Beast Awakens

This is a groove filled introductory track. It is strictly instrumental in style and really sets this album up by giving you a taste of what their style is. They are not a straight up death metal band, they incorporate tech death, death metal and groove metal into their sound, as well as incorporating SCI-FI elements into the music.

  • Cephalopod Of Doom

This song starts out with a cool introduction and takes very little time getting into the swing of things with a groove heavy rhythm, and then when Paul’s vocals hit the death elements start to become more obvious. They have a very unique style that is all their own really, sure some bands are doing a Sci-Fi theme with their music. That’s not a new concept, but the way this five piece outfit pulls it off is just cool. You can’t listen to this E.P. and not move to it, head bang, tap your foot whatever it may be. The force is strong with this band and the groove is aplenty.  Just listen to the song until the 3:00 minute mark and you are going to see what I mean, they have these fucking awesome set ups that are not the orthodox style to set up a song.  I find myself enjoying this E.P. more and more as I listen to it. And Paul’s vocals are cool, just downright evil sounding towards the end of this track.


  • When a Meganeura Flies

This is one of my most played tracks off the E.P. and I must admit it all starts with the beginning of the song. The melodic beginning and then the song transitions into a fucking cool groove. This song is stellar in my opinion, I have spun this E.P. for months now but I always come back to this track. I feel like I connect to it when listening to it.  From the beginning to the end, it’s saturated with catchy riffs and a groove you just fall into without expectation. This song is not even their heaviest track, but to me it’s one of their most powerful tracks. The first chorus is undeniably infectious. You can’t help but sing along. And the lyrics fit, I mean if you listen to the song and follow the lyrics, I just don’t see how they could have done a better job.


  • Ascension

This song has a cool beginning that fades in but when they get past the introductory section of this track it’s a jazzy groove filled beginning that sets up the first verse…..


You know something i’m not even going to tell you how the rest of this E.P. plays out, I want you to check it out and form your own opinion. Because this E.P. is truly something worth listening to. It’s not like typical death metal, and it doesn’t sound like space metal or anything spacey for that matter. It’s not something to smoke a joint and mellow out to, that’s for sure.  It’s different, and that’s what has brought all of us to the metal scene in the first place.  Being different, making music that sounds different, we dress different, and that’s what being a metal head is about. So do yourself a favor and check out this awesome E.P.  Because it’s a solid 7/10 \m/ and it looks like they have some new material in the works.





This little gem right here kicks ass if you dig it, pick it up here from their BANDCAMP page.


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